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    You can [​IMG] if you want to support me and my plugins

    ThunderJoin creates harmless lightning bolts whenever a player joins the server at the players join location.

    • Creates harmless lightning bolts on player join at the players location
    • Very leightweight
    • No commands
    Changelog 2.0:
    • No more Permissions
    Older Changelog (open)
    Changelog 1.6:
    • Reworked some code
    • Changed the permissionnode from "ThunderJoin.join" to "thunderjoin.join"
    Changelog 1.5.1:
    • Reworked code
    • Fixed some small and very rare issues
    Changelog 1.5:
    • Only CB761+
    • Using Bukkits native harmless lightning bolts now
    • Removed 80% now unneeded code
    Changelog 1.4:
    • Reworked major parts of the code
    • Fixed a new bug from 1.3 concerning the block damage
    Changelog 1.3:
    • Official support for CB740
    • Reworked the system to properly stop all block and entity damage
    • Won't accidently power up Creepers anymore
    • Won't accidently zap Pigs into ZombiePigmen anymore
    Changelog 1.2:
    • Official support for CB733
    • Fixed damage to entities
    • Removed all debug output
    Changelog 1.1:
    • Added Permissions
    • Fixed damage to blocks
    Changelog 1.0:
    • Initial release
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    Did you actually try ThunderJoin 1.2 without any plugins or are you just guessing?

    Please try my plugin on a server without any other plugins and then add your plugins one by one until the bug occurs, would be great feedback if you could tell me the conflicting plugin!
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    Only one question.
    If you join on top of a pig can zombie pigmen spawn and rape you?
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    Yes, fill be fixed in 1.3
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    I love this plugin. A++ 9 stars would grin again
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    thank you =) now that I helped you maybe you want to help me with a little donation? :D but not required ;)
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    Oh god fine, since you asked so nicely, and since adding it to the donation rewards made somebody instantly donate 10 bucks :p
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    Thank you sir!
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    No worries man, good luck with getting more! :p
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    i, i love it
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    Thanks for this addon sir! Have 2 bugs for you!

    -Spawning with this addon on near wolves sets them on fire and causes death dmg. :( Poor doggie...
    -Spawning near a creeper causes the creeper to become a charged creeper and thus-larger detonation range and damage.

    Hokay, tried something new a few minutes ago. Player 1 tags wolf, makes it a pet. I save server, close and restart it, P1 logs in next to wolf when restart is up and lightning does dmg. Wolf whimpers and gives visible death animation. P1 logs out and back in, wolf is still dead. Restart server, wolf still dead with P1 logging back into same spot. There's a bit of debugging for you! :) Anything else I can test from this side for you? I'm admin this server and been working on it most of the day so I wanna make sure some of these mods work so the players don't complain TOO loudly. Will def ask them to make you a contribution![/quote]

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    Couldn't you fix it with a per-user cooldown of around 3 seconds? That wouldn't completely solve the problem with elevators, but you'd at least only get 3 or 4 lightning bolts instead of 20. Also, if the incompatibility with certain plugins is well known, then people can just disable that functionality or nag the other author to fix it.
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    I know you've already said that you don't want to implement your own teleportation commands in this, but I think it'd be super easy to fork this plugin and then just add your lightning event to it. If you do, I'll be thrilled.
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    Mhh a little problem all working good but i don't have more, message from server like "belfedia is coming" just the thunder...
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    I'm sorry, this plugin is only a novelty so I don't really want to spend the time to figure out what conflicts with it and the plugins we do have won't be sacrificed for it. If someone reports a similar issue though, they should see if they have a plugin from the list. I can't imagine what it would be though, none of them have any relation at all with what yours does. :/ Oh well, it's still a really cool plugin.
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    Works great with the plugins I have installed... Only issue I have is setting leaves on fire.
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    Working fine for me, I do seem to set fires but the flames disappear in a few seconds (edit: Dreadreaver has noted the fires are client-side only). I'm running this with over 50 plugins (list is linked if anyone wants to check for conflicts) without problems - though only the admins have this ability enabled.
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    This is pretty cool. Could this be expanded to /tp as well?
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    This has been asked before but wont be done, too many problems with it. See Dreadreavers previous response:

  21. There seems to be an issue with ThunderJoining and breaking glass ceilings above.
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    havent tested spawning inside glass .. hm gotta check it out right now!

    edit: cant replicate the issue .. no glass breaking on my side :/
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    Lol this exact situation happened to one of my players, it was hilarious. Also great plugin can't wait for mire plugins from you, possibly a 10 second lighting storm when a OP or a player with the permission node joins? I'd be glad to donate some $$ then.
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    wouldn't be a problem :p but
    thats the order I do things ;D
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    Shame you cant have this ThunderTP, when you TP to a person Crack lightning and there you are. I seen where you said it couldnt be done, but i still had to agree with some of the others :D
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    Fair enough. :D
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    I sat down and did some testing, it turns out that this plugin in some way conflicts with EssentialsProtect. With EssentialsProtect installed (with default config), ThunderJoin is unable to put out fires on objects or players.
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    Figured! Thanks for the feedback. Honestly I can't do much about that as EssentialsProtect is probably taking over the blockIgnite event. I'd recommend you to disable firespread in EssentialsProtect.
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    New version is out! Changelog:
    • Official support for CB740
    • Reworked the system to properly stop all block and entity damage
    • Won't accidently power up Creepers anymore
    • Won't accidently zap Pigs into ZombiePigmen anymore

    The creeper and zombiepigman fix is a blind fix, I hadn't had the time to actually test this yet. But don't worry, if it doesn't work it'll just behave like ThunderJoin 1.2 and lower.
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    Is it possible to have a version without the bed respawn?
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    Why do you think BedRespawn is required? They are completly distinct plugins.

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