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    AutoCraft - the Movecraft alternative!
    Version: v1.4
    This plugin allows people to create PVP airships designed like those in MoveCraft. What makes this plugin better? ships make their calculations faster, ships NEVER rip apart, ships have TNT cannons and bomb droppers (for pvp experience).
    • TNT cannons made out of dispensers
    • ships that NEVER rip apart during flight
    • no plummeting to your death in your ship
    • faster ship calculations (less laggy)
    • no blacklisting random players with illegitimate reasons
    Download the plugin here

    Version 1.4
    • recompiled with the new bukkit (I noticed some problems w/ ships flying, fixed now).
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    Version 1.3
    • napalm (by default) now requires 1 slime, 1 lava bucket, and 1 diamond block to fire
    • napalm can now penetrate water and 1 single obsidian (similiar to torpedoes)
    • made less calculations being done for torpedoes/napalm leading to less stress on the server.
    Version 1.1
    • added napalm
      • /ac napalm
      • /ac n
      • config variables:
        • dropnapalm=true/false
        • cooldowntimeNAPALM=x
    Version 1.0
    • added new commands to the ships' data files (cooldowns)
        • cooldowntime=x
        • cooldowntimeDROP=x
        • cooldowntimeTORPEDO=x
    (x being any integer)​
    • allowed halfblocks to work
    • added the rotatable minecraft 1.9 blocks
    Version 0.9
    • Fixed an important bug created from the last update, where it moved the pilot of the ship twice for all movement based commands.
    Version 0.8
    • I fixed the server crash with ship turning. It was actually an endless loop being made (oops).
    Version 0.7
    • I pulled aircraft turning, as they crashed the server at times. Turning will be back when I figure out what is crashing (There are no errors)
    Version 0.5
    • I fixed a possible area where memory leaks /could/ occur
    • I put all the torpedoes fired in one single timer, so even less calculations are done
    Version 0.4
    • I added torpedoes
    • I added more configurable files
    • I added a new default ship type
    Version 0.3
    • fixed the glitch where the ships passengers wouldn't be moved with the ship
    Version 0.2
    • fixed /ac d's cool down timer on ships that can't drop bombs
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin

    Known Bugs:
    • If you fly into a structure of your ships type, your ship can become welded to the structure.
    in your permissions group location, add autocraft.[shiptype] to allow them to use a certain ship type. For instance, if the ship is called "transport" and you want EVERYONE to be able to use it, in the default group, add "autocraft.transport".

    How to use
    • Throw the plugin into your plugins folder (and the folder included in the ZIP)
    • use /ac ingame for help
    • /ac help to view the help file
    • /ac allowed [ship type] to view what is allowed for a specific ship type
    • /ac dismount to dismount a ship you are piloting
    • /ac napalm to drop napalm from an autocraft ship (if enabled)
    • /ac drop to drop bombs from an autocraft ship (if enabled)
    • /ac fire to fire TNT from a cannon on your ship (if enabled)
    • /ac torpedo to fire a torpedo from a cannon on your ship (if enabled)
    • /ac info to view information about the ship your are piloting
    • /ac list to view all the [ship type]'s the server has available
    • /ac pilot [ship type] to pilot a ship type
    • /ac turn [left/right] to turn your ship



    • Sycoprime - for porting the Movecraft plugin to bukkit for which gave me the inspiration to make this plugin. I also referenced your cardinalDirection arraylist to help with rotations.
    • GarretSidzaka - for showing me movecraft, giving me the idea to make my own plugin similar to movecraft, and supplying me with ideas on how to make my plugin act
    • KoryuObihiro - for helping me figure out the getData() method and how to spawn TNT entities into the world.
    Additional Details:
    • This plugin was started on July 28th 2011, at 7:32 PM
    • TNT cannons require AT LEAST 4 TNT in a dispenser.
    • TNT drop cannons require AT LEAST 2 TNT in a dispenser
    • cannon length means the amount of iron blocks you can place behind a diepsnser (the more iron blocks, the farther the TNT will go)
    • this plugin comes stocked with 5 different ship types
    It'd be appreciated :)
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    turn into items and fly off
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    wow that sucks, with my pistons they either dont bind to the ship and stay in original position or they randomly rotate in flight
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    i have a small problem, when i get snow on my hull i have problems getting into my dock, and i cant go up or down, but if i move north/south/east/west it gets the snow off, but because of how fast it builds i have to cover my ship with torches just to dock when its snowing, has anyone else had that problem?
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    /ac fire doesnt do anything?
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    Please do you know where is the problem ?
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    hi guys, im new, just wondering.. what would be the quickest way to run a LARGE ship.
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    Is there any way to decreace the lag?

