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    Runecraft - The magic mod for Bukkit!
    Version: 2.12

    This is the Runecraft mod ported to the CraftBukkit server.

    Runecraft adds magic spells to the game which are triggered by block patterns called runes.
    It let's you create teleporter and waypoint runes for instant travelling, build hidden doors into mountain walls or enchant your tools. And more.

    • Build runes (block patterns) for spell casting
    • Teleportation runes
    • Faster digging with Power Pick and Power Drill
    • Hidden doors and traps using Phase Block and Lock Block runes
    • Build an easy spleef arena with Spleef Blocks
    • Shoot torches with Bow of Light rune
    • Works with multiple worlds
    • Support for Bukkit's permission system
    • Much more!


    The config file is named "disabled-runes.txt" and lies in the root bukkit folder (alongside etc.).
    The file is generated if you load the plugin. Each line contains an option which is either the name of a blacklisted rune, the name of a player not allowed to use runes, or a specific command. Some commands are:
    • whitelist - turns the rune blacklist into a whitelist
    • enable multiworld travel - allows teleportation using runes between different worlds
    • initiation - players cannot use runes until they activate a special rune containing bedrock
    More options are listed in the Official forum thread in the section Runecraft Administration.

    Bukkit's Permissions:
    Runecraft supports Bukkit's permission system since version 2.8.2. Use a permissions plugin such as PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions or PermissionsEx.
    Runecraft currently has the following permission nodes:
    runecraft.*                        - gives .teleport and .runes
    runecraft.teleport                 - must be true to allow any teleportation runes
    runecraft.runes                    - gives permission for all runes
    runecraft.runes.powerpick          - gives both .activate and .use
    runecraft.runes.powerpick.activate - gives permission to bind Power Pick rune
    runecraft.runes.powerpick.use      - gives permission to use a rune-enchanted tool
    (Replace 'powerpick' with the name of any other rune)
    'runecraft.teleport' must be given to allow any form of Runecraft teleportation (Teleporter, Personal Teleporter and Recall runes).

    All users have 'runecraft.*' by default. If your permissions plugin doesn't have negative permissions, you have to overwrite the default to disable all runes, and then enable the runes you want with your permissions plugin. To disable all Runecraft permissions by default, open the file plugins/Runecraft/config.yml and change permissions.teleport and permissions.runes to false:
      teleport: false
      runes: false
    Old permissions system (removed in recent versions):
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    You can use AttributeProviders to connect the Permissions plugin with Runecraft. You can also connect any other Permissions-like plugin with Runecraft, if there is an AttributeProvider for it.
    Runecraft currently has the following permission nodes:
    • 'runecraft.teleport' - allows or blocks any teleportation (Teleporter, Personal Teleporter and Recall runes)
    • 'runecraft.rune.<name of rune>' - allows use of that rune. 'runecraft.rune.*' allows all runes.
      For example: 'runecraft.rune.phantomtorch', 'runecraft.rune.personalteleporter'.

    More information and list of runes:

    • SuperLlama - Main developer
    • Zeerix - Co-developer, added Bukkit support

    The complete changelog and much more information can be found in the Official forum thread.

