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    AutoCraft - the Movecraft alternative!
    Version: v1.4
    This plugin allows people to create PVP airships designed like those in MoveCraft. What makes this plugin better? ships make their calculations faster, ships NEVER rip apart, ships have TNT cannons and bomb droppers (for pvp experience).
    • TNT cannons made out of dispensers
    • ships that NEVER rip apart during flight
    • no plummeting to your death in your ship
    • faster ship calculations (less laggy)
    • no blacklisting random players with illegitimate reasons
    Download the plugin here

    Version 1.4
    • recompiled with the new bukkit (I noticed some problems w/ ships flying, fixed now).
    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.3
    • napalm (by default) now requires 1 slime, 1 lava bucket, and 1 diamond block to fire
    • napalm can now penetrate water and 1 single obsidian (similiar to torpedoes)
    • made less calculations being done for torpedoes/napalm leading to less stress on the server.
    Version 1.1
    • added napalm
      • /ac napalm
      • /ac n
      • config variables:
        • dropnapalm=true/false
        • cooldowntimeNAPALM=x
    Version 1.0
    • added new commands to the ships' data files (cooldowns)
        • cooldowntime=x
        • cooldowntimeDROP=x
        • cooldowntimeTORPEDO=x
    (x being any integer)​
    • allowed halfblocks to work
    • added the rotatable minecraft 1.9 blocks
    Version 0.9
    • Fixed an important bug created from the last update, where it moved the pilot of the ship twice for all movement based commands.
    Version 0.8
    • I fixed the server crash with ship turning. It was actually an endless loop being made (oops).
    Version 0.7
    • I pulled aircraft turning, as they crashed the server at times. Turning will be back when I figure out what is crashing (There are no errors)
    Version 0.5
    • I fixed a possible area where memory leaks /could/ occur
    • I put all the torpedoes fired in one single timer, so even less calculations are done
    Version 0.4
    • I added torpedoes
    • I added more configurable files
    • I added a new default ship type
    Version 0.3
    • fixed the glitch where the ships passengers wouldn't be moved with the ship
    Version 0.2
    • fixed /ac d's cool down timer on ships that can't drop bombs
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin

    Known Bugs:
    • If you fly into a structure of your ships type, your ship can become welded to the structure.
    in your permissions group location, add autocraft.[shiptype] to allow them to use a certain ship type. For instance, if the ship is called "transport" and you want EVERYONE to be able to use it, in the default group, add "autocraft.transport".

    How to use
    • Throw the plugin into your plugins folder (and the folder included in the ZIP)
    • use /ac ingame for help
    • /ac help to view the help file
    • /ac allowed [ship type] to view what is allowed for a specific ship type
    • /ac dismount to dismount a ship you are piloting
    • /ac napalm to drop napalm from an autocraft ship (if enabled)
    • /ac drop to drop bombs from an autocraft ship (if enabled)
    • /ac fire to fire TNT from a cannon on your ship (if enabled)
    • /ac torpedo to fire a torpedo from a cannon on your ship (if enabled)
    • /ac info to view information about the ship your are piloting
    • /ac list to view all the [ship type]'s the server has available
    • /ac pilot [ship type] to pilot a ship type
    • /ac turn [left/right] to turn your ship



