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    Runecraft - The magic mod for Bukkit!
    Version: 2.12

    This is the Runecraft mod ported to the CraftBukkit server.

    Runecraft adds magic spells to the game which are triggered by block patterns called runes.
    It let's you create teleporter and waypoint runes for instant travelling, build hidden doors into mountain walls or enchant your tools. And more.

    • Build runes (block patterns) for spell casting
    • Teleportation runes
    • Faster digging with Power Pick and Power Drill
    • Hidden doors and traps using Phase Block and Lock Block runes
    • Build an easy spleef arena with Spleef Blocks
    • Shoot torches with Bow of Light rune
    • Works with multiple worlds
    • Support for Bukkit's permission system
    • Much more!


    The config file is named "disabled-runes.txt" and lies in the root bukkit folder (alongside etc.).
    The file is generated if you load the plugin. Each line contains an option which is either the name of a blacklisted rune, the name of a player not allowed to use runes, or a specific command. Some commands are:
    • whitelist - turns the rune blacklist into a whitelist
    • enable multiworld travel - allows teleportation using runes between different worlds
    • initiation - players cannot use runes until they activate a special rune containing bedrock
    More options are listed in the Official forum thread in the section Runecraft Administration.

    Bukkit's Permissions:
    Runecraft supports Bukkit's permission system since version 2.8.2. Use a permissions plugin such as PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions or PermissionsEx.
    Runecraft currently has the following permission nodes:
    runecraft.*                        - gives .teleport and .runes
    runecraft.teleport                 - must be true to allow any teleportation runes
    runecraft.runes                    - gives permission for all runes
    runecraft.runes.powerpick          - gives both .activate and .use
    runecraft.runes.powerpick.activate - gives permission to bind Power Pick rune
    runecraft.runes.powerpick.use      - gives permission to use a rune-enchanted tool
    (Replace 'powerpick' with the name of any other rune)
    'runecraft.teleport' must be given to allow any form of Runecraft teleportation (Teleporter, Personal Teleporter and Recall runes).

    All users have 'runecraft.*' by default. If your permissions plugin doesn't have negative permissions, you have to overwrite the default to disable all runes, and then enable the runes you want with your permissions plugin. To disable all Runecraft permissions by default, open the file plugins/Runecraft/config.yml and change permissions.teleport and permissions.runes to false:
      teleport: false
      runes: false
    Old permissions system (removed in recent versions):
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    You can use AttributeProviders to connect the Permissions plugin with Runecraft. You can also connect any other Permissions-like plugin with Runecraft, if there is an AttributeProvider for it.
    Runecraft currently has the following permission nodes:
    • 'runecraft.teleport' - allows or blocks any teleportation (Teleporter, Personal Teleporter and Recall runes)
    • 'runecraft.rune.<name of rune>' - allows use of that rune. 'runecraft.rune.*' allows all runes.
      For example: 'runecraft.rune.phantomtorch', 'runecraft.rune.personalteleporter'.

    More information and list of runes:

    • SuperLlama - Main developer
    • Zeerix - Co-developer, added Bukkit support

    The complete changelog and much more information can be found in the Official forum thread.

