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    Hello im Tathen and i would like to share with you my new plugin idea. It's Called Emetec. What does my plugin do? Well in my opinion a better version of factions. It adds to your sever two main features: Player can build there own Guild and can protect it with Guild-Protect. It also adds new Hero-Armour to your server you can only gain Hero-Armour once you reach a specific level in the world (Server developers can config this.). You gain levels in-game by only defeating enemy's that you are at war with. When you enter an enemy's Protected land the way to win the war is to replace their Guild flag with your own. Once this is done then you have won the war! And you will gain some exp! You can also set Targets so that it allows people to put bounty on others heads. So when someone in you Guild comes close to the enemy a message will appear on your screen saying "That's The Target {Name} Has Sent You To Kill! Don't Let Him Get Away!"

    Here is an example of Permissions nodes For Emetec.
    emetec.protect - Allows you to protect your land.
    emetec.Hero- Allows you to wear Hero-Armour.
    emetec.Flag- Allows you to create A Guild Flag.
    emetec.Exp- Allows you to gain Exp from wars.
    emetec.War- Allows you to start Wars with others.
    emetec.Target- Allows you to set a Guild target.
    Thanks :) I Hope You Like It!

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