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    Authors: matejdro and oliverw92

    Have you ever wanted to have portal gun in minecraft? Have you ever wanted to make your own portal test chambers and make your friends solve it? Now you can do this!

    PortalStick is plugin that tries to emulate Portal Gun as close as possible in Minecraft without client mods.

    Demonstration video of the plugin:

    (map from the above video: CLICK)

    Shorter demonstration video created by user of the plugin (sorry, can't remember name right now.):

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    for me they return into normal state and i can harvest them

    now: can you add that you can say which can go through the grill it would come in handy :) cause iam still making chambers but i dont want everybody to lose all his items each time they go through it
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    May I make a suggestion? As it is, you can allow portals to be placed on any block, or only the listed blocks. It would be great if there was an option to select which ones you DON'T want portals used on, rather than having to list every single block data value other than what you want to restrict. I bring this up because portals will permanently discolor any wool they're placed on, and while I'd like my players to be able to portal pretty much anywhere, we have many large structures made of wool... I spent seven hours carefully constructing and coloring a large piece of pixel art last night, and I'm a bit nervous knowing that I'm sacrificing its griefer safety for my players' freedom.

    Edit: Oh, and I think I've stumbled on another bug. If I travel far away from where I've placed portals, and then place them elsewhere, the original ones become a permanent, nonfunctional part of the world, as if you'd taken out the original blocks you placed the portals on and replaced them with colored wool. I think it may have something to do with unloaded chunks.

    Edit 2: ...Ah, you may have noticed I don't really read threads very deeply. Lame One already addressed that bug.. But at least this serves as proof that it isn't a localized error, yes? .w.

    Edit 3: Oh, another idea comes to me! I'm on a roll! The original Portal game had an option called 'portal funnel' that would direct you directly into a vertical portal as you fell. Since that's probably not possible with Minecraft's engine and vertical portals are sort of hard to land in, how about having them work even if you just land on the sides?
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    A command to close portals (easier than re-logging) would be great
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    Feature request:

    Make the portals function like in actual portal (or configurable) in that when you have a orange/blue portal open somewhere if you go to left/right click elsewhere that it moves the applicable color over rather then duplicating the portal again for a second set of them. Makes some test-chamber killing loopholes in my server :p
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    Alright, here is quick response to most of the issues. If i forgot something, feel free to repost.

    Grills turning off when shutting down server is rather not implemented feature than bug.

    Grills and portals not disappearing at distant locations is minecraft issue (distant chunks are unloaded, so they cannot be changed). I will see what can i do about it.

    I will check teleportation angle issues.

    I'm not 100% sure, but AFAIK portal blocks can only be placed on obsidian. I have tried placing them with WorldEdit, but not had any luck. Is there any trick to do so?

    About lockette issues, what about placing signs to unportallable surface?

    Awesome finding about ice and trampoline. But i guess if you must first fall through portal, it kinda defeats the purpose of red gel (ice).

    Portal regions are planned

    I will check teleportation on top of the standing portal issue

    I can add time-based portal closing, but i think that @Taner issue comes from unloading chunks mentioned above.

    I have not meant this to be only "controlled testing", but "whatever you wanted" as @Maoman said. Compact portals are already there, but not working. properly I'm working on fixing them.

    Vertical portals (ones that that are on the ground) should properly transfer speed since v1.2

    Liquid floating through portals is planned.

    Fall damage protection/boots is planned

    Um, to be completely honest, I'm not sure what WorldGuard protection does. I think it checks something with building rights, but i recommend you ask @oliverw2 , who sent me majority of code for this feature.

    I will check colour wool problem.

    I will be happy to post any videos of you.

    Portal should teleport you when you land on the edge.

    Portal removal command planned.

    @Erik7654ka Wait, your server stops automatically when you use PortalStick?

    @Sanity_x Are there any errors when server crashes?

    @Mukrakiish Sorry, i don't really understand your suggestion.
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    Chunks are always unloaded after they're a certain distance away, right? Maybe you could have the portal disappear when the person that created it gets too far away, or include that as an optional thing if someone would rather have the longer distance.
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    Thanks for the update!

    Two things;

    1: You can select the feature 'portal everywhere' with worldguard (?), it used to work and enabled the placing of portal blocks on every surface

    2: More difficult (and probably not happening ever) - Could you add auto gates? When one person is in a testchamber, that chamber is closed so that noone else can get in. As soon as the player leaves it, the door opens again. On our server we have too many people in the chambers at once and need to find a way to have 1 person - 1 chamber :D Such autodoors would be fantastic!
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    What I mean is, I can have a blue & orange portal setup in my test chamber...and if I want, I can shoot another orange portal on an open surface and start another set of portals.

