Inactive [FUN/TP/MECH] AutoCraft v1.1 - The PVP styled Movecraft alternative [1.4.2-R1]

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    AutoCraft - the Movecraft alternative!
    Version: v1.4
    This plugin allows people to create PVP airships designed like those in MoveCraft. What makes this plugin better? ships make their calculations faster, ships NEVER rip apart, ships have TNT cannons and bomb droppers (for pvp experience).
    • TNT cannons made out of dispensers
    • ships that NEVER rip apart during flight
    • no plummeting to your death in your ship
    • faster ship calculations (less laggy)
    • no blacklisting random players with illegitimate reasons
    Download the plugin here

    Version 1.4
    • recompiled with the new bukkit (I noticed some problems w/ ships flying, fixed now).
    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.3
    • napalm (by default) now requires 1 slime, 1 lava bucket, and 1 diamond block to fire
    • napalm can now penetrate water and 1 single obsidian (similiar to torpedoes)
    • made less calculations being done for torpedoes/napalm leading to less stress on the server.
    Version 1.1
    • added napalm
      • /ac napalm
      • /ac n
      • config variables:
        • dropnapalm=true/false
        • cooldowntimeNAPALM=x
    Version 1.0
    • added new commands to the ships' data files (cooldowns)
        • cooldowntime=x
        • cooldowntimeDROP=x
        • cooldowntimeTORPEDO=x
    (x being any integer)​
    • allowed halfblocks to work
    • added the rotatable minecraft 1.9 blocks
    Version 0.9
    • Fixed an important bug created from the last update, where it moved the pilot of the ship twice for all movement based commands.
    Version 0.8
    • I fixed the server crash with ship turning. It was actually an endless loop being made (oops).
    Version 0.7
    • I pulled aircraft turning, as they crashed the server at times. Turning will be back when I figure out what is crashing (There are no errors)
    Version 0.5
    • I fixed a possible area where memory leaks /could/ occur
    • I put all the torpedoes fired in one single timer, so even less calculations are done
    Version 0.4
    • I added torpedoes
    • I added more configurable files
    • I added a new default ship type
    Version 0.3
    • fixed the glitch where the ships passengers wouldn't be moved with the ship
    Version 0.2
    • fixed /ac d's cool down timer on ships that can't drop bombs
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin

    Known Bugs:
    • If you fly into a structure of your ships type, your ship can become welded to the structure.
    in your permissions group location, add autocraft.[shiptype] to allow them to use a certain ship type. For instance, if the ship is called "transport" and you want EVERYONE to be able to use it, in the default group, add "autocraft.transport".

    How to use
    • Throw the plugin into your plugins folder (and the folder included in the ZIP)
    • use /ac ingame for help
    • /ac help to view the help file
    • /ac allowed [ship type] to view what is allowed for a specific ship type
    • /ac dismount to dismount a ship you are piloting
    • /ac napalm to drop napalm from an autocraft ship (if enabled)
    • /ac drop to drop bombs from an autocraft ship (if enabled)
    • /ac fire to fire TNT from a cannon on your ship (if enabled)
    • /ac torpedo to fire a torpedo from a cannon on your ship (if enabled)
    • /ac info to view information about the ship your are piloting
    • /ac list to view all the [ship type]'s the server has available
    • /ac pilot [ship type] to pilot a ship type
    • /ac turn [left/right] to turn your ship



    • Sycoprime - for porting the Movecraft plugin to bukkit for which gave me the inspiration to make this plugin. I also referenced your cardinalDirection arraylist to help with rotations.
    • GarretSidzaka - for showing me movecraft, giving me the idea to make my own plugin similar to movecraft, and supplying me with ideas on how to make my plugin act
    • KoryuObihiro - for helping me figure out the getData() method and how to spawn TNT entities into the world.
    Additional Details:
    • This plugin was started on July 28th 2011, at 7:32 PM
    • TNT cannons require AT LEAST 4 TNT in a dispenser.
    • TNT drop cannons require AT LEAST 2 TNT in a dispenser
    • cannon length means the amount of iron blocks you can place behind a diepsnser (the more iron blocks, the farther the TNT will go)
    • this plugin comes stocked with 5 different ship types
    It'd be appreciated :)
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    like when some dude tried to fork your code???
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    Question: Can these ships go through portals as seen in the Inception plugin or go through multiworld-portals?
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    can someone pm me a server that has this? i'd like to try it with other people
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    uses this plugin
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    any chance of making a specific item to turn left, and another one to turn right?

    oh btw, when i turn with the dreadnought the server just crashes, it doesn't say anything, it just stop responding for a few seconds and then boom, server down.

