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    SurvivalArena - Survival arena minigame
    Version: 1.5 alpha

    this is my first plugin, so may contain bugs...
    when playing on a survival server for a while it may become boring, so i thought of a way to keep the survival spirit alive, and came up with this.
    this plugin creates a new world, the arena. people can enter the arena with commands and end up in a place in the top of the arena where they can select their class, and get ready. when all players are ready the game starts, and they have to survive as long as possible. they can build only inside the arena sphere, and there's a height limit so they won't be able to get out or destroy the whole arena.
    when the players die, they're out. when all players are out, the survival game ends and the arena is reset. between the start of the reset and the end of the reset the arena won't be available to anyone.
    when testing the reset functionality it took about 10 seconds to completely rebuild the whole arena.

    please, send a pm when you've found a bug, got and error, or have an idea. i'll try to fix the bugs/errors and will look at the ideas and may add them to the plugin.

    [NOTE] when updating from an older version, there may have been added functions to the configuration file. the plugin may give errors for missing nodes or corrupted configs
    • plains
    • flat
    • swamp
    • snow
    • forrest
    • mountain
    • desert
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    none at the moment

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    usage: /SurvivalArena [command] OR /sa [command]
    • Help
      shows a little help menu in the chat iwth these commands
    • Create [name] [theme(optional)]
      create an new arena
    • Remove [name]
      removes the selected arena
    • Enter [name]
      only works outside an arena
      lets the player join the selected arena
      without a name, it shows a list
    • Leave
      only works inside an arena
      teleports the player to the spawn area of the first world that was loaded
    • List
      shows a list of all arena's
    • Themes
      shows a list of theme names
    • Regenerate [name] [theme]
      reforms the terrain of the selected arena, using the selected theme
    • Class [class name]
      only works inside an arena, before the game started.
      without classname it shows a list of all classes.

    • supports up to 44 classes, with infinite hidden classes
    • self-rebuilding arena
    • arena contains insane amount of ores
    • auto generated buildings
    • you can change monster drops
    • reward system [configurable rewards]
    • custom drops can be configured for each monster type
    • arena themes
    • hidden classes, they won't apear on signs, but you can access them with the class subcommand
    Planned Additions
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    • underground dungeon
    • iConomy support
    • change the config for worlds to make per-arena settings possible
    • Skyblock Survival theme [i really like this idea, Eatmybiglazer :)]
    • party plugin support
    • different arena sizes
    • time limit [thanks for the idea, Quizdonkey]
    • permissions support
    • different settings per arena

    Version 1.5 alpha
    • updated to 1.1-R4
    • changed alot of stuff due to deprecation
    • major bug from last version fixed, along with some small bugs
    • lost some features
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    Version 1.4.2
    • mobs should now spawn correctly, limited the ghasts, agressive mobs and animals
    • added new commands
    • fixed some bugs
    • failed at fixing a major bug [cannot find the cause]
    Version 1.4.1
    • players should now spawn correctly in all arena sizes
    • fixed command system
    • added new commands
    • fixed some bugs
    Version 1.4
    • rewrote the whole thing. makes stuff easier for me.
    • added support for themes and level sizes
    • added per-arena settings
    • added permissions support
    • changed reward system a bit
    • changed class system to make things easier for server admins
    • mobs now spawn all the time :D
    Version 1.3
    • mostly bugfixes
    • forgot to remove something that may allow to look at a planned feature. have fun searching ;)
    Version 1.2
    • fixed a configuration bug for class items
    • added time limit
    • added remove command
    Version 1.1
    • some small bugfixes
    • introduces reward system
    • added an structure to the world regeneration cycle
    Version 1.0
    • plugin release
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    i can't make it today, but i'm almost finished.

    almost finished....
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    just a heads up alpha 1.1 should be up within 12 hours just finished working on some last min stuff
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    download link for 1.1-R4 is up, still hosting old link since it does not have all features yet.

    will upload to 1.1-R5 when it's out.
    the file in the link might be changed to fix bugs/add features.
    will update main post tomorrow
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    If you are going to add party support, please add it for Heroes parties also, not just MCMMO
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    I build my own party system which is supported try to upload asap but ill try to add support for the others as well
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    I want to kiss you!

    Could I request an increase in the amount of silverfish blocks underground? miners have an easy time of it!

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    fatmarley, how much do you want?....
    i can add them in the same way i add the other ores. i can even make the amount configurable

    i'm going to work on a new plugin as well, but will try to keep supporting this one

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    I think a percentage based on the amount of stone would be cool.

    I would personaly like a 4to1 ratio.
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    I didn't read all 13 pages of comments, so I'm not sure if these questions were asked/answered, but I didn't see it in the main post...
    1) Is there a way to set the difficulty of the monsters (health and damage)? I noticed the MAP difficulties, but I would like to use all different map types with more difficult monsters to keep the games more challenging/short.
    2) Since it is a survival game with other people, shouldn't the game end when the last player is standing? I saw you wrote in the first post, "[...] when all players are out, the survival game ends [...]." This would also prevent someone from simply just hiding in a 2x1 hut, not allowing the next game to start.
    3) When a player in the game disconnects, are they removed from the game? Just wanted to make sure.
    4) Are items in a player's inventory BEFORE the game starts allowed? I don't mean to bring them into the arena, but I just want to clarify if the current items are removed while entering the game and returned after the game, therefore removing the need to put everything in chests (if not, add this one to the suggestions :p).

