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    Authors: matejdro and oliverw92

    Have you ever wanted to have portal gun in minecraft? Have you ever wanted to make your own portal test chambers and make your friends solve it? Now you can do this!

    PortalStick is plugin that tries to emulate Portal Gun as close as possible in Minecraft without client mods.

    Demonstration video of the plugin:

    (map from the above video: CLICK)

    Shorter demonstration video created by user of the plugin (sorry, can't remember name right now.):

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    Found a bug - you can't fire portals through open doors
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    @matejdro: you could hook onChunkUnloaded, and then remove all portals in the chunk. Nice work on the plugin.
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    @oliverw2 I'm planning to add customizable frames (like with many other plugins), so you can specify exact look of portals or grills

    @woodzy can you paste error here?

    @TankFox point of this plugin is not really in permanent warp creation. If i add ability to make multiple portal sets, then co-op will be pointless.

    @Gabriel Moon i will check it out

    @Calvin portal areas are planned. I can't do much about doors, since this is how minecraft works. But why the hell would you want to put a portal on door? I will check vertical orientation. Boots are planned too.

    @Fokson more config for grill is planned. Portals are more teleportation than item protection. Place more grills to prevent items going through.

    @oliverw92 try adding door (64 - wooden, 71 - iron) to transparent blocks in config.
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    The issue with that is that the portals will go through even if the door is closed.
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    What I did to prevent any abuse was set my usage to snowblocks as the base block for portal building. It looks identical to the portal game and doesn't naturally occur anywhere. Though you'll need to be able to have a plentiful supply via limited /give command or free in a shop.
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    Is this already working? Last time i check, chunk events were not implemented yet.
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    Yes, it is working.
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    You can change the items in MagnetBlock too, if that helps ;)
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    I haven't thought to try it...but if you have a constantly moving structure with a portal surface on it, is this going to cause conflict or could that work? This would certainly add to a range of things one could do in a test chamber. Especially timed portals over lava with other platforms :eek:
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    I don't think that this would work, because the portal mod has to update the location of the portal all the time.
    I plan to write an API for MagnetBlock (and also DropChest). With it, it could be possible to write a interface-plugin which can handle that.
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    That's what I had figured.

    But hey, here's looking into the future =D
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    there is no error :/
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    Another thing I noticed is the portal gun very much dislikes torches :p I have a ton of them in my house, so its practically impossible to place portals anywhere. What I mean by this, is if there is a torch between you and where you want a portal, it counts as a full block, even though you can see through it. You should make torches another default in see-through blocks so people don't get messed up :p
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    the emancipation grills break after every server restart
    is there any way to fix this?
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    If you would ever consider forking this mod over to one that would allow the same kind of immediate portal creation with the option of making the link permanent until breakage you would have many enthusiastic adopters, myself first and foremost!

    Should you choose to fork your code in a way that would allow the same 'point and click' method of creating linked pairs of portals you would have an incredibly powerful tool. I imagine a server made of disconnected rooms, in effect becoming one huge mazelike building where the only navigation that mattered was the chain of gates needed to travel through to get there. The world would open up to an infinite variety of terrain choices and locals, while also becoming quite close and cozy, with everyone in the long branching hallways was a short walk from one another.

    Currently the real drawback of modern persistent warp tools such as EpicGates and RealTeleporter is that there is so much typing involved in getting a functional link pair up and running;

    /gate create foo
    /gate create bar
    /gate link foo bar
    /gate link bar foo

    And that's if I don't need to adjust the directions of any of the gates, that's if I don't make any typos at all while linking them together, and trying to adjust an endpoint is simply doing it all over again from scratch. It's a huge pain and it's the real reason warp gates on my server are grandiose affairs. Huge bedrock link room, elaborate destination platforms, rah rah rah! They're special because they're rare, but the function of them is so seamless that I wish they could be a dime a dozen. I'd like a portal to get to my kitchen. I'd like a portal that goes to my basement. Stairs are for losers, portal it up!

    I believe you are entirely correct in that the above concept would not be keeping in the spirit of this particular mod, which I have to sincerely commend as being quite true to the Portal environment. However, the technology you have developed is so powerful I believe it capable of changing everything about the concept of space and distance in Minecraft.
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    About magnet block, i think that even original portal does not preserve portals when platform is moving. But if you provide me API, i will see what can i do.