    Update: i think that when there is more than 1 ppl and u turn it crashes.
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    nice. we might have the error now
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.
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    Hey can anyone tell me how to make a torpedo work
    There is 8 tnt, 3 diamond_block, 3 iron_block in the dispenser.
    And there is a diamond/iron block behind the dispenser
    Help anyone?
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    Version 0.7:
    I pulled turning from Autocraft temporarily, as it crashed the server at times. Sorry.
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  14. It isn't really illegal to decompile any kind of software. It's illegal when you use what you decompiled (and using can mean making a similar project and accidently copy one little code snippet you've read in the sources from your mind in another software!) so it's better to don't do it when you're not allowed to.

    BTW: If I decompile software but never use what I've seen, who would know that I did? ;)

    But here at bukkit (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not that long here) everybody shares and that's what I really like at this community. Even if somebody would copy some lines of codes from my GPL licenced plugins into own projects which are licensed under something incompatible to the GPL I wouldn't really care as long as it's open sourced, too. Maybe I will even switch to a less restricted licence... ;)

    BTW: How do you think GPL violences get noticed? By deassembling/decompiling properitary software.. But have you ever heard somebody from the FSF get's jailed because he did that?

    BTT: Nice plugin so far. :)
    But: The commands should send a warning (or return false ;)) if I write something stupid like "/ac pilot airhip". Also, why do we need pilot? Wouldn't "/ac <type>" be enough? :)
    And could you make the use of blocks less restricted? I found it a bit annoying that I first had to remove iron blocks and than add wool.

    And please make it compatible with Inception! That would be so great in conclusion with Bananapocalypse and StyxSpace. Oh, and have a look at the EDIT in this thread, too. I think you will know what I'm requesting here... ;)

    @GarretSidzaka: I'm from germany and you're video isn't available in that country. :/

    //EDIT²: And please add the possibility to move the aircraft with a rightclick to air, too. :)
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    Eh, on the new plugin download, there aren't any files for ships...or anything
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    Can you make it so there is no required material? And a refresh command in-game?
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    Update 0.8
    I fixed the turning crashes. It happened to be overloading the server with an endless loop (fail coding).
    Should be all working now :)

    You shouldn't have to delete blocks like you said you did :confused:
    Maybe I'm not reading what you wrote correctly, can you possibly restate or show a video?
    I'll also work on your suggestion of just right clicking in the air :)
    thanks for trying my plugin.

    Well, this plugin is built upon a required material for ships to make them all unique for different types of battles.
    Refresh command? what do you mean by that?
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    hum, little problem, i move faster than the ship, so i end up falling, even if i do it slowly
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    I mean that you can edit the config and then refresh it in-game so you don't have to restart. And I only want the option of no required material for a custom ship.

    Right now even though it is primarily made with iron it tells me I only have 2/100, so having no required material would overrule this (bug?).

    ADDING TO THIS: Any plane I use, I am being told that it only has 2/whatever amount of the main material.
  20. But I had to! Will make a video later.
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    ok, the files are in this one. Thankies
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    God hates me. My ship has 200 obsidian blocks, and it won't let me pilot. "2/100" is appearing no matter what. I must be doing something horribly wrong...
  23. Tried the new version: harder restrictions? <.< I had to rebuild my ship... not nice... you should fix it but this is another turn of the screw...
    Also I tried to turn the ship but do you wanna know what happened? It didn't turn but kicked me out of the ship... but you're right: you never fall off... have a look if you don't believe me:
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    I added a new type of sircraft (named spaceship, mainly cobblestone) but when i'm standing in or on my aircraft it says
    I'm using bukkit build #1000 with the latest autocraft version (0.8).

    Edit: A box (4x4x2) gives the same Error

    Sorry for my horrible english.
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    Not really "Harder" restrictions, but actually correct restrictions. You see, in older versions it counted some blocks multiple times, making you think you had the required amount, when you really didn't.
    If you liked the way before, just lower the minimum amount of blocks in the config files.

    Make sure to add the maintype id to the ALLOWEDBLOCKS list as well, I'll fix that next release.

    It does auto refresh, if you change the configs, it will automatically change the next time someone pilots a ship.
    as for your amount issue, make sure ALL blocks are touching, by this, I mean NO diagonal facing blocks, they need to be to the left, right, in front, behind, on top, or below the block next to it.

    Version 0.9 released
    I fixed the turning bug that turned your character twice, and the movement bug, where it moved your player twice.

    Is the new patch working alright for everyone?

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    Alright, so I have to make my ship a flying square? Becuase I have non-diagonal and diagonal, (plenty of non diagonal) but I've never gotten it to display above 2/100
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    Never says that for me.
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    I love this plugin it kills movecraft but I keep on getting errors when I attempt to move large structures with several thousand blocks which is something I need it to do. But anyways great plugin great job.
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    Please provide the errors.
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    @orange451 just wondering, is it just aircraft? Do boats work?
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    It's a custom ship, and it has a pretty big max block limit. Right now it might have 4000 blocks, more than half of which are obsidian, and connected. But it also has iron, diamond, glass, glowstone, stone slabs, stairs, and other blocks. But I added them all to ROT, GLOBAL, and the ships config file.

    Perhaps because I added all blocks 1-96 to the Rot and global it is messing up.

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