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    This is why:

    1. You're sign may be too far away
    2. You didn't add the door to the game with the command /zsa-door
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    oooh i c, i never read anywhere that you must add the /zsa-door regardless. So make the sign, place next to door. And also use the /zsa-door command with a opening value on wave 0 so it never opens. Then it should openwhen a player buys the sign?

    On a side note, any luck finding out that bug? Any time the last player dies on a wave of skeletons, the entire server crashes until i stop the server and restart it.
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    It says your website has the most recent builds, are any of them 1.4 compatible by any chance? It doesn't seem to say what version each download is for.

    EDIT: Looks like build 2.6 is working... for now.
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    I will be adding a 1.4.2 build today if your interested. Thanks though.
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    That is the fastest reply I've ever gotten! I'm eager to try the plugin. :)

    Hm, every time I start the server it resets the config file. Probly because I'm using the wrong version (of Minecraft, I have the newest Zombie Survival)! XD
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    I went ahead and added the R3.0 version to the website. It's a development version, so be cautious with it, as there are a LOT of new features and a lot has changed. You'll absolutely have to delete your old config file though for R3.0

    I hope to have it posted on dev.bukkit.org and here as an actual release soon, but for now it is still a development build.

    It is however, 1.4.2 compatible. and built using the newest 1.4.2 craftbukkit versions. Though, as I said, exercise caution with this build as it has not been readied for actual release.
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    Thanks for the warning, I'll use it on an unused local server so I dont screw anything up in my worlds. I appreciate the quick replies and uploads, you're amazing!
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    In-case you're wondering, here's what's changed so far:
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    I have a few questions (since I've never used the plugin before now):

    1. To make it automatic do I HAVE to have multiple worlds or can the games all be in the same world, but in different places?

    2. Is there a built-in multiworld for the games or will I have to download one?

    3. Can I have more than one game going at the same time, and if so, can they all be in the same world?

    EDIT: 4. Is it possible to make it so a class has more than one of an item (Like if I wanted archer to start with 64 arrows)? And 5. are classes random or can you choose which one you want to be each game?
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    1. Automatic uses a voting feature and forces all users on a server to play the games. You must have a minimum of 3 games setup to use the automatic feature. Otherwise, just use signs for joining/displaying game information.

    2. Yes the plugin is 100% multi-world supported. You do not need any other plugin for multi-world support. You can have as many worlds as you want, and as many games as you want in each world. An example would be to have 3 worlds, with 23 games in world 1; 5 games in world 2; and 58 games in world 3.

    3. If you're not using the automatic feature, you can have as many games running at once as your server can handle.

    I do not recommend using the automatic feature. Just build a room and put the zombie stats signs up in there and direct players to right click them to join a game.
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    Ugh, I didnt really make the questions that clear... :/
    This is what I meant to say in number 2:

    Can I create more worlds with this plugin and not need to download a multiworld plugin?
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    the plugin itself does not create worlds. It's just built to handle any number of worlds. But it doesn't create them.
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    I setup up the arena and all, but it never spawned zombies.
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    ? Then it has to be something you did. The plugin works 100% fine.

    Make sure you actually joined the game, and that WorldGuard was NOT set to disable zombie spawns.

    No, only one of each item for now. You can however give them different items, such as an apple and a bow at the same time. But only one of each item. Yes, you can make signs for classes. In fact, you have to:

    zombie class
    <class name>


    zombie class

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    Could you add breakable by player and mobs blocks? For construction barricades. And possible other mobs? And what about classes with some default perks and another stuff? Gonna be great to have something killing floor like in minecraft.
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    This was tried, nothing still. I tried a different build, same thing. BTW Zombies still spawn outside of arena (if that helps).
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    If you look inside the config you can setup what players can break/place. Also, in R3.0 there are barricades that you can make with the command "/zsa-bar" R3.0 also comes with classes that you can customize, and put signs up for joining/leaving.

    I know the documentation is non-existent and I will be adding loads of that soon. :) However R3.0 contains 99% of the many requests I have gotten, including yours. BUT R3.0 is not yet released but rather an undocumented dev build available on my website...

    Bro, the zombies spawn perfectly fine for me, and for every other of the 500+ servers that run it daily. Try removing every other plugin, ensuring that you are on the most recent stable (or dev) build, and that you are using Spigot or Craftbukkit. (Those are the only two servers I confirm this works with)

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    I'm sorry, I fixed it. On another note, would it be possible in a new version to link spawning to opened doors? (Like CoD)
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    Yes, I have that planned :) Would be awesome too.
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    If you leave a game with armor (and options set to your inventory being restored after the game is done), you keep the armor.
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    So every time i create a 3rd zombie map the other 2 maps i have set up stop working and it says voting time in chat.
    Is there a way to fix this and is this a common error?
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    Disable automation in the config.
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    Regarding the official server.
    We think it just crashed.
    And you should update to the latest version of Craftbukkit.
    Means skeles have bows and sounds work properly.

    Instead of using the packets 'fix'

    Server is pretty fun ^^
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    Since mobs can pick up items and armor in 1.4, you should make the chance of picking up items (Some zombies can, some zombies can't) in the config file. You should also make it so we can choose what zombies wear/hold when they spawn and if they're villager zombies or not.
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    Plugin works great but when u leave/die it takes all your inv/money....can anyone can help me ??

    thx stlim1

    money disappears when u die ...why

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    I please want you to have zombies classes like the Guard with armor i would love that Thx.:)
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    Hey I see not a lot of people have posted on here in a while but my mystery box is not working. When I right click the sign it does nothing. The sign says zombie box then the next line 300 so I am not sure how I am supposed to fix this. In the config I listed all of the items that I want in there so im not quite sure what else to do. Also is there any way to change the multiplier that you make in the beginning with Zs-create or whatever the command is? I'm not sure if this is leading to me getting a lot of points in a short amount of time. I could just adjust the prices but that's is gonna take a while. Finally how would I set it so I start off with a wooden sword in config? Thanks and please help me out. I've only been doing things with have for a week and this isn't really even java. I might go insane over bpermissions.
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    Hi can u please just re realease 1.2.5 as soon as u fix the u can only get 20 points max problem and can u also add areas tht contain spawners but the spawners ony activate when the player entrs tht area

    can someone comfirm the bug for me tht when u reach 20 points no matter how much u gain u constantly have 20 points? i was really exitrd about this fixing the waves not ending bug for my TanZit map but then this poped up

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    also i like ur multiplier but u should make the health go higher if possible and add a chance of armor zombies a diffrent chance for each armor set and make the chance get higher and do tht for runner also have the option of changing dogs to a set enery x rounds x being configurabe and an option of having it a chnace evey x rounds and have the chance configurable also u sould habe the option to keep fire on and when it becomes active also a teleporter with mainframe and a random 2 spawn option like verruket
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    Broken with latest bukkit version 1.4.6-r0.1 and latest version of ZS. Any fix soon i hope? :3

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