    @Calvin if you place portal "on" torches, they will just fell of, so there is little point in doing so.

    @TankFox even if i added permanent portals, i think that it's not optimal solution. Major part of this plugin are momentum preservations and other stuff related to portal. If you would use this for teleportation only, then this plugin is too "heavy" for you and it will be using unnecessary server resources. For teleportation, you would need some lightweight plugin that will work fast and won't take much resources.
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    Can you make it so water can travel through these portals? And if they travel trough the portals it will be waterblocks wich dont move only in the direction the portal is facing? So you would get that blue lifting thingie from portal 2
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    hmm found a little bug if i place a portal. remove and then deystroy it i wil get blue wool and if a place a blue portal somewhere else the smooth stone returns.

    i don't want to cry of that but just letting you know :D
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    Feature Request:

    I help run a server with a friend and it restarts every day (I think). The problem is when it restarts, the emancipation grills stop working. Do you think you could implement a storage system for imancipation grill locations? I'm sure it wouldn't be too tricky as you would just have it write it to a sqlite/flatfile/mysql db everytime someone made an emacipation grill, and on startup it would check the file and place them in the world.

    I hope you take my suggestion into consideration,

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    Wow, very cool.

    One suggestion. Maybe make it so all portals someone has placed go away after going through the Emancipation Grill?
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    i have a problem with the portal stick. I use build #740 and i get no cmd errors. However when i try to use it, no portal comes up ( i am using a stone wall)
  23. My wool won't change back to the previous colour, i think you can't use white wool as a portalable wall.
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    You did not read my post fully, I said torches act like a full block, so it wont let you shoot a portal really close to a torch because its a full block. This is a lot like doors, you cant shoot portals through them when they are open, because its still a full block. Thats why I want you to make torches in the default file as blocks you can shoot portals through
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    I really want to try out this plugin, because it looks like so much fun etc. But it seems like me and @Scarboy are having the same problem.

    There is nothing about 'PortalStick' in the cmd, and nothing happens when i use the stick, can we have some help please. :)

    EDIT: Do i NEED Permissons.. ?
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    Would it be possible to have a command which allows a player to swap between their portal colors?
    I'm asking this because then I could have a "Co-op testing initiative" as per Portal 2. My idea is this;
    Command/Seperate portalgun?
    1: Blue/Orange
    2: Blue/Cyan
    3: Red/Orange

    This is purely for astetic value and should not make the portals function in any other different fashion. (Except PERHAPS if this IS possible and for extra credit, make it that 2 & 3 can overlap and remove the others, again like Portal 2. But don't do this if it doesn't seem easily possible)

    As for a issue I'm having this doesn't support data-types for blockid's, so I can't use 35:0 (White wool) and deny portaling on 35:7 (dark grey) for example.
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    @Beauseant planned

    @robert @Thieves wool is known problem, i will see what can i do

    @Scarboy do you have proper permissions?

    @Dubstein if you have Permissions plugin installed, then you need permissions. Otherwise, no.

    @Walker Crouse that is whole point of the grill :)

    @DDRKhat changing colors is planned.

    Also, good news people! @oliverw92 has joined me in developing this plugin, so plugin should progress faster :)
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    Only issue with that is if you shoot a portal behind a torch you then get a floating torch.
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    Hey. Emancipation grills aren't functional on our server after it restarts, and they are kinda important because we want to use Portal maze as a part of our regular spawnmaze rotation. If you could look up into that, I'd be more than satisfied :) I am guessing that only thing that needs to be done is to save locations of grids into a file instead of in memory...
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    We are working on persistent emancipation grills. Unfortunately it isn't as simple as what you are saying :)
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    Okay, thanks for the quick reply, I am still trying to figure out how Bukkit works ;) . Those guys at our server also noticed that if you put items in crafting grid and have someone push you through the grid (while keeping the inventory open) will keep the items in the crafting grid...

    Other than that, I have to say that this is absolutely amazing plugin, and that you've done awesome work with it :3

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