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    Create, Save and Share Temples and Adventures

    Download TempleCraft on DevBukkit!

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    Bonjour, une vidéo tutoriel en francais est disponible pour ce plugins (by WeesoftMarkpm)

    Willkommen zum deutschen Tutorial über die Materialien und dessen Verwendung (by Fidikado):


    TempleCraft is a plugin that allows you to create worlds dedicated to mini-games.
    The main game at the moment is Adventure (Basically get from point A to point B).
    I've recently added Spleef and Zombies, but they're still under construction.
    The video does not include all the latest features. I'll be uploading another video when I get the chance to cover v0.40.

    Come see the plugin at work at:

    General Features:
    • Kill monsters to get iConomy gold!
    • Great for Jump Maps, Puzzles, Adventures and Arenas!
    • Use signs to join temples!
    Building Features:

    • Use Bedrock, Gold Blocks, Iron Blocks, Diamond Blocks and Signs instead of commands!!
    Bedrock = Mob Spawnpoint​
    Gold Block on Iron Block = Lobby Starting Block​
    Diamond Block on Iron Block = Temple Spawnpoint​
    Diamond Block on Gold Block = Temple End Block​
    • Don't worry about using commands to set up boundaries
    You have an entire world dedicated to each Temple.​
    • Use EditWorlds to edit Temples without being limited by space.
    • Use Add and Remove commands to allow others to help with the building.
    • EditWorlds make giving building permission easier!
    • Limit the amount of Temples a person can make using the maxTemplesPerPerson setting in the main config file.

    Type /tc in game for a nice command menu, /tc [pageNumber] to view a different page.​

    • Latest Dev Build: v0.41 - Bukkit 1337
    - Added Sensor Signs:​
    If you put this sign under a block, when you walk over the block, you will be prompted to stand still for 3 seconds to join the temple.​
    Note: Trying to add more features that will allow you to integrate TempleCraft into server gameplay in a cooler way. If you'd like to have an option that prevents regular players from making working TempleCraft signs, let me know. No one has brought it up :p

    - Updated Register API:​
    If you don't already have Register, TempleCraft will export the jar when you load the server. You'll need to reload the server after this to load Register properly, then you're all set. Register just adds compatibility to multiple economy plugins.​
    - Cleaned up some code​
    • v0.40 - Bukkit 1337
    - Fixed /tc converttemples​
    - Added ChunkGenerators Folder​
    - You can drag .jar files into the ChunkGenerators folder and create new worlds using them with /tc new <templeName> <jarName>​
    - Made a nice Help menu when you type /tc​
    - Cleaned up /tc tlist​
    - Added constantworldnames configuration which, if set to true, will keep the names of the temple worlds consistant (for use with other plugins that use NPCs or bookshelves or w/e)​
    -Fixed /tc worldtotemple <templeName>​
    - Converts the world you are in to a temple (cool for if you want to make other worlds seem more interactive with TempleCraft)​
    - When creating a new temple, the default chunk generator is now the default one for minecraft​
    - Added CaveSpiders to the bedrock spawnpoints​
    - Added a Sign that can Spawn you randomly in an area​


    Old Changes (open)

    • 0.33; Bukkit 1240 - Temples are now saved as worlds that are saved and loaded as needed
    - To convert the old .tcf files into worlds, type /tc converttemples​
    the .tcf files will no longer be needed, but you may choose to save them as the conversion process isn't 100% perfect at the moment, they will also be converted into worlds the next time you edit them.​
    - foodLevel, Experience and GameMode are now stored and restored when joining/ leaving temple​
    - EditWorlds now use Creative mode by default​
    - You can now drag any world files into the SavedTemples folder in the TempleCraft folder and use them as TempleWorlds​
    (not all worldnames are supported at the moment)​
    - Anything saved in a world normally is now saved (including WorldEdit)​
    - ABSOLUTELY NO boundaries anymore (in terms of what is being saved)​
    - New GameTypes (Spleef and Zombies)​

    I still have a lot of ideas for TempleCraft, but unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding enough time to devote to this. I know there are some things that may not be clear. I hope to make a wiki or something similar in the future, but we'll see. For now, feel free to ask questions and leave feedback. I also have an sample server you can check out to see how things work. Thank you :)
    • 0.32;
    - Fixed some bugs and increased performance​
    - Added Support for Register API (multiple economies now supported)​
    - More to be announced (I g2g)​