    Version 2.12
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.2.5.
    • New runes
    • Topsy Turvey now works vertically
    Version 2.11.1 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.2.4.
    • Fixed teleporter for new world height (256 blocks)
    Version 2.11
    • New rune: Ovicaptor
    • Added option to change tiers in disabled-runes.txt. For example, "tier 55 6" makes redstone tier 6.
    Version 2.10.4 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.1 dev build
    • Compass: Added an option to change "north" for the rune
    • Recall: Added an option if recalling should apply the Weakness effect for 30 seconds (for PvP servers)
    • Changed tier of piston extension back to 2
    • Fixed conversion of Pressure Sensors to the new signature system
    • Fixed Wallteleporter not beeing usable without beeing initiated
    Version 2.10.3
    • skipped
    Version 2.10.2 (Bukkit-only release, announcement post)
    • First official version for Minecraft 1.0.0.
    • Bukkit: Removed support for AttributeProvider; we only support Bukkit's permissions now
    • Bukkit: Added configuration file: config.yml
    • Bukkit: Added ability to change the default of runecraft.teleport and runecraft.runes permissions via config.yml
    • New runes: Identifier, Engraver, Bottomless Cauldron, Power Drill
    • Added subtype of Bow of Light without a torch
    • Added metadata (wool color etc.) to signatures of automation runes
    • Redstone sensor can be destroyed by picking the iron block
    • Multiple Automation Designations on a single block don't stack
    • Reduced 'power' for Power Pick (128 per tier)
    • Added some blocks to Uncrafter and Fire Pick
    • Changed tier of Tall Gras and Nether Portals to 0 (blanks)
    • Fixed issue with Recall draining too much 'uses'
    • Disabled log message for disabled runes
    • ...more...
    Version 2.10 - 2.10.1
    • test version, not fully released
    Version 2.9.4 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Fixed another dupe bug with Power Pick
    • Added option "enable mastery bypass protection" which allows Bridge Master/Wall Master to build into protected areas (enables 'old behaviour')
    Version 2.9.3 (Bukkit-only release)
    • New rune: Spleef Blocks (like Phase Blocks; replace iron ore with snow blocks)
    • Increased 'Power' for Power Picks & co
    • Fixed dupe bug with Bridge/Wall Master
    • Bridge/Wall Master obey region protections now
    • Fixed missing message "you can no longer channel through this tool"
    • Optimization for a large group of Phase Blocks
    • More bugfixes
    Version 2.9.2 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Uncrafter: Added code to check for block enchantments
    • Bugfixes

    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.9.1
    • Bow Of Light: Added redstone version; also ignores snow now
    • Twinshot: Renamed to Multishot
    • Fix for Power Pick
    Version 2.9 (demo video about new runes)
    • Added runes: Flotilla, Bow of Light, Twinshot
    • Change PowerPick/Shovel to work like PowerAxe
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.8.3 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Changed Automation Designator rune: Use gold ore instead of iron blocks
    • Added tiers for new blocks in Minecraft 1.8.x; also added blocks from 1.9 prerelease 1+2
    • Bugfixes and a serious crashfix
    Version 2.8.2 (Bukkit-only release)
    • Added support for Bukkit's internal permissions system
    • Added permissions for usage of enchanted tools
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.8.1 (announcement post)
    • Added another rune
    • Changed Solar Flare and Flash Freeze to affect mobs
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.8 (announcement post)
    • Added runes: Power Axe (same template as Power Pick/Shovel), Automation Designator
    • Added runes: Redstone Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Damage Sensor, Block Sensor
    • Changed Accelerator and Force Field to affect mobs in addition to players
    • Bugfixes
    Version 2.7 (announcement post)
    • Added runes: Lock Blocks, Fairy Boots
    • Re-implemented rune: Zeerix' Chest
    • Added 2 minutes cooldown for Chrono Trigger
    • Added multiworld-support for many runes
    • Added/improved metadata-support (wool colors, etc.) for many runes
    • Added support for AttributeProviders (a bridge plugin for Permissions)
    • Added a "" file to every world folder; you can change the id of a world by editing this file with a text editor
    • Spring String resets fall distance; Shield is changed a bit and has more uses
    • Some bugfixes
    Version 2.6.1
    • Fixed Accelerator/Spring and Phantom Torch
    Version 2.6 (announcement post)
    • Added rune: Endurance
    • Re-implemented rune: Phantom Torch (with a new rune pattern)
    • Added Multiworld support (add "enable multiworld travel" to config file)
    • Meta-data support for Teleporter signatures (cloth color/step types make different signatures)
    Version 2.5.2
    • Added runes: Enchantment swap, Altar of Judgement
    • Allowed vertical teleporters
    • More fine-grained options for config file (forbid specific runes for players; allow runes with specific ink)
    • Power Pick obeys WorldGuard/Towny protection
    Version 2.5 - 2.5.1
    • Added runes: Admin Pick, Initiation, Accelerator, Force Field, Spring
    • Added new options: travel ink, teleporter toll, player ban (forbid runes for single players)
    • Added initiation mode (players must "activate" ability to use runes)
    Version 2.4.6
    • Added rune: Surface Tension
    Version 2.4.5
    • Fixed problems with teleporters
    • Fixed linked hidden passages
    Version 2.4.4
    • First release for Bukkit
    • This broke the runes Phantom Torch and Zeerix' Chest
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    Here's what PEX checks for when I try and activate a compass rune, you can see I added the compass activate and use permissions to the group first, but it is only checking for runecraft.* or runecraft.runes?

