[FUN] SkeleSummoner v1.1 - Summon Skeletons Using Rotten Flesh [1185]

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Should it have permissions?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

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    - Version 1.1

    SkeleSummoner is a simple plugin which finally makes use of Rotten Flesh dropped by Zombies. SkeleSummoner will allow you to spawn 10 skeletons for the cost of 10 Rotten Flesh. To do this you must have in your inventory 10 or more Rotten Flesh and 1 or more Eggs, if you then throw the Egg using right click 10 Skeletons will be spawned in the location the egg hits. You will immediately be notified that the Skeletons have spawned by a message and the fact that there are now 10 Skeletons where the egg landed. SkeleSummoner now uses permissions.

    • Spawn 10 Skeletons for the cost of 10 Rotten Flesh and an Egg.
    • The Skeletons will spawn in the location of where the egg hits.
    • Notification message if you do not have enough Rotten Flesh to spawn the Skeletons.
    • Notification message if you have successfully spawned 10 Skeletons for the cost of 10 Rotten Flesh.
    • Even if you have a stack or multiple stacks of more than 10 Rotten Flesh when you throw the egg only one amount of 10 will be taken from one stack.
    • Linked with permissions.
    Download SkeleSummoner Here:

    Change Log:

    Version 1.0:
    • Released the plugin!
    Version 1.1:
    • Added the permission 'skele.summoner' which is set by default to op only.
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    Neat! Are the skeletons hostile to you?
    I hope to see this grow and become more customizable :)
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    At the moment the Skeletons are indeed hostile to you so I advise throwing the egg away from yourself. XD
    Would you like it so the Skeltons were friendly to the user who threw the egg?
    I also thought about in an update making it so that the egg hatches only one Skeleton but the Skeleton will not attack the player but will instead target nearby mobs and attack them.
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    I would say make that aspect configurable, if they are friendly it is more of a pet plugin, if they are hostile it's a "kill your friends with hundreds of arrows" plugin. Maybe make different items affect it differently, snowballs summoning 1, eggs summoning 10 for example :)
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    Yeh okay, thanks I'll definitely take these things in to consideration when I go about making the update :)
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    Glad I could help :) I'll be keeping my eye on this
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    *Likes plugin*
    *Installs plugin*

    Nice plugin & its pretty funny but i would really like to see permissions because guest users are gonna troll servers with this :p
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    Aha yeh thanks for the input, I'll be sure to add permissions tonight :)

    Permissions have now officially been added. :)

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    Thats good to hear :)
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    tag me when the stable CB is out
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    Cheers, will do. :)
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    Stable and ready for release :)
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    wouldn't it be more logical that you spawned zombies using flesh?
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    This is a great plugin, I would highly suggest making other mobs than the skeleton to be summoned. Maybe more summoning recipes for other hostiles? I also think that summoning allied mobs would be good too; there hasn't been a good pet plugin in a while and this seems to have some potential for it.
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    How do I fix it if I dont want permission?
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    At the moment I don't think you can remove permissions, only give that permission to everyone?

    Yeh I was originally going to make it spawn zombies but the problem with that is that then you could get more chunks and do it again, and again, and again etc. and then what use would those chunks be anyway apart from calling in more zombies which drop chunks... so I set it as skeletons because bones and arrows are useful and it stops the possibility of infinitely looping and calling zombies in over and over.

    Yeh thanks for the feedback I'll be sure to think about adding other mobs in for different items or turning it in to a pet mod... :p

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    Yea a pet plugin would be real nice to have, I look for ones here but they are all outdated. Maybe utilize the enderpearls (like bones) "feed" them to mobs and they can be put under your control
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    I like the idea of permissions based summoning in general for a risky type pvp spell, because you dont know who it will attack. I am not sure if you would be capable of doing it, but either adding more customization possibilities for what and how many are spawned and/or what it costs to summon them/maybe a cooldown would make this plugin awesome.
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    I think setting it to be configurable and allowing set players to be necromancers by giving them these permissions would be cool!

    The skeletons would have to be allied and follow the Necromancer though.

    I would like to be able to configure how many skeletons are spawned, and how much rotten flesh is needed.
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    You should change this so that you can also summon zombies and then rename it necromancer.
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