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  1. WolfPound - Adopt a Wolf Today:
    Current Version: v1.0.4 - Get it at

    Please Move All Discussion/Questions/Comments/Issues to our Site!
    BukkitPerms verison on it's WAY!

    Want live help? Join #wolfpound on EsperNet

    Wolf Pound aims to make obtaining these epic companions just a little easier by allowing users to buy them (or have them for free)! The process is very simple and there are no config files to edit! Simply copy the jar to your plugins folder, create a sign with the required text, and you're good to go!

    • Lets users buy wolves (or you could make them free :))
    • Integrates with iConomy, BOSEconomy, RealEconomy, Essentials Built in Economy, and Permissions!
    • All wolves spawned by this are neutral, meaning you must train them yourself with bones! See Below:
    • Spawn wolves as neutral, friendly or REALLY ANGRY
    • Spawn multiple wolves with one command! (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the massive amount of wolves you spawn, or if wolves start getting in fights)
    • Limit the number of wolves you can spawn with the command
    • Multi-World Support! All options are now configurable PER WORLD!
    Download V1.0.2
    Download V1.0.1
    Download V1.0
    Download V0.12
    Download V0.11
    Download V0.9
    Download V0.8
    Download V0.7
    Download V0.6
    Download V0.5
    Download V0.4
    Download V0.3
    Download V0.2
    You don't want V0.1
    Github Source

    Video Demo: (Thanks @EpicDavi!)

    • Restrict wolves per time (wp[mhd]) This would not restrict the number of wolves a user can have, only a limit on how many they can get per amount of time from the sign, to reduce wolfspam - Medium
    • Refactor. The code is a mess and it's making future changes hard. I'm working on this in my free time from MV2 - HIGH
    How to setup a Pound (Store) (Simple):

    If you've used Essentials Free/Buy/Sell/Trade, then this should be a breeze, for everyone else, it should still be very easy.
    • Place Sign
    • Make Line 1 say: [WolfPound]
    • OPTIONAL: Make Line 2 say: $10
    • OPTIONAL: Make Line 3 say either: angry, friend, or neutral
    • DONE!
    Example Sign:

    Note: You can have line 2 in whatever currency you want, it could say `100 Rupees` and that would be valid.

    How to setup a Pound (Store) (Advanced example):
    • Sign1: No params = Free wolves
    • Sign2: 2:bone = It costs 2 bones to get a wolf
    • Sign3: 1:260 = It costs 1 Item #260(apple) to get a wolf
    • Sign4: 3 = It costs 3 dollars from an econ plugin, if none is found, wolf is free
    • Sign5: $10 = It costs 10 dollars from an econ plugin, if none is found, wolf is free
    Config file: (If you mess it up, delete it and it will auto regen)
    You don't actually ever need to touch this. You can use the commands that are outlined in the commands section entirely!
        price: 0.0 # Set this to the number of dollars or items you want
        type: -1 # Set this to a positive integer to use an item, or leave it -1 to use dollars
        limit: 10 # The max number of wolves someone can spawn using the /adopt command
        aggro: friend # Could also be angry or neutral
                price: 0.0
                type: -1
                limit: 10
                aggro: friend
    I have included 3 types of permissions:
    wolfpound.create - Allows users to create/destroy Pounds
    wolfpound.use - Allows users to use Pounds
    wolfpound.adopt - Allows users to type /adopt [X] and get a wolf (or X wolves, the X is optional)
    wolfpound.admin - Allows users to and use the /adopt setprice/settype/setlimit/setglobal

    Integration with other Plugins
    All integration with other plugins is handled automatically, but I thought I would explain a little about what this means.

    Permissions Plugin Support
    If you have Permissions installed, it restricts commands based on those, if you don't, it's a free-for-all.

    Economy Plugin Support
    Econ support is in this order(meaning it will use the one at the top of the list if you have it, then go down the list):
    1. iConomy - Version 4.6.5, Version 5 (Yes both of them :D)
    2. BOSEconomy - Version 0.6.2
    2. RealEcon - Version 0.6.2
    3. Essentials Economy - Version 2.2
    If you have none of the above Installed, all Pounds will give wolves away for free, regardless of what you put on the second line. The version numbers listed simply show which version is the latest I've tested with, they will most likely work with newer or older versions.

