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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by XeBrandon, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Plugin category: PVP

    Suggested name: I dont know whatever you like.

    What I want: A plugin were when you kill a player you get an extra heart added onto your health kinda like Absorption when you eat a Golden Apple except it will keep adding hearts depending on your
    kill streak and once you die it resets also make the player regen 1 heart per kill.
    And if the player is burning when he gets a kill he stops burning.

    Ideas for commands: /set hearts perkill "Amount of hearts" /set heart regen perkill "Amount of Hearts Regen Per Kill"​
    /toggle StopBurning "Which will make the player stop burning if they get a kill"

    Ideas for permissions: Whatever you think

    When I'd like it by: Whenever.​
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    I'll do this.
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    mrCookieSlime Retired Staff

    My Plugin ZeldaHearts allows you to do this. But you want to look into the Config first. You need to enable Thief Mode.
    Link is in my Signature
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    Plugin finished. You can download it [here]

    /SetHeartsAdded - regenpvp.sethearts
    /SetHealthRegenerated - regenpvp.sethealth

    If I missed anything, or anything is wrong, tell me. I'm quite tired and could have easily missed something big lol.
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    Suggest you to use mrCookieSlime 's plugin (ZeldaHearts)
    IDK which version are you using but mrCookieSlime 's 1.7.9 version's ZeldaHearts works smoothly for my 1.7.2 server so try it out! ZeldaHearts:
    If really not suitable for your server try the xMrPoi 's one, I've tried it but not use it for my server (cause my server already have mrCookieSlime 's ZeldaHearts) it seems nice (but mrCookieSlime 's one is better).
    And it seems like your thread had been answered by mrCookieSlime and xMrPoi sa please change your thread from (No Prefix) to [Filled].
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    mrCookieSlime Retired Staff

    Wow, you tagged me 5 times ^^
    And he can change the Prefix to Filled if one of those Plugins statisfy his needs.
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