    Version 2.12
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.2.5.
    • New runes
    • Topsy Turvey now works vertically
    Version 2.11.1 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.2.4.
    • Fixed teleporter for new world height (256 blocks)
    Version 2.11
    • New rune: Ovicaptor
    • Added option to change tiers in disabled-runes.txt. For example, "tier 55 6" makes redstone tier 6.
    Version 2.10.4 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.1 dev build
    • Compass: Added an option to change "north" for the rune
    • Recall: Added an option if recalling should apply the Weakness effect for 30 seconds (for PvP servers)
    • Changed tier of piston extension back to 2
    • Fixed conversion of Pressure Sensors to the new signature system
    • Fixed Wallteleporter not beeing usable without beeing initiated
    Version 2.10.3
    • skipped
    Version 2.10.2 (Bukkit-only release, announcement post)
    • First official version for Minecraft 1.0.0.
    • Bukkit: Removed support for AttributeProvider; we only support Bukkit's permissions now
    • Bukkit: Added configuration file: config.yml
    • Bukkit: Added ability to change the default of runecraft.teleport and runecraft.runes permissions via config.yml
    • New runes: Identifier, Engraver, Bottomless Cauldron, Power Drill
    • Added subtype of Bow of Light without a torch
    • Added metadata (wool color etc.) to signatures of automation runes
    • Redstone sensor can be destroyed by picking the iron block
    • Multiple Automation Designations on a single block don't stack
    • Reduced 'power' for Power Pick (128 per tier)
    • Added some blocks to Uncrafter and Fire Pick
    • Changed tier of Tall Gras and Nether Portals to 0 (blanks)
    • Fixed issue with Recall draining too much 'uses'
    • Disabled log message for disabled runes
    • ...more...
    Version 2.10 - 2.10.1
    • test version, not fully released
    Version 2.9.4 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Fixed another dupe bug with Power Pick
    • Added option "enable mastery bypass protection" which allows Bridge Master/Wall Master to build into protected areas (enables 'old behaviour')
    Version 2.9.3 (Bukkit-only release)
    • New rune: Spleef Blocks (like Phase Blocks; replace iron ore with snow blocks)
    • Increased 'Power' for Power Picks & co
    • Fixed dupe bug with Bridge/Wall Master
    • Bridge/Wall Master obey region protections now
    • Fixed missing message "you can no longer channel through this tool"
    • Optimization for a large group of Phase Blocks
    • More bugfixes
    Version 2.9.2 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Uncrafter: Added code to check for block enchantments
    • Bugfixes

    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.9.1
    • Bow Of Light: Added redstone version; also ignores snow now
    • Twinshot: Renamed to Multishot
    • Fix for Power Pick
    Version 2.9 (demo video about new runes)
    • Added runes: Flotilla, Bow of Light, Twinshot
    • Change PowerPick/Shovel to work like PowerAxe
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.8.3 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Changed Automation Designator rune: Use gold ore instead of iron blocks
    • Added tiers for new blocks in Minecraft 1.8.x; also added blocks from 1.9 prerelease 1+2
    • Bugfixes and a serious crashfix
    Version 2.8.2 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Added support for Bukkit's internal permissions system
    • Added permissions for usage of enchanted tools
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.8.1 (announcement post)
    • Added another rune
    • Changed Solar Flare and Flash Freeze to affect mobs
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.8 (announcement post)
    • Added runes: Power Axe (same template as Power Pick/Shovel), Automation Designator
    • Added runes: Redstone Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Damage Sensor, Block Sensor
    • Changed Accelerator and Force Field to affect mobs in addition to players
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.7 (announcement post)
    • Added runes: Lock Blocks, Fairy Boots
    • Re-implemented rune: Zeerix' Chest
    • Added 2 minutes cooldown for Chrono Trigger
    • Added multiworld-support for many runes
    • Added/improved metadata-support (wool colors, etc.) for many runes
    • Added support for AttributeProviders (a bridge plugin for Permissions)
    • Added a "" file to every world folder; you can change the id of a world by editing this file with a text editor
    • Spring String resets fall distance; Shield is changed a bit and has more uses
    • Some bugfixes
    Version 2.6.1
    • Fixed Accelerator/Spring and Phantom Torch
    Version 2.6 (announcement post)
    • Added rune: Endurance
    • Re-implemented rune: Phantom Torch (with a new rune pattern)
    • Added Multiworld support (add "enable multiworld travel" to config file)
    • Meta-data support for Teleporter signatures (cloth color/step types make different signatures)
    Version 2.5.2
    • Added runes: Enchantment swap, Altar of Judgement
    • Allowed vertical teleporters
    • More fine-grained options for config file (forbid specific runes for players; allow runes with specific ink)
    • Power Pick obeys WorldGuard/Towny protection
    Version 2.5 - 2.5.1
    • Added runes: Admin Pick, Initiation, Accelerator, Force Field, Spring
    • Added new options: travel ink, teleporter toll, player ban (forbid runes for single players)
    • Added initiation mode (players must "activate" ability to use runes)
    Version 2.4.6
    • Added rune: Surface Tension
    Version 2.4.5
    • Fixed problems with teleporters
    • Fixed linked hidden passages
    Version 2.4.4
    • First release for Bukkit
    • This broke the runes Phantom Torch and Zeerix' Chest
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    I have an issue where, sometime in the past few days, all my waypoints and transporters became unregistered from the runecraft system... I have backups, but I am having trouble figuring out where Runecraft stores that information?

