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    Authors: matejdro and oliverw92

    Have you ever wanted to have portal gun in minecraft? Have you ever wanted to make your own portal test chambers and make your friends solve it? Now you can do this!

    PortalStick is plugin that tries to emulate Portal Gun as close as possible in Minecraft without client mods.

    Demonstration video of the plugin:

    (map from the above video: CLICK)

    Shorter demonstration video created by user of the plugin (sorry, can't remember name right now.):

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    To summarize my approval in a slightly altered GLaDOS quote:

    Here come the test results: you are an awesome person. That's what it says. We weren't even testing for that.
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    wow where did that come from, i dont know what that thing is. im not trying to trick you with reverse phycologically or something

    Lol i love this plugin so much haha
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    David T.

    Can't use it... TravelPortals takes over the command. :(
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    I can only begin to imagine the possibilities... what if you make every material portal capable, and you go around like a maniac!!? nooo now I have to try it... ;S
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    OMG this is so nice, needs to be placed on ground.

    EDIT: you should add a configurable gun.
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    I can't keep my hands out of my pants while seeing the tutorial video.
    Is it normal to be turned on by such an amazing plugin?
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    can you PLEASE upload that map?
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    Could you please add configurable surfaces? So I can make portals on everything? Or specific blocks? Donation from my end if thats possible.
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    I've notices something else: players are positioned at the corner of a block when they edit the portal as a starting distance. You should position players at coords+0.5 so they appear in the middle of the block, esp when exiting down. Can't make a looping portal without it. Also, if there is a way to keep falling speed going when looping (up to a certain max) to allow looping thru falls and then shooting a portal outside to "fling" that would be awesome. Right now if I fall out of the portal above the other, i miss going into it because of the corner-positioning.
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    Please make the command be different. like /portalgun. I need travelportals for my server, but travelportals uses /portal. /p is party chat with mcmmo. /pl is plugins. /pr is permissions. /pt is WorldEdit. Maybe /po or /pa. :D ?
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    This was the badest plugin i ever had it just do so everything is lagging! :(
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    CANT WAIT to try it!
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    Wow, thank you guys!

    @4am i have tried this +0.5 and sometimes it resulted in suffocation of the player in nearby block. I will try to do this again and investigate it :)

    @msw ok added to my list :)

    @Erik7654ka yeah, when you have a lot of portals, it can lag down the server. :( Each time when you move, it checks all your portals if you are not inside portal or falling into one. I can't do much about it, but i will continue to optimize everything as much as possible. Try disabling emancipation grill and vehicles to see if performance was improved.

    Every portallable surface is planned.
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    you need to add a item blacklist on what you can make portals on what surfaces... like in the real portal you can only place it on some walls (White wool in this case)
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    Okay I found an incompatibility with Plugin "MagnetBlock" cause it uses a stick to move a structure. Can't change it in any ways and if I change the Stick to anything else ( tried with torch ) then nothing happens. Maybe you can make it possible to change ur portal"gun" ?
    Edit: Okay... it's strange. I deleted MagnetBlocks and started server, a stick was the portal gun in config but when I write /portal nothing happens :confused:
    Maybe someone can say me whether the mod is loaded in your server? Because in my server there is nothing like Portalstick 1.0 loaded
    Edit2: Okay I got it. Just gave me access to everything ( permissions failure :confused: )

    Keep up your work!
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    Yes, you could change it, but it's broken. I will fix it in next release.

    @Avous you can place it only on specific surface.
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    Awesome. But can the item be changed from a stick? I'd want it to be more complicated to craft for 2 of my servers so idiots dont do round abusing it
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    Would it be possible to make it not possible to place portals WorldGuard regions that the player can't build in? I had a browse of the WorldGuard source, this should be really easy to implement: all you need to do is check the canBuild() method there in your PlacePortal method

    Could you also add an option to remove portals when a player disconnects?

    EDIT: I was bored so I did it myself. You can see what i added with this commit: . I added config options for removing portals on quit and world guard build checking. Also added a permissions node for being able to use portals (portalstick.portal.use). I've checked everything works, there is a download link on the github page.
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    Version 1.1.0 (27. 4. 2011)
    • Fixed changing portal tool
    • Added ability to allow multiple portallable surface or to simply allow creating portal on everything
    • Added ability to restrict portal usage to some worlds
    • Added permission for portal usage
    • When teleported, you are teleported to center of the block instead of corner.
    • Added multiple /portal aliases.
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    possible to make the grill be powered by redstone?

    got a nasty prank idea (unrelated to portal) for my server involving diamonds, and a triggered grid on the way out.
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    This is a great plugin! I am at work right now but i saw this on my phone and so many ideas rushed through my head.
    I have a few questions:
    1. do you think it might be possibale to change the flow of water when it goes though a portal, so maybe if water falls down straight into a port then you place a portal facing towards the ceiling then the water would flow up towards the ceiling for kind of a portal 2 effect for the lite tube things.
    2. I haven't tested it yet, but does momentum work no matter where is comes from. So if someone where to jump off a ledge and into a portal then come out of a portal on the same level as the first one, would he fly back up to the ledge or would he just pop out of the portal with no momentum.
    3. Do portals require build rights or could i have a separate class that could play portal but not build anything.

    Thanks for the awesome plugin, if my serevr turns out well with a nice portal corse then I will make a video and send it to you.
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    I updated to the new version, and now get the following in my Server Console when trying to create Portals on non-allowed surfaces:

    14:04:45 [SCHWERWIEGEND] Could not pass event BLOCK_IGNITE to PortalStick
            at com.matejdro.bukkit.portalstick.PortalStickBlock.onBlockIgnite(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
            at net.minecraft.server.BlockStationary.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.World.j(
            at net.minecraft.server.World.doTick(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Also, the distance between the Portal and the Destination Block increases with every use of the portal. (After 2 uses, I'm on the corner of the portal, after 3 uses I'm on the block adjacent to the corner, and so on.)
    X marks the player position:
    First use:

    Second use:

    Third use:

    And so on.

    On an other note:
    The changing of the "Portal Device Item" works perfectly, aswell as multiple "portable" surfaces ;)
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    Could you make horizontal portals the same size as normal ones? It's really hard to get into the single hole ones if you are falling.

    Also could verticle momentum be preserved better? If you have two portals facing up and you jump really far into one, you don't shoot out of the other one into the air
  25. Great plugin! Havent tested the new version tho, and the position needs to be fixed
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    @oliverw92 I was talking about the same thing. I haven't tried it yet but it is the case that your momentum wont continue through the 2nd portal?
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    It does if you jump into a horizontal one that leads to a vertical one. But not if you jump into a horizontal one that leads to another horizontal one.
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    Hmmm, Thats unfortunate, I don't use java code much, but do you think it is possible? To continue the momentum through the 2nd one?
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    My pal and I were playing around with this on my server last night: EPIC.
    Great job man, keep it up :D
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    Do you think it's possible to /portal another player?
    /portal matejdro -> enable portal for matejdro

    Many thanks
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    wow, awesome job. I might troll my server by making a portal building.

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