[FUN/RPG] TourGuide v1.3 - Show Off the Sights of Your Server [1.4.7-R1.0]

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    What is TourGuide?

    The best way to find a good server is to look at the creations players have made on it. Unfortunately these can be spaced out all over the map and a new player may not see them. TourGuide allows a player to join a tour group and view all the sights of your server. You set the locations and TourGuide can do the rest. TourGuide also allows you to be the guide of a tour, after all, no one knows your server better than you!


    • Admin Defined POIs
    • Player can guide a tour, otherwise it is done automatically
    • NPCs as Guides
    • SQLite to store POIs
    General Information

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Other Information

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Please use tickets for support as this will help me manage the plugin and provide better support
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    The beta file has now been approved and can be downloaded here
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    TourGuide v1.1.0


    • POI's now load correctly, Pitch and Yaw were reversed on old verion
    • POIs check themselves onLoad to make sure the spawn area is safe
    • Spawn area has changed from 1 long line to a square, the size of which is formed from maxPlayers/2 in configuration

    • Fixed error where TourGuide would return the position 0 when creating a new group during the jointour command
    • Groups are disbanded gracefully when the server reloads (Will add persistence in a later version)

    • Tour Members cannot be harmed, nor can they do damage to other players
    • Tour Members cannot edit blocks
    • Fixed player not being removed from tour on quit
    • Tours are ended gracefully when the server reloads (Will add persistence in a later version)
    • Added "/tg vote" for tour members to vote for the next POI. Once all players have voted the countdown timer will be set to 5 seconds, this will also overwrite tours with guides

    • NPCs cannot be killed
    • Players can now interact with NPC's using right click. Tour members see the name of the current POI while other players are told to type /jointour
    • Default Config has been changed for the NPC's Name. It is now T_Guide. This will load a player I have created and given a proper skin

    • Broadcasts are no longer shown to players in a group or on a tour
    • Cleanup of response messages, including adding prefixes
    • Fixed TourGuide showing help after displaying results from certain commands
    • Minor changes for latest CraftBukkit build
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    Any feedback would be appreciated. If it's working for everyone I can start heading towards a full release.
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    is this a continuation of the original tourguide plugin?
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    Nope, I wasn't aware there was an original TourGuide plugin. I searched both the forums and BukkitDev.
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    Thats fine. It might of been named something else. As far as I can tell this plugin is working properly.
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    v1.2.1 Released


    • Added ability to add and remove descriptions
    • Changed POI Spawn checking to check for solid blocks rather than air
    • POI now tells you if it is not active when created

    • Added support for MySQL
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    It is highly recommended you back up your [DBNAME].db file in plugins/TourGuide. This plugin makes changes to the database and while I've tried to ensure no data is lost it could still happen. I take no responsibility for any data loss

    • Added a more graceful fall-back when TourGuide started without RemoteEntities running. You'll no longer get the SEVERE warning about TourGuide not being able to register RemoteEntity events
    • Fixed bug that caused multiple groups to be created when removing all POIs and then adding one
    • Fixed MOTD.enable configuration option being ignored when set to false
    • Changed the commands to add/remove commands
    • Added ability to rename POI
    • Added ability to Enable/Disable POIs manually (allows you to override an automatic disable)
    • Added POI debug command - This shows you all the blocks that are causing an error within a POI

    • Added support for saving POI's state (enabled/disabled)
    Coming Soon
    • Spout Support
    • TourGuide Photo/Server sharing site
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    Im confuse on this plugin, does it teleport players to one location for a timed period then to the next or is it just like /warps where players have to enter in individual names of the locations?
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    superkanub it's timed. Players go round in Groups and you can specify the amount of time a group can stay at a POI
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    No bugs yet, is working fine.

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