    This is where i try to activate the compass
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    Well, I played around with PermissionsEx and found:
    1) 'runecraft.teleport' is bugged. It defaulted to true. But that doesn't apply to the 'runecraft.runes...' tree. I'll fix it in the next update.

    2) PEX doesn't apply permissions correctly the moment you set them. If you do "pex reload", it works.

    The debug output "User X checked for..." does only list the permissions check with hasPermission() but not those which were checked using isPermissionSet().
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    when using powerpick i'm getting "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.server.Block.dropNaturally" so this looks like main problem with only one dropped item.
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    Which version did you use? Runecraft 2.10.1?
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    I released a new version (2.10.2) with new runes. See first post for download. The change log should list all important changes.

    New runes: Posting in Minecraft forum
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    thanks for the update with the config file, permissions are much better now
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    We have an issue. One of my Admins copy and pasted the force field rune with world edit.... when removed the effect is still there and the force fields wont go away.

    Where does runecraft write the data? anyway to clear this out?
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    Place a block where the force field was and destroy it.

    You can temporarily rename the world/magic.dat so that the Force Field is disabled if you can't get in.
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    So I have a request, but would have to wait until I have enough money for a donation. :D

    First the rune: (I don't know how to do the fancy stuff, so _ = air, W=wood, R=redstone torch and S=Stone)

    Layer one:


    Next three layers:

    Top(fifth) Layer:

    Basically, you're building a giant redstone torch (on a stone mount). Once built, you'd right-click the appropriate block, then it would place two LINKED redstone torches in your inventory (or an object that places them with two uses).

    The linked redstone torches would set the state of the SECOND torch to same state of the FIRST torch. So suppose you wanted to use a lever to move a drawbridge back and forth, and you wanted one of the levers on both sides of the drawbridge. Currently, I do this with a complex, and painful redstone mechanism that is built beneath the "moat", but having linked redstone would solve that problem.

    Also, if two redstone could be linked across the WORLD, then you could use them as a communication device (particularly useful for servers that use "Ranged" chat.) Flipping the lever in one place could light up a beacon in another place notifying them of an impending attack! I could think of all KINDS of uses for them. If it were extended to a linked button, you could send morse code across the distances. If nothing else, it would significantly simplify large redstone circuit builds. Perhaps their range could be limited to the tier level of the base blocks? ie: 100 blocks distance * tier level.

    Not having gotten into plugin development, I don't know how painful the tracking of linked redstone states and switching of them would be. Perhaps a sender/receiver signature system similar to teleporters is more feasable?

    Ah, and another simple request:

    Could the underwater helmet be made SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful? An additional 30 seconds underwater is nearly useless, particularly when you're in a panic underwater, and you're trying to throw the helmet on, taking up 15 of those seconds, and then you have to reorient yourself. I've found that in the time it takes me to put the helmet on, by the time I start swimming back up from how far I've sunk, haven't gained anything.

    I would recommend that the "ink" blocks (the four corners) determine tier level, and that the helmets are a.) Reusable (they reset when you take a breath) and that the equation be something like: 30 seconds * tier level. Maybe a config setting to change this functionality as you wish?

    Thanks for an awesome mod, BTW. The teleporters have made Minecraft at completely new game for us. Still playing with a lot of the other runes.

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    Totally agree with this. That rune is frustrating at best and useless at worst. I was doing some underwater work for a water based home once and fired this run off several times and it really is just too short, especially for the time taken to make it.

    And ditto to the awesome mod part. This just adds soo much awesomeness to the game.
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    Redstone torches as output isn't possible, because we can't toggle them at will. All the plugins use a different approach, like flipping a lever or using a redstone repeater or something else.
    However, wireless redstone is already possible with Runecraft: Use an Automation Designator as output, combined with a Phase Block'ed redstone torch. As input you can use a Redstone Sensor connected to a lever/button or a Damage Sensor instead.
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    Ahh, I haven't played with the Automation Designators yet. My understanding was that they would just "flip" anything in the area, and you couldn't have them target a very specific sensor. Am I wrong on this one? The reason being that I would like to do some very complex things with them. Also, wouldn't this toggle EVERYTHING within range? What if you wanted the link to be miles away?