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    Gareth Canues

    need to add distance checking for torpedo firing so that the entitys are distroyed when they reach a set distance from the craft it fired from. maybe have it as a configurable value.
    currently if you fire a torpedo and it misses, it carrys on moving infinitely, and eventually if too many are fired at once it causes a maj server crash which is hard to recover from.
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    it only fires about maybe 128 or 256 blocks, or atleast something like that, when they have gone max distence they just stop in the air on my server
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    brilliant a pvp alternative to move craft downloading now
    for my space server:)
    [+1 happy customer]
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    That's incorrect. The torpedo's do not move infinately.
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    Hi thanks for this great plugin!!

    But is it possible to use ships only on sea or land and not in the air because our walls are unusefull now ;) ?
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    I was about to ask something similar to saintnorbert above. The plugin is looking great so far, though having vehicles that *only* move on water (i.e. boats) or vehicles that move underwater (i.e. submarines) would be a nice touch. And of course the amphibious behemoth that handles all of the above. That would add some nice customizing so that players might have to work their way up to airships.
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    Please support darkwood :(
  16. @orange451 , this is yet another plea for adding an optional support for editable %-values for required blocks! The hard-coded values just dont feel right! Please?

    Oh, and a revamp of the "stickyness" is really needed. The noobs just cant handle that when they start with autocraft and get stuck on the first corners they encounter... multiple times... =)
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    There are no hardcoded values.
    The amount of blocks a ship needs to fly, is completely configurable.
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    @zothen, if the stickiness didn't work how it does now the only way to fly would be if all the blocks and there relative location was programmed into the file, and best i can see how this thing works that would be virtually impossible for the average user do to
  19. Protip: try to formulate a sentence! :oops:
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    Protip: troll?
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    No, you should really revise what you originally said, I have no idea what you're attempting to say.
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    ok i'll try this another way, zothan wanted the stickyness to work differently, i assume he didnt like the whole welding to buildings thing. My comment was on the fact that i don't see any other realistic way to make it work. How the plugin is built it relies on blocks touching sides to "stick" together, which i might add is a beautiful design, the only way i can see to allow for blocks to move without sticking would be pre designed craft layouts with blocks set in specific locations relative to one another. sorry for the confusion engineers arent very good with words most of the time, however if anything doesnt make sence i can try to clarify further

    and zothen sorry for the troll thing
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    Ohh, I see what you're saying.
    I actually did fix this, it's being bug tested right now. When I release it, AC will be at least 10 times less laggy to servers... Then again, it depends on the ship size, if everyone has small ships, the patch will seem like it did nothing. If you're flying HUGE ships, this will be a very nice addition to your server now :3
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    oh really, how did you do it, now im super curious?
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    I have a method, which deleted the old ship stored in memory, and then runs a recursion method, starting from the block under your characters feet, and then finds all blocks near it (recursing from those blocks too), until no more are found.
    I took that, made it to it didn't delete the ship, and only called the recursing method when you start to pilot a ship (or turn it).
    I also had to do some other slight fixes, because it wasn't designed to work that way, but now that it does work, it's a lot better :3
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    cool, so its still going to weld to buildings if they are made of the same material right?
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    only if you unpilot and repilot while next to a building.
    You can fly into buildings and not get stuck now :3
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    sweet, im gonna go with your a voodoo ninja code god
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    Hi orange451,

    Can you add an option which disable the possibility to fly in order to use our ship only on sea or land?
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    ~a lot smoother to your server, I changed from using TimerTask to bukkit's schedular
    ~I changed the ship recursion, so it is a lot faster to fly, puts less stress on the server, and doesn't stick to shit when you fly into it
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    when is that new update gonna be available?

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