    • Sycoprime - for porting the Movecraft plugin to bukkit for which gave me the inspiration to make this plugin. I also referenced your cardinalDirection arraylist to help with rotations.
    • GarretSidzaka - for showing me movecraft, giving me the idea to make my own plugin similar to movecraft, and supplying me with ideas on how to make my plugin act
    • KoryuObihiro - for helping me figure out the getData() method and how to spawn TNT entities into the world.
    Additional Details:
    • This plugin was started on July 28th 2011, at 7:32 PM
    • TNT cannons require AT LEAST 4 TNT in a dispenser.
    • TNT drop cannons require AT LEAST 2 TNT in a dispenser
    • cannon length means the amount of iron blocks you can place behind a diepsnser (the more iron blocks, the farther the TNT will go)
    • this plugin comes stocked with 5 different ship types
    It'd be appreciated :)
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    Well, the obvious things to improve would be:
    • Better config explanation (via commenting or a manual).
    • Control over which of all cannons you want to fire (something really needed, ships don't usually fire in all the directions at once, but at the target). You can do this by implementing cannon groups (via an optional sign near a cannon), then fire specific groups with /ac f #. You may also want to work with Armageddon plugin author (they have configurable cannon support with many ammo types).
    • Configurable ammo usage/direction (probably via cannon groups as well).
    • Support for different craft types (as in, not restricted to airships).
    • Sign activation/release/firing.
    • Ability to disable cannon support (to use alternatives).
    • /ac d shows cooldown even if the ship type doesn't support drop-cannons.
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    Nice! I'll have to check this out for my server. I may wait until you implement a few of the above suggestions (good one to look at) and have time to work out any bugs.
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    1)Ya, sure I'll get right on that
    2)If you want to control which cannons you want to fire, only load the cannons you want to fire.
    3)I can work on that
    4)This is an airship plugin
    5)I don't really enjoy sign controlled plugins
    6)There already is a way to disable cannons, but it's not quite obvious, if you set the fire cannon and the drop variables to false, then you have "disabled" them. :p I'll make a more obvious way though.

    and I'll get to work on that bug you mentioned :)
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    Why have a fast fire command together the need to walk to the cannons and load/unload them when you want to change the direction of fire? Doesn't make sense. Easy cannon control is also your only visible advantage over Movecraft (better movement calculation is really only needed with an old server machine). If you're not going to include various craft types, you could at least capitalize on cannon accessibility. And the alternatives to signs are: reduced functionality/store data in a file/database, neither of which sound good.
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    You can rotate your ship if you want to change the direction you want to fire in
    And having your ships not rip apart in mid flight is also an advantage.
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    Well, rotation is a really clumsy way to aim with a giant airship. And we're not currently experiencing issues with said "ripping apart". I guess we'll stick with our current plugin choice for the time being since it provides more existing+planned features. I'll follow your progress in case you consider adding some of the functionality I suggested.
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    @Skyve How big is your server? My server usually has 70 players online at once.

    anywho i have 8 gb of ram and 3.514 ghz 4x cores. and the movecraft would rip when there was a lag spike. now thats why i ask how big your server is. this autocraft is a PVP plugin for big servers to have aerial battles and contests.

    as for the rotation, how do you suggest we do it? i use a macro to pilot, rotate and fire my ship so to me its like playing a videogame and shooting the vessel is fast and fun. i dont ever type out the long commands LOL

    and several of the features you said in your first post are present in the plugin, and maybe we need better documentation here so you could realize it.

    ps: ahh i saw your signature a bit later, and that you are a movecraft fanboy. now everything makes sense.
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    I updated to v0.2
    I fixed Skyve's bug where if you do /ac d on a ship that can't drop bombs, it'll trigger the cooldown.
    I also believe I fixed the player falling off your ship bug.
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    Our server is somewhat smaller but has comparable hardware to user numbers ratio. We usually only use multiple default block limit (around 1000 max) craft at the same time. The only issues we encountered were around CB 300-500 when Bukkit itself had block function bugs.

    But yes, me and my users are pro-Movecraft, as we've been using it since the times of it being an hMod plugin. It's the issue of familiarity and features. Unless another plugin provides most of (required) Movecraft's functionality AND offers something new (ex. better optimisation), we are sticking with what we already have. Your plugin seems to forfeit some critical stuff that I mentioned. However, it's preferrable to always have competition/alternatives, so I wish this plugin progress.

    On turning/weapons.
    Weapon groups is how multi-weapon firing has been done since late 80s. Have you played space simulators or perhaps the Mechwarrior series? There are times when you don't fire the entire onboard battery (the mentioned game types also usually prevent you from that by overheating). Also, manually removing ammo to not fire doesn't fir your "fast and fun" control scheme.
    I'm not suggesting something complex, just reading cannon IDs from a sign and then console activation similar to what is already present. It's also possible to mass change cannon settings for a group once they are implemented (the easy way would be to have cannon length changed via a command for a specific group).
    Also there are users (what a surprise) that prefer mouse control to macros or typing. They are the ones that would better click a sign/another form of ingame control. To have a popular plugin you need to cater to the needs of a varied playerbase.