    Even two linked levers would be more than sufficient.
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    To disable all Runecraft permissions by default, open the file plugins/Runecraft/config.yml and change permissions.teleport and permissions.runes to false:

    I don't have the config.yml, only the block-runes.txt - where can I grab one? All downloads are just .jar and it didn't generate the file.
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    The file looks exactly like this:
      teleport: true
      runes: true
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    Why is the piston arm tier 0 instead of tier 2 now? is this a bug, because on it says that the piston arm is tier 2. We have 16-in-1 teleporters that use the piston arm as tier 2, and its vital that it remain teir 2. Also, all of our pressure sensors reset when I updated to 2.10.2 why is that? Also, our redstone sensors don't seem to be working.
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    • Changed Piston Extension back to tier 2 (it was supposed to be on tier 0, but it's Christmas today)
    • Fixed conversion of Pressure Sensors; the new signature system with metadata support broke them (you have to copy an older magic.dat in, so the conversion is done again)
    Download: Runecraft-2.10.3.jar (make sure you have a backup!)

    Don't know about the Redstone sensors. Make sure the signatures match (wool colors etc).
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    Thanks! :D
    I will try the redstone sensors again when I get back to a better internet speed, however let me explain exactly what happens:
    1. I create the redstone sensor
    2. I right click the center of it
    3. I create the automation designator
    4. I right click my teleporter
    5. I place a pressure plate down connected to the redstone sensor
    6. I step on the pressure plate
    7. I hear the piston above the redstone sensor trigger, however I do not teleport.
    Is the Redstone Sensor not supposed to trigger teleporters?
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    Redstone cannot teleport. Think about it! What would it teleport? The wire or the pressure plate?
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    Are you thinking about adding spout features optional?
    Like popup when u make something.
    And a timer/usageleft somewhere.

    And would also like it if there will be smoke when you rune something.
    So it look a bit more magical lol.
    There are already plugins that use smoke like factions and i really like that

    and does this works with faction protection?
    Like when they make a wall or something that it dont build in faction land?
    I haven't tested that yet i will test it now if i know it i will remove this lol

    And in game help would also be useful.
    It is kinda hard to understand.
    I had to read the wiki 3 times lol.
    But anyway thanks for this epic plugin :D
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    Thats what I was thinking. I was also thinking though that redstone might be like arrows and carry along with it the name of the person who charged it. However, would it be possible for redstone to activate a teleporter? then once a player steps on the pressure sensor it teleports them?

    explanation to what im doing (open)

    I have a 15 in 1 teleporter, this is how I want it to work:
    1. Player presses several buttons making the signature blocks change between lava and air
    2. Player steps on pressure plate sending a charge to a redstone sensor activating the teleporter
    3. Player finally steps on pressure sensor teleporting the player to the destination
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    No, I cannot -- in general -- detect the source of a redstone activation.
    That's why SuperLlama added the Pressure Sensor rune.
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    This plugin was big back in the day.. Now it's just.. rare to hear about.
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    Make it big again!
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    @Zeerix did you read my comment?
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    Hi, what is the permissions for Farmers Charm? - runecraft.runes.farmescharm ???
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    Yes. I didn't know what to answer.
    I played around with Spout after your post (displaying number of uses on selected tool) but it is still buggy.
    If the provmised server-side client modding support won't come soon, I might implement it though.

    Smoke/Faction plugin: I will check it out.

    Faction protection: Wall Master and Bridge Master check if the blocks are build-protected. Power Pick etc. check if digging is forbidden for the player.

    In-game help won't be implemented, because it is so much work, and only a part of the users can see it (SpoutCraft?).
    However, there could be a separate plugin for this made by someone else.

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    Oke thanks! hopeful you will get spout features to work :D
    Thanks for this epic plugin!
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    I read on the minecraft forum that you are not changing the compass rune to point north because of the existing implementations. I am wondering if you could have some flexibility on the issue. Could it possibly be coded to read an additional entry in the config.yml, maybe like so?

      teleport: true
      runes: true
    #new lines
      useoldnorth: false
    This way all new servers would point proper north, and all legacy servers could maintain their configurations without issue.

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