    I wondered if you already have both colors up, if you go to open an orange or blue portal wherever the existing one is, it gets closed and a new one opens where you shot it so you can't have more then 1 color of a portal anywhere in the map per player.
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    Lame One

    You could do this yourself. Have 2 iron doors, one at each entrance, with a pressure plate on either side of each. In order to leave, you must step on the one in front of the exit door. Just rig it so that that pressure plate is connected to the entrance door.

    Kinda like this
    - = redstone
    s = start
    e = exit
    p = pressure plate

    pdp--------------------pdp---------pdp etc. etc.
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    @GmK 1. Sorry, i don't get what you want to say here.

    2. Sorry, but this plugin will only have features that are connected to Portal. Search for bukkit forums, maybe is there already plugin like that or even make doors out of redstone like Lame One suggested.

    @Mukrakiish So you want multiple sets of portals per player? That would kinda defeat purpose of co-op.
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    You asked if there is a way to place the portal block id90 on any other surface then obsidian. I said yes, WorldGuard used to be able to do that. I am just not sure if it works in bukkit still.
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    Oh that. I thought you meant something with AnyBlockIsPortallable setting. Anyway, i will check this.
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    about the lockette thing, people can place a wall facing the lock sign and change the wall into a portal, this breaks the sign lock. And also about the portals turning into regular wool, is there anything you can do where unused portals disappear automatically? Thanks and I love this plugin btw, much better than the other portal plugin!
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    other portal plugin? whoa, i was searching forums before making this one, but i have not found it.
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    Yeah there is another one, but it isn't as good :p

    About the WorldGuard thing - cheers for including it, makes my life easier haha :p Basically all it does is check using the WorldGuard API if the user has permission to build in that area. If they do, they can place portals.

    An idea for the portals not being removed in unloaded chunks issue. What about using something like Bukkit Persistence to track portal locations (including what chunk they are in). Then you could listen into the chunk load event (i think there is one, i might be going mad) and check if there are any portals in that chunk that haven't been deleted. You could then also use this to make portals persistent across server restarts.
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    @matejdro No no no, I don't want multiple portals for 1 person. That's what I'm saying. Right now I can make multiple portals myself (perhaps because I'm an OP?) I'm not sure but it seems like a bug.

    Right now, I can shoot multiple orange or blue portals instead of them moving from they're original location to the new location. I thought it was supposed to be limited or emulate how it actually plays out in Portal.
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    I was thinking about chunk load event, but i think that this event is not implemented yet.

    Weird, it is supposed to delete old portals.
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    Lame One

    I can vouch for you matejdro. It definitely does delete the old ones (ignoring the chunk issue, of course). I suggest that you update your files, Mukrakiish. If that doesn't work, if you could find a way to upload your entire server folder, I'd be willing to take a look at it.
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    k, I'll look into it...could be an old jar. *shrugs* see what I can do.
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    Can you add a command for creating grills? Having protection against fire with WorldGuard/Essentials seems to glitch the grills. Would be nice if I could just /creategrill
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    I also tried to do this kind of mod but lost interest. However, it supported long-range portal shooting like in the real Portal. If you're interested, I can give you the source ;)
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    This one supports it too, but it's not working completely.

    I would love to have source, if you don't mind.
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    Would it be possible for emancipation grills to be any size? 2x2 is a little limiting. Also could you add an option for emancipation grills NOT to empty your inventory?
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    [quote="matejdro, post: 262873] co-op.[/quote]

    err not working and not loading with server
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    This mod is sheer brilliance! My son, a six year old portal 2 enthusiast, is itching to try this out tomorrow (I only found it tonight)

    Could we perhaps pin the portals in place by attaching signs to them? Mark a set of portals with signs (or even auto-generate one on the far side!) to sync their colors and emplace them until the gate is destroyed, thus freeing your device to create additional portals!

    You could have on your hands the easiest to use persistent warp generator in all of Bukkit land.
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    Gabriel Moon

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    What you need with this plugin is making specific areas that allow portals. I really like this, but I dont want everyone in my world able to put portals on every single smooth stone surface :p

    Also, I've noticed that the portal will ignore doors, and they will pop off which isn't too bad because you just pick it up and replace it. More importantly though, the first thing I noticed is when you go through a portal your view is changed. So you can't do the infinite falling portal, then shoot another across the room to jet yourself. You always come out of the portal on the celling looking directly into it, which is hard to reorient yourself to do what you want.

    Otherwise, I LOVE YOU!!! Make a signature pic and I'll put it in my signature!!!

    PS. Make co op portals :D

    Oh, and also, you need to make diamond boots the Aperture Science boots that let you take no fall damage. Can you also make the floor and celling portals 3x4 instead of 3x3? would be nicer :)

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    I have never seen something so sexy. Ever.

    My only suggestion is to create an option for the config that allows items to be taken through the Emancipation Grill, but have it still kill any portals the player has open. =)

    Edit: Or define which items can be taken through the portal, and/or which can not.
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