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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Keyle, May 4, 2011.

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  1. MyWolf
    take a wolf on a leash

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    you were right and i already have the newest version, but now i need to wait for the other guy to respond and hopefully answer because this mod wont work without BukkitContrib....right?
  3. Sry but I can't help you with you problem:p but you're right it wont work without BC.
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    err, no, I was using 0.4.7

    I just said, a server reboot fixed it >.>
  5. Which build of CB do you use???
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    Why dont you just make a standard config with MyWolf ?
  8. you DON'T use 0.4.7 because that error can't appear in 0.4.7 -.- it is not possible
    if you downloaded o.4.7 when it was not stable redownload the stable version
    Could I do ... i will generate a standart config file innext update
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    Thx! Really appreciate it! :) Makes things a lot easier.
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    @Keyle i understand the problem with the attack signal now i think.

    it treats snow, flowers, redstone, anything that takes up a block space, as a whole block.
    i think one way to fix it is to simply ignore these blocks. if else statement idk. At certain angles especially in the snow it will have to pass through multiple snow block spaces. I don't even know if you can ignore those blocks and simply pass through them to get the block you want behind them. Thought I'd input.

    You might have to treat halfblocks like whole blocks maybe.
  11. This is one of the last points from your list that I have to check and fix:p
    I never seen what happened when you try to control the wolf over nonsolid blocks but I think it shouldn't become a problem to ignore these blocks or take the block below the nonsolid block, what I think would be the better way.
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    Can you have a config option to turn off wolf Leveling? Or make the Configurable Respawn Time a SET Time and not a Time FACTOR I dont care what lvl my wolf is I want him ALWAYS to have a 1 min respawn timer.
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    is it possible to add the client mod images and o.class to my texture package that sends to people who join my server?
  14. I will only add 'SET respawn time' in 0.4.8 an otion to turn off the leveling will come later

    You can only add the texture to you pack. The o.class must be manually installed by the players.
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    Is there a link to a older version which doesn't need BukkitContrib or doesn't have a level system? I would prefer the plugin as it was before... 0.