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    Authors: matejdro and oliverw92

    Have you ever wanted to have portal gun in minecraft? Have you ever wanted to make your own portal test chambers and make your friends solve it? Now you can do this!

    PortalStick is plugin that tries to emulate Portal Gun as close as possible in Minecraft without client mods.

    Demonstration video of the plugin:

    (map from the above video: CLICK)

    Shorter demonstration video created by user of the plugin (sorry, can't remember name right now.):

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    xZise other people preffered it where you could disable it in other worlds. One thing you could do is set the global region to have stuff disabled, then in your portal world define a large region where portalling is allowed.

    Anyone having teleporting issues, update to 819.
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    So why don't add both, and prefer one of the options (you can choose).

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    I don't understand why you can't just use the disable option? You haven't explained why to me yet :) I'm not going to add a complicated config option that would require lots of code modification for one person when they won't tell me why they need it!
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    I add a new world and baaam, there is portal stick enabled. With the old configuration I could say: The world portal has the portal stick.

    Yes I could achieve what I want by using the disable entries, but I have to edit the file everytime I change any world data (as long as it isn't the portal). Mean, rename the world or adding worlds. And it is kind of counter intutive, as I wanted to enable the stick in portal, but I have to define, which worlds I don't want to use your plugin.

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    I see your point, i'll look into it.
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    are you going to add the configurable unique inventory anytime soon?
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    Sorry for the delay, i planned to bundle everything in v2.3, but i run into some problems, so i released quick bugfix update until v2.3 is released.

    Disabled worlds bug is actually not a bug, just tricky to config. I'm going to update documentation now.
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    The download link is not working.;)
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    Never stated this as a problem/bug, simply as a feature request to add enabled worlds.

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    And i never stated that this was referring to your problem. I was referring to some people that did not managed to get DisabledWorlds to work

    Btw, reuploaded.
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    Click on Download and ..
    AccessDeniedAccess DeniedC250AE47A3C71222Mck+4uXttWoLhkqk5Ww9aQG+PomMpS8+8i+KxgR1+pemkewzNcG3j1ZKnTwOr+eV
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    Reuploaded again, it should work now.
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    On 818 I'm not able to go through the portals in reverse. As in I can go Blue->Orange but not Orange->Blue (if I go through blue first). The same happens in reverse, if I go through orange first I can't go back through blue.
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    My server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-767-g14a36a7-b819jnks (MC: 1.6.6) with portalstick v2.2.1. Everything works great but one BIG Problem. Dispenser are duplicating items when this plugin is enable. I have one item in the dispenser but the dispenser continues to dispenser. I would have never guessed it would have been portalstick plugin until i removed all my plugins one by one. For the time being i'm using wolrdguard to monitor/block dispenser item 23.
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    disable infinite dispenser in settings

    @4am whoa, are you sure you have v2.2.1?
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    Wow.. i feel stupid. lol. I didn't even know it was there. ty
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    Cognito guy

    Can you work on the bug where the plugin isn't completely disabled in an other world (red and blue gel)?
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    There is no that bug, just it's kinda hard to set it up. I have wrote an example to the wiki. Check it out.
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    hey i dont know if this is a bug or glitch or watever but
    when i try to go through a portal with a boat, it just keeps on going back and forct inthe portals, like its sucking the boat in each time... but the thing is, the bottom blocks of the portal are ABOVE the water, so the water doesnt tip into the hole where the portal is... please help! :)
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    I have a similar issue to Deathlysteve- When I go through a portal using the Jump in, fly out, It keeps sucking me in.
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    @Deathlysteve- Boats are too large to enter portals, so they must be sucked in. Make sure that boat will quickly float away after teleporting, so it won't get sucked back in. I will also do some improvements on this system.

    @Colin969 When you enter portal on foot or by boat?
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    Falling in.
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    Hm, that should not happen. Are you falling in with big speed?
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    Around 8 blocks drop.

    Im getting a load of Cant pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to PortalStick too

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    Can you paste whole error please?
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    Where can I find all permissssssssssssion codes? [creeper]
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    From first post:

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    Ian Yang

    Really nice work on this plugin, really wanted this :)
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    Thanks! I wan't seen that before.
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    cool plugin! portal world ftw!

    but unfortunately we had some trouble concerning portalstick v2.2.1, cb 818 & red wool:

    the player's movement on red(!) wool acts weird! it's kinda slippy, boosting, sliding... crappy to say it with one word!
    it'll be great if you have a look on it plz! it only acts weird with RED wool -no other color!

    for bug hunting purposes i turned off other plugins so it has to be an portalstick issue :(

    thx, have fun & enjoy ur day

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