    {} = needed; [] = optional

    /adopt [X] : Where X is the number of wolves you want. If X is not present, it defaults to 1. Automatically charges you price * X
    /wpprice [all | w:WORLD]: States the price of a wolf.
    /wplimit [all | w:WORLD]: States how many wolves can be adopted at once.
    /wpsetprice {PRICE} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the price to buy a wolf using the /adopt command.
    /wpsetaggro {angry | friend | neutral} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the agressiveness of a wolf when it is obtained via /adopt.
    /wpsettype {ITEM_NAME | ITEM_ID | money} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the type of currency used to buy a wolf via /adopt.
    /wpsetlimit {NUMBER} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the number of wolves one can adopt at once via /adopt.
    /wpreset {w:WORLD | global}: Resets specified world to default from the current world if none is specified, or all if global is specified.
    Please Post any questions/comments/request!

    Version 1.0.2
    • Upgrade AllPay Version. Now this works great with MV2!
    • Remove dependency on CraftBukkit, should be more stable with future updates
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fix massive console spam caused by AllPay (Thanks @phaed) - tested by renaming to aWolfPound
    • Fix Essentials Economy (2.2+ required as of now)
    • Supports permissions 2x and 3x
    Version 1.0
    • WARNING: MOST COMMANDS HAVE CHANGED (OP is currently being updated)
    • Fix several ecommerce bugs
    • Now features AllPay integration! No longer will you have to choose your econ plugin based on WolfPound!
    • Much better code :)
    • New wolf functions from RB 766
    Version 0.12
    Version 0.11
    • Update for MC 1.5/CB 704+
    • Fix compatibility error with other plugins that used signs
    • Fix Essentials economy giving you money if wolves were free
    Version 0.9
    • Add RealEconomy Support
    • TONS OF BUGS SQUASHED - .9 is a MUST HAVE UPDATE (See Github if you want to see what bugs were squashed)
    Version 0.8
    • Add friendly, neutral or angry spawning options
    • Add /adopt agro X command to allow setting default wolf type spawned via the command
    • Add Line 3 of signs now controls how a wolf spawns
    Version 0.7
    • Add multi-world support
    • Add ability to limit wolves spawned with the /adopt command
    • Improve error messages
    Version 0.6
    • Add partial item matching (now you can use cook instead of cookie)
    • Fix BUG where if you had the exact number of items requested, it would give you a wolf but not take items
    • Add better error messages when creating signs
    • Add config file support for buying wolves via the /adopt command
    • Fix some other bugs I forgot about...
    Version 0.5
    • Refactor banking to reduce future errors
    • Add support for using items as the currency for wolves
    • Add config file support for buying wolves via the /adopt command
    Version 0.4
    • Add /adopt X, where X is the number of wolves you want
    Version 0.3
    • Add BOSEconomy Support
    • Fix message to users on every sign
    Version 0.2
    • Add /adopt that requires permission wolfpound.adopt
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing WolfPound
    Other Wolf Plugins:
  2. Whenever bukkit sets the next RB... so it's a waiting game... May do some WolfPound work this weekend though... Unfortunately this means WP 2 will ALSO require Bukkit 1024
  3. New update is out. I know it's not what you guys want, but hey I opened the code today, that's something :)

    Version 1.0.2

    • Upgrade AllPay Version. Now this works great with MV2!
    • Remove dependency on CraftBukkit, should be more stable with future updates
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    When I do /adopt 1 it says that a wolf spawned, but I can't see them?
    Animals and monsters are enabled on my server, so that shouldn't be the problem.
    Anyone got the same problem, and how to fix this?
    I redownloaded the plugin several times.
  5. There's a VERY good chance some other plugin is blocking them. This happens a lot actually. Try disabling everything else and giving it another go. If this works (and it should) start enabling plugins one by one to find the one that is stopping your companions from rallying at your side.
  6. Just a side note, doesn't work with AngryWolves XD

    or else you end up with Tamed Wolves, that want to rip your throat out lol
  7. heh, good to know, i'll talk with @Mike Primm when I get some time
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    Mike Primm

    Sounds like it's working just fine to me! :p But, seriously, we should be able to work out a protocol on this (Bukkit itself doesn't offer anything right now, certainly nothing I can find) - I was thinking of adding a custom, cancellable event that I'd issue when I was about to make a wolf angry, so that you could cancel it for wolves I shouldn't mess with. Let's talk more when you get the chance.
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    hi, i have installed this pluggin, but, when i place the sign and type [WolfPound], is stay like a normal sign.
    all the other things, change price, etc, works perfectly.
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    Yeah, I deleted the tribu (zombie spawn mod) plugin, and now it works.
    Is there a way to disable those plugins for a few seconds, and after spawning a wolf enable them again?
    Now I had to delete them, because I didn't know how to disable it.
  11. Other plugins need to check for WHY an animal was spawned. When wolfpound spawns an animal, it's of type SPAWN_CUSTOM instad of SPAWN_ENVIRONMENT (meaning something other than the world spawned it).

