Filled Gas Station Robbery

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Blooby, Apr 28, 2018.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: GasStationRobbery

    What I want:
    So I need a plugin that adds basic gas station robbery, similar to GTA 5s; in a sense. To rob a gas station, you should go to the gas station and right click an NPC that has the trait, /trait gasstation.

    Once you have assigned this trait to an NPC, btw this is using citizens, once you right-click it; you will get a tiny 9 slot GUI showing green piece of wool and a barrier block.

    If you click the barrier, it takes you out of the GUI.

    If you click the piece of wool, it will take 6o seconds to actually receive that money, and you must stay INSIDE the gas station while it is processing the amount given to you. You should be able to receive $1-$2000 completely based off of percentages.

    After you have waited for the 60 seconds to pass, you will then need to stay alive for another 60 seconds.

    If you die or leave the gas station at any time in the 60 seconds, you will NOT receive that money. Instead, all of the cops online will receive 200$ each. This will be handed out to anyone with the permission (robbery.cop).

    There should also be a permission that allows the players to actually rob the station, (robbery.default). If they do not have permissions to rob it, it should say, "[Robbery] You're not able to rob a gas station!".

    When a gas station is being robbed, it should be broadcasted to all police officers that it is in the process,
    "[Robbery] Gas Station <WorldGuard Region Name> is being robbed!". This will also be used with (robbery.cop).

    There should also be a 20-minute cool down before a previously robbed gas station can be robbed again. This can be checked by going in and clicking the green wool before it is robbable again, it will display the time once you click it saying:
    "[Robbery] You cannot rob this gas station yes! Time Left: 20M 0S

    Ideas for commands:
    I don't think there is any needed.

    Ideas for permissions:
    • robbery.cop (allowing for the player to see robbery broadcasts and receive money)
    • robbery.default (allowing for the actual robbery of a gas station.

    When I'd like it by: May 18th

    Thank you to anyone who attempts this!
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