    I don't see a runecraft folder in the plugins directory or a config file anywhere... so where, exactly, are those coordinates stored?

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    Excellent. Thanks!
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    I have a issue, i want to use a updated runcraft but it keeps loading 2.7 altough theres no runecraft.jar file in my plugins folder. Its non existent, but yet it still loads :S


    Attached Files:

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    What happens if you remove all plugins?
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    I havent tried that, ill try it tonight when no one is on the server

    ok so i tried without plugins and it didnt load the plugin :/ but i went through all the jar files nothing pertaining to runecraft

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    Must be one of them. Sort by and compare the file size. Runecraft 2.7 .jar has about 57 kb.
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    found the coulprit, it was SimpleSignEdit
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    Great mod but one question - is there any reason teleports and wayponts won't function underwater? And I'm not talking completely covered by water, I mean a small aired out section at elevation of 55. It seems to work if I build waypoints on the waters surface but not below it. Is this intentional or something that could be fixed for the next version? It makes access to my underwater hideout pretty difficult. Thanks!
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    Hi Zeerix,
    I use runecraft on my server for a very long time and it works realy great. All my Users/Mods/Admins love the concept of the teleporters and how they are created. When the users are initiated at a secret place and realize that they could get a Powerpick or a SpringString they are more than happy. For short, this plugin is awesome.
    Are there still plans to integrate native permissions and SuperPerms-support? The requirement of a plugin to get permissions for a dying permission-system for this plugin is so bad, because I also need a permission-bridge if i use a permissionsplugin with SuperPerms-support like PEX.
    I read on the last page in a post one month ago, that you thought about this, but i could not find any further informations or an ETA. Would be nice if you could told me anything about it or if you have drop down the plans about it.

    Are you sure, your teleporter is filled with tier0-blocks, like stone/dirt? Water is not a tier-0 block.
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    Hey! WONDERFUL mod! I love it! I use it to build secret passages inside my bases and to build hidden doors. All of a sudden my already existing hidden passages don't want to activate. I can make new ones but my already existing ones don't want to work. Can you help?
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    I'm new to bukkit i have made other mods to work. so when i got this to work i can get almost all the runes but tele system when i make the way point and a tele rune with the same key blocks. but when i right click on the tele with a tool it says Teleporter accepted but hen it says Such a destination has not been opened. im not shure if this is a noob question but i would like help thanks :p
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    They are implemented. Here's the version I currently test on my server:
    runecraft.jar 2.8.2

    The nodes (superperms):
    runecraft.*                   - gives .teleport and .runes
    runecraft.teleport            - must be true to allow any teleportation runes
    runecraft.runes               - gives permission for all runes
    runecraft.powerpick           - gives both .activate and .use
    runecraft.powerpick.activate  - gives permission to bind Power Pick rune
    runecraft.powerpick.use       - gives permission to use a rune-enchanted tool
    (Replace 'powerpick' with the name of any other rune)

    The AttributeProvider support is unchanged and will be removed in a later version.

    Did you change something, for example copied and renamed the world? Then your world-id might have changed. You can change the file with a text editor to restore the previous world id.

    Otherwise, if your magic.dat file is lost or was corrupted, I can't do anything for you. Make backups of your world folder and copy magic.dat back in if this happens again.