    I know this because Mutliverse can be setup to block normal wolves, but not wolfpound's

    Definetly. When I get MV2 released I'm totally down for this. I'd love to see a custom event, just keep me posted, and i'll add some code in WP. I'm not one of those developers who thinks MY plugin should be the best, I'd really like for my plugins to play nicely with everyone!

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    Thank's for this plugin.
    It's possible to exchange a wolf against 128 cobblestone for example, or other materials above 64 items ?
  13. Currently: It is not, but this is not a problem with WolfPound, something with the payment library I wrote: AllPay. Since WP is NOT the only plugin using this, I will be sure to add this to my list of things to do! (there is already a line in the comments: "// TODO: Make this inventory"

    I'll keep ya posted!
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    Really appreciate MV2 being available, and the help in the IRC channels!

    When WP does get some loving, would you make it play nicely with PermissionsBukkit, please?
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    HELP! :(
    I really like this plugin, but somethings wrong.Then i make a sign "[WolfPound"(1st line) "$10"(2st line), I right or left click it with bone and nothing happends!
    I try to use command, I type in chat "/adopt 1" and then error comes up "an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command"
    (I have permissions plugin and i am admin). :)

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  16. im having the same problem as this guy...
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    @fernferret How can we get friendly wolves to spawn with more than 4 hearts of health?
  18. Think we spoke on IRC New download is on

    Doing this TONIGHT.

    could you post the error on pastebin?

    Then could we all continue discussion here:


    (this includes you @Captain Slaphead)

    Ok so it didn't happen tonight, but I got a good bit of work done, again, please keep up with the new forums on for the latest updates!

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    theres something very weird... all mobs are invisible... wtf?? it is not because of this it happend before i installed it... idk if you could help??? well thanks
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    Yes! I love this plugin,I will use it on my server as soon as I have it up later today. :) :D :) :D
    I'll post when I have the server up if an error occurs.
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    can you make it where we get money from selling dogs?
  22. It's on the todo list. A big code rework is in the works, and after that's done, we'll be good to go with new features. I may have a new team member hopping on to help me out, as i'm crazy busy with MV2 right now.
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    Great Plugin! One of the best i've seen till today! but could you add that you can spawn more than 1 wolf per use?
    so e.g i have 2 signs, 1 with:

    and one with:

    5 friendly

    than you e. g. could add something too:

    2 friendly
    2 neutral

    hope you understand what i mean... im german and not speaking english very good -.-
    sorry, man
  24. Neat idea. Again, all feature requests are on hold until after version 1.1, but this shouldn't be too bad to do!
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    ok! (sorry, just read page 1 and 2 ^^ )
    could you add a donate button or something? its a great plugin and i think i won't be the only one who wants to donate for your great work :)
  26. Check out the page! HERE (upper right is my info) but I cannot stress this enough. I do not write plugins for the money. I do it because:

    A. It's fun
    B. I play on a server that uses the plugins I write :D

    Although I do go through a ton of Coke 0 while coding :p I try to avoid beer when coding as my code quality goes down very quickly :)

    All plugins should be moving over to and that's where all new posts will happen. I actually have a 1.1 preview ready, should be up later tonight!


    PS: Thanks for the reminder! I need to add the link to the first post!
    PSS: Apparently i've released 2 versions that are NOT on this thread! Whoops! If you're still on 1.0.2, go grab 1.0.4 from DBO ( NOW!
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    i cant seem to spawn wolves that are friendly they are all neutral.. just supposed to put friend on the second line of the sign correct?
  28. 3rd Line :D,

    Also, 1.1 beta is out, it's on the dev bukkit site. Please continue discussion there :)
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    Looks awesome
    Gonna go download it :)
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    does it work with iconomy 6? im having difficulty :(
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    can you update this plugin?

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