    Also, a few suggestions you might be interested in for the future...
    1) A spectator area (maybe around the top/bottom of the border out of glass and ladders), so players wanting to play again or people who missed the game would be able to actually see the progress instead of waiting outside.
    2) A kick out of the game when someone goes AFK (~5 minutes or so?).
    3) Optionally link Multiverse with this plugin, so you can use a portal (created by an admin/op) that brings you into the arena. I'm not a developer, so I'm unaware at how difficult it is to do these things, but I believe this would add more excitement to the plugin, giving it a physical meeting place to join instead of just a command. If there would be a way to randomize the map that the portal leads to every time a game is played and reset, that would be AMAZING! (It would also allow games to continuously be able to played even while the person(s) with permissions to be able to create a game weren't there to start it).

    I know I over-analyze everything, but that's the way my perfectionist/engineering brain works! I haven't even used this plugin yet, so pardon me if anything I mentioned was already incorporated into it. Either way, it looks extremely entertaining as it is and I'll be glad to try it out soon! Keep up the great work! :)
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    were currently working on it shouldn't be that hard
    1) difficulty is set to hard this will be changable in the beta
    2) currently rewards are based on what level you are when you die so hiding doesn't work
    3) when a player disconnects they rejoin survival arena this will be changed in next version
    4) all items are saved before you enter the arena you can't take anything with you

    1) spectator mode was already planned don't know how long that will take
    2) kicking will be next version
    3) we don't plan to support multiverse but we will think about it
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    Hey guys :) !
    TBH im a real newbie when talking about plugins...
    I guess i am doing sth wrong i log in and write : " /sa create mountain" or "create swamp" etc but thereĀ“s always an "internal error" occuring. I amusing the newest version of Bukkit and the plugin :O
    Anyone got an idea what i am doing wrong :D ?
    Thank you
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    I think you should add a huge notice, that plugins that use worlds will totaly glitch out with this plugin.

    Because the folder for the world has a subfolder for the areans, most plugins like towny, residence, seasons, appletress etc... all glitch out and you need to manual add the folders to those plugins.

    I think if you let everyone know, it might save you a small headache

    Also, could you allow for the removal of certain mobs? I use all my giants are on fire and boy does it make it hard.

    And a command whitelist.

    one other thing...your commands list is off.

    /sa enter...not /sa join and /sa reload doesnt seem to work yet. (for me at least)

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    fatmarley, thank's for letting us know the incompatability with those plugins, and i'm going to change the main post right away, didn't change it yet except for adding logs and download link
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    I have some further issues...Sorry, I really do love this plugin..but when a game is on, players in the regular world still get instant bypasses, Wg,Residence and towny protection.

    And on rare occassions, when we play a long game (player at least20 games today) when it says Survival Arena has stopped, the server will hang and need to be restarted.

    IS this the regen? Could I request that the auto regen be an option?
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    fatmarley it does not do anything outside arena worlds except for command usage, and instant mine functions are not available in the plugin...
    yes that could very well be the regen, but since i have yet to figure out how to fix it i'll try to add an option for it. it also glitches when reloading every time i change the plugin file, which is annoying when testing.
    doing a quick update to 1.1-R6 but have trouble with the signs [they don't get text]
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    maybe it was an isolated qwirk...i will test further...

    Seems 1.6 has laid waste to most plugins,...not sure you need to rush it.

    edit: sorry i was being haste in saying it was SA....apologies.
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    1.6 will have some compatability problems.... annoying...
    also, it took me quite some time to figure out what your problem could have been, thank's for telling it's not this plugin. now i can work on features again :)
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    Hello calthor!!
    I've been waiting for your update and am very happy that it is now ready.
    Unfortunately, I have a problem on my server.
    This brings no error in the console, but he is no longer available for user. Be displayed in the console even more online players, but all fly by the server.I've tested a little and think this could there be any problems with Spout. Is there a solution?

    Thx Stork
    and sorry for bad english
  20. Sounds just like the hunger games in minecraft! I have to try this!
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    one other feature request...could you make the first day about 5 mins longer, but then make in permanent night (or optional)...
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    fatmarley we could altough we don't want to make the day too long since that would mean you can easely get diamond gear the first day
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    I have been playing like mad...and this is what I have found.

    You start off, quickly gather some grass while there is day...get a sapling or two.

    Create a perimiter and add a ledge (spider protection) then plant sapling...grow tree...start mining.

    Once you reach that point, you are gold. Everytime day comes around, you just go collect drops, and you collect some dogs.

    We have gotten to teh point where we have decided to war with each other just for fun. I think constant night might up the well as an increase in silverfish blocks.

    I still love it, but its not as hard as I remember...
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    fatmarley we could make it more far more difficult if thats what you want part of the reason why its easyer now is cuz of the new armor system witch makes the game a lot easyer so will try try to add a config to make it perma night if you have more suggestions plz let us know
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    Cant wait to try this. appears to be quite simple. which is good.
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    Just want to say a big thank you for making this! I've got this running on our test server and it's great fun.
    Looking forward to seeing this develop :)
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    such is the state because of the BETA or upgrade to 1.2?
    Unfortunately I have no idea if it works in 1.2
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    Sir Savary

    Can you please upload the source to github?
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    The Moth

    ^ :)

    Sir Savary has wanted to help with this since, forever?

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