    You did something wrong. Make sure the signature is aligned correctly (use compass rune to check) and that you use the exact same blocks for both signatures. Red wool is not the same as black wool, for example.

    Try to make a teleporter next to a waypoint first, both made out of cobble stone.

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    Alright, I'll note that for next time. I just rebuilt them. Thanks Zeerix!
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    So if I wanted to make a structure out of mossy cobble, and I forgot it was currently a phase block, how to I destroy the phase magic at that location? Because now, even if I break the block with a sword, once I place another mossy it goes right back to being a phase block. What do?
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    Rightclick the block next to the phase block. That will trigger the effect which will remove the destroyed phase blocks.
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    Saber Mage

    Is there or may there ever be support for disabling runes on a per-world basisoasis? I'm sure reasons are easy to guess, but for example, I may not want to allow users to create waypoints or teleporters in a world which is meant to be reached by some other specific means.
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    This can quite flexibly be done with per-world permissions and your favorite permissions manager:
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    Saber Mage

    Kind of works, but I can see a potential problem with that. If you simply disable the teleport permission node for a world, then you can't teleport from there. But, if the player builds and activates a waypoint while in said world, they would still be able to teleport to that world from a different one, assuming cross-world teleportation is enabled on the server. What I request is a way to also prevent waypoints from being built per-world. Basically, it'd be ideal if the rune blacklist were multi-world compatible. xP
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    So just deactivate Waypoint in that world.
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    Saber Mage

    Yeah, right, good point, Iii'm retardedsorry. e_e;
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    I'm glad to hear that, this makes that great plugin hightly customizable. Thank you very much for the status update and the development build, I will try and test it later on my server.
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    Saber Mage

    Maybe you can help me figure this out, if you don't mind. I swear I'm not just being retarded this time xD.

    There are a couple (and maybe more?) runes that I can't seem to trigger anymore. They used to work, and still work for friends, but when I try to activate them nothing happens. Triple-checked that the formation is correct and that nothing is in the way. Tried using different tools and empty fists. No good! This applies, so far, to the personal teleport and mineshaft runes, to my current knowledge. Any ideas?

    And yeah, thanks for the dev. build. xP
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    Hello. First let me say thank you for an awesome plugin. I have had this installed on my server from the time I started it and I love the depth it has added to our game. It is great that you are continuing support and adding compatibility for superperms. Yr work is really appreciated!

    I have a question regarding this plugin's memory of old world files.
    I have used Multiverse to create a few worlds for testing, which I have since deleted. There were no runes created on these worlds.
    However, every time I load the server and RuneCraft loads up, there is a list of [Info] [Runecraft] World ...
    that lists all of the worlds that have ever existed on the server. Is there anyway to get runecraft to forget those worlds existed?
    It isn't causing any problems that I can see, I would just like to tidy up where possible.

    Thank you!
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    quick question, i know you say for the powerpicks its must be of a certain tier, so does that mean all blocks in that tier will work? like i mean will a jukebox work to make a powerpick?
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    got this today: 10:58 AM [INFO] No source for runecraft2.8.1.jar ask the Author to add it to
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    Just ignore it. Seems to be a notice from 'craftbukkituptodate'.

    I never said they must be of a certain tier. The four tier-blocks must be the same and the tier of these blocks determines the uses for the power pick. Jukeboxes work.

    That might be a conflict with another plugin. Or you click with the wrong tool or on the wrong face of a block. Need more info to answer this. Watch a youtube video of how to make on of this runes and try to replicate what they do.

    Currently, there's no way, sorry.

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    Thanks Zeerix, thats what i thought.
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    Is it possible to add a feature to only whitelist/blacklist a rune for a certain location?
    For example, say I wanted most runes to be usable normally, but teleporters to only work for certain locations that I specify in a config or something. That way I can make a predefined network of teleporters that everyone can use but without allowing them to be put everywhere.
    Or maybe restrict the more powerful runes to being used very far away from towns and such.
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    Wait does this work with 1.8 at the right now?

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