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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Annihilation

    What I want: I would like this bukkit plugin to be a custom game. This is a game with nexus' each team has 1 nexus which they have to keep alive for the whole duration of the game, this is shown on the scoreboard on the side with the phase. Each 10 minutes of the game. Its setup in phases, each phase does a different thing.

    - Phase 1: Each Nexus Is Invincible for 10 minutes. Players may still kill.

    - Phase 2: Each Nexus Is Now Breakable for the whole game.

    - Phase 3: Diamonds will spawn at the middle and boss mobs will spawn at each place in the game, max 2 the diamonds and boss mobs will be configurable in the config.

    - Phase 4: This phase is the brewing phase. Blaze Powder will be available in the shop.

    - Phase 5: Everytime you damage the nexus, you will deal 2x damage instead of 1x.

    The Shops will be configurable. The Shops will be accessed via signs, e.x:

    [Shop] [Shop]
    Brewing Weapon

    The nexus is a end stone block. Each phase time is viewable on the dragon bar e.x:

    Phase 1 | 5:49

    There will be 4 teams, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue. Each team will spawn in with a:
    Stone Sword
    Wooden Pickaxe
    Wooden Axe
    Compass (to track down the enemy's nexus)
    Dyed Leather Armor (colour of there team)

    The Scoreboard will look like this:

    Map: <world_name>
    Yellow Nexus: <yellow_nexus_health>
    Blue Nexus: <blue_nexus_health>
    Green Nexus: <green_nexus_health>
    Red Nexus: <red_nexus_health

    MOTD Changes:

    The MOTD will be modifiered during the game this is an example:

    Phase 1 | 5:49 | 20/40 players

    That is it! Thanks for reading and i hope you make it!

    If a nexus is destroyed for 75 health to 0 health. They can stay into the game but no longer respawn.

    Ideas for commands:

    - /anni <start - stop>
    - /team <red - join - yellow - blue>
    - /msg <player> <message>

    Ideas for permissions:
    - /anni - annihilation.command
    - /team - annihilation.team
    - /msg - annihilation.message

    When I'd like it by: Whenever
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    timtower Doesn't work properly, and not up to standards.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    In that case: minigames aren't very likely to get made, very time consuming task, just a heads up.
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    timtower This isn't a minigame! This is a game mode, Whoever developers this will get a developer rank on my server anyway.
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    CasparW ok then a 'game mode' takes even longer than a minigame and aren't very likely to get made, very time consuming task, just a heads up.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I find it the same thing.
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    So, can someone make this?
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    CasparW You have 10 plugins. How come you can not code this yourself?
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    Im not good at coding big games like this

    Could you code this?
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    CasparW Why don't you try it yourself? We get better from trial and error ;). If you need help then you can just post in plugin development and we can help to the best of our abilities there.
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    ZodiacTheories Ok then sorry, ill try

    But if someone could make this while i try! What would be good!

    @ZodiacTheories Its going ok... Ive done the Bar classes and the command classes and the listeners and Annihilation.java & ConfigManager.java and finally PhaseTimer.java need to finish it off though.

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    CasparW im like your idea as i need something like this for my own server too if you want we can collab?
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    danieltabrizian Yeh, sure i think I've made it now. Im just adding it onto my server to test.


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