    EDIT: You need to update the changelog according to Bukkit posting rules.
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    what about this plugin does not have this, troll? what is a single reature he has removed, troll?
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    Okay, this time I fixed the passenger falling out of the ship glitch.

    At the moment, I am working on a feature, called "torpedos", a new ship weapon type.
    By default, this weapon will require 1 diamond block and 16 TNT in the cannon, as well as gold blocks behind it for the cannon length. the more gold blocks, the faster the torpedo.

    When a torpedo hits a block, it will explode, but it it hits obsidian, it will destroy the obsidian block it hits.

    Update 0.4!
    Your ships can now have Torpedo's. This took me only about an hour to write, but it's really fun to use :)
    I also added a new ship type, and some more configuration files

    I also made a video showing the torpedo:

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    Thanks for name-calling, and such features are:
    • Sign control
    • Different craft types
    • Cannon handling
    The author has not removed any of that (unless he used the code), but has stated that he will be going in another direction on these. Sadly, this means we can't use this plugin and will continue with Movecraft/Armageddon combo. Please be civil next time. The only way I respond to hostilities is by reporting.

    I wish your plugin had a modular structure. We could then use parts of it. The best example on that would be Minecart Mania.
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    Would you kindly point out said profanity in this? My only aim was giving feedback on what I consider essential features of such plugin as compared to similar ones. If feedback causes such a turmoil, I'll stop posting in this. Have a good day.
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    guess what? sign control in movecraft has never worked. you can put your sign down and put the driverliecence ownership but it has never worked.
    now if you mean that you should be able to use click on a sign? grow up and use "auto hot key" so you can control the vessels easy (it will work for movecraft just fine so you dont have to switch to autocraft)

    also i know you haven't been doing anything but trolling because he has fully configurable craft types with built in permissions support. you can make a million different types of craft. no cars no submarines or other useless non function movecraft garbage.

    ps: i reported you too. but that didnt do anything so i lowered my self to your level
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    You said this.
    "The only way I respond to hostilities is by reporting."
    Reporting what? No rules where broken.
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    I was under the impression that releasing source was a requirement in getting your plugin in the releases forum.
    It would appear the rules changed since I last had my post evaluated.
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    Autocraft is AWESOME! im currently playing on GarretSidzakas server (he is the fist to use autocraft) and its sweet! there are a variety of ships you can make and i love it!
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    I do like autocraft a lot, but I also have a suggestion. Could you add a command to change speeds? I realize that you made it so you go slower when you click once, which is nice, but say a transport goes 10 blocks per half second, why not up to 10 blocks? So when your landing you could like /ac set speed 1, or when you're transporting have /ac set speed 10, just a thought. But other than that, I do enjoy the plugin. (Except when the server crashes while piloting and rollback makes it disappear)
  22. Autocraft - wow, just wow! You, sir, rock!
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    Update 0.5
    just fixed a few bugs (see change log for more)

    Thanks everyone who enjoy the plugin so far :)
  24. Hey orange! Thanks for the update!
    Whipped up a CB1000, AC0.5 server and did a short test round. One thing Ive noticed is that ladders (ID65) autostick and duplicate to my airship when you move next to them. I think that autostick of allowed blocks could need a few changes. Doing more tests later!
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    It's not necessarily required, but it is certainly 'suggested'...
    Especially when you have a questionable plugin, and you wan't to make sure its...original?

    Honestly, I'd just rip it open with a decompiler to make sure everything's ok, but that's just my opinion.
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    Isn't that illegal?
    jdk TOS
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    The jdk license only applies to the jdk. While there's usually a good reason for a plugin dev not to provide source, it would be hypocritical of us to tell people not to decompile a jar in order to look at it.
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    Those are the TOS for the jdk, not your plugin.
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    As Apple already said, it's not illegal.
    In any case, you should have nothing to worry about...right?
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    I don't have anything to worry about, I just don't like my source being given out.

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