    • 0.31; Found Solution to Reload Bug!!
    Phew! I haven't been able to test this thoroughly because I'm traveling and have a poor internet connection, but this seems to be working really well so far and if there are some currently undiscovered problems with it, I'll deal with them as soon as possible.​

    Also, I'm not able to test multiple people using the temple very often because I do not have multiple accounts and have only come across a few temporary willing assistants. If you see any bugs that only seem to happen with multiple people, it's likely I don't know about them and I'd appreciate the report! Thanks :)
    • 0.30; Additions + Bug Fix
    - Fixed the Piston Bug (woo)​
    - brought back optional MobArena classes (woo)​
    - Signs can now be used to send chatbox messages and even commands.​
    - New video with the recent changes.​
    - Reload method is kinda funky as always. I've put many hours into trying to fix this one, but I'm stumped...​
    • 0.25; Fixed a Bug
    - Temple Regions will now be cropped automatically (It wasn't working before, oops!).​
    • 0.24; This is a big one :D
    - Removed Classes — I'm going to let other plugins take care of this. Now, when you join a temple, you play with what you have on you and it's saved for when you leave.​
    - Improved Save Method — Always trying to make it faster :)
    - Added Checkpoints — Checkpoints for when you die but want to continue. The third line is the minimum distance you have to be in order to save the checkpoint.​
    - Gold Per Mob is now Configurable — use one number '50' or a range '50-100'​
    - Fixed DropBlocks​
    - Fixed Ready, Tlist & Plist commands​
    - Removed templecraft.save and templecraft.nullclass​
    - Added Mob Spawnpoint Signs​
    - All signs can now use [TC] or [TempleCraft] (case sensitive)​
    • 0.23; Important Addition
    - Improved Save Security (Loosing data is much less likely in case of a server crash)​
    Note: Does anyone mind that I have uploaded new versions practically every day? I like to keep everyone current, but I'm not sure if I'm over doing it and making people redownload it too much. Feedback would be nice, thanks :)

    • 0.22; Additions + Bug Fix
    - Contents of Chests, Furnaces and Dispensers are now saved.​
    - Rejoin cost is now configurable​
    - Breakable materials is now configurable (blocks you are allowed to break during play)​
    - Drop Blocks is now configurable (determines whether blocks drop themselves when broken during play. Chests will still drop their items if you make them breakable)​
    - Fixed Door Glitch​
    • 0.2 ; Stable Release
    - All the big bugs should be fixed​
    - There are still some bugs revolving around loading pistons and there is more optimization to be done.​
    • 0.15 ; Optimized Loading Code More
    • 0.14 ; Bug Fixes
    - Fixed New Temple Problem​
    - Optimized Code a bit (Still need to optimize for larger temples)​
    • 0.13 ; Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed Mob Spawning (now works with MobArena)​
    - Users can no longer restore when temples are in use.​
    • 0.12 ; Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed issues involving multiplayer editting​
    - TNT can now break blocks in temples, but creepers still won't break blocks.​
    - Fixed issues with ownership of temples and access to temples​
    - Got rid of a lot of random excess code. (still more to do)​
    • 0.11 ; Bug Fixes:
    - Fire ticks will now stop after dying in lava​
    - Mob Spawns should only be affected in TempleWorld and EditWorlds​
    - Fixed CheckUpdates command​
    - TemplePlayers are now loaded before Temples (should fix some consol errors)​
    • 0.1 ; Release

    ToDo List:
    • Create a Wiki
    • Migrate to DevBukkit
    • Create a new video
    • Add Comments/ Organize Code more for other Developers
    • Create More GameTypes (CTF, PVP, KOTH, etc.)


    This plugin is based off of @garbagemule's plugin MobArena. Thank you so much for the inspiration and jumping off point! I couldn't have done it without you :)

    Also special thanks to:​

    If you really like the plugin and would like to contribute, feel free to leave a small donation. Anything would be greatly appreciated! Donate here.​
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    Neat! Following This :D
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    Nice :eek:!

    i will test it :)
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    This is awesome! Really,lots of cool plugins today!
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    amazing pluging! possible request? XP linked with mcmmo? instead of separate .

    Even as is right now, this is going to be a must use plugin on my server! nice work


    Ok so i installed it, and it initiated fine (according to logs) but then straight away it sent loads of errors about could not pass different player entity types, it also stopped MobArena from spawning monsters.

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    Checking it out now.

    Thanks! I'm definitely willing to do something like this as soon as I get the remaining bugs worked out. I should have the time within the next week or two :)

    I wasn't able to replicate the error exactly, but I made some changes that I think should help :)

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    mob arena is built in? :D
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    No, not exactly. This plugin just branched off of MobArena. I started by modding MobArena in order to include more of the features I wanted for myself and my friends. But I feel that I have changed it enough and added enough original code and features in order to call it a new plugin.

    I believe Dec64 is using both plugins on his server, which is why he made that comment about this stopping mobs from spawning in MobArena.
  9. Nice Flatworld :)
    Maybe you can make separate plugins for this ?

    Also I can break block but cant place on your server.
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    I'm completely up for making different plugins, but I still have a lot of ideas of what I want to do with this first. I'll put up a ToDo List!

    Thanks for the heads up :)
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    I love the idea of this plugin, and I would really like to use it. Sadly though I'm having almost the same problem as Dec64. It's not allowing creatures to spawn in MobArena, but it's not even throwing any errors at me. It probably has to do with the spawning method that you are using, since it is similar to MA, perhaps both plugins are calling bits of code with the same names or something similar to that. I'd really like to get this plugin running alongside MA, as it is a way for the players on my server to have a little extra fun. They love MA and I'm sure they'd love this one too :)
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    Hmm, I thought the changes I made would have fixed that. I shall investigate this further!
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    Wow, this looks amazing, will definately try out at some point :D

    nice work
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    i love this mod thank you :D
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    It's like MobArena But still... it's a good plugin :)
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    i found some bug when u eddit temple and leave and come back and type /tp leave it doesnt work!!! i guess im stuck i need some help

    i mean when i type /tc leave then make me back to real world plez fix this

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    Fixed :)
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    can u give me a example for how to setup config?
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    Do you have a flat map but like made up of sand instead of dirt. =D
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    The way the current RPG system works is:
    When a player joins for the first time TempleCraft creates an account and loads all the information of each class from the config file.

    From this point on, when a user receives enabled items from temples or buys them from stores, they will be saved to the class so that they can use their new equipment in the temple.

    E.g. You may want an archer to be able the only class that can save a bow and arrows.
    Or you may want each class to only be able save certain kinds of food.

    # Name of a class
    # Items a user can save to that class (including armor and items the player hasn't received yet)
    # All others will be discarded when saving.
            enabled: 298,299,300,301,314,315,316,317,268,272,267,261,262
    # Items a user starts with
    # Use : to stack items
            items: 268,261,262:64
    # Armor a user starts with (AutoEquiped)
            armor: 298,299,300,301
    As it stands right now, the best way to use the plugin is by keeping the FlatLands consistent. I will look into adding configuration, but I'd like to keep things the way they are for now.

    You could try using WorldEdit. Just remember that you would need to place a block at opposing corners to expand the region as TempleCraft does not see WorldEdit changes at the moment.

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    lol it'll probully take me days to do it though i wish someone had a map lie that instead of dirt. Sandstone at bottom then its sand on top. I would use mcedit but my computer runs it to slow.
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    Mob spawning for MobArena is fixed now, but for me every command works aside from /tc new [temple], which throws a "null org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'tc' in plugin TempleCraft v0.13" whenever I try to use the above command. :(
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    im still gettin this error when running 0.13.
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    Dear Zenith,

    Since Today we also use this plugin on our server; yet without any success because we can't use the command /tc new [name]. we only get the message "an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command"
    we dont get an error log in the console and the server does acknowledge the TC worlds, since they do appear in the console when being checked by World Guard Etc.

    Is this something common or is this something that has yet to be fixed?
    at the moment we are running 0.13.

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    I guess it is common since I am having the same problem. For the moment I guess we just have to wait for _Zenith_ to update it, or to look through the code and make a temporary fix ourselves.

    Now that the problem with /tc new is fixed, for some reason it won't save my temples in v0.15... I even followed everything that you did in the video exactly and I entered /tc save and it responded "Temples saved" then I typed /tc reload and it said "Temples reloaded" but when I entered /tc join it said "All temples are currently running or disabled! Please try again later" and when I went back to edit my temple, it was gone :(

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    I'm so sorry for the issues! I will be uploading a more stable version as soon as possible!
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    Don't worry about it! I like being semi-involved with things like this. Call me your test-dummy :p
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    Hello , i've a big big problem , when i edit my temple and i return to try him , my server lag and down , after this i can't reload the plugin and restart my server ! please help me

    View attachment 5686
    I have this :

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    Updated, should work a lot faster now.
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    Thank's you , very much ! It's Ok ! I love this plugin !!!

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