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    I wanted a plugin where users could automatically turn their diamonds/emeralds/gold ingots/iron ingots into block form by using the command /craftblocks. Basically, say a user has 9 iron ingot and 9 gold ingot in their inventory. /block turns it into 1 iron block and 1 gold block, same goes for diamond/emeralds. If there is a public plugin for this, i'd really love to know where it is. If not and somebody is willing to code this, info below.
    Name: GemsToBlocks
    Commands: /craftblocks - craft gems/ingots to blocks instantly.
    Permissions: gemstoblocks.craft - access to /craftblocks.
    no-permission: You may not use this command!
    Message when doing /craftblocks: Successfully turned all gems and ingots into blocks!
    A language.yml where these messages could be changed/customised, but thats totally optional, not critical at all.
  2. There is it: but it is not updated. It´s for 1.7.2 maybe 1.7.5
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    MacDev koca2000 Not updated doesnt mean its not broken or not working
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    Yeah, I checked it out, it seems to fit my needs :D
  5. It works for 1.7.2 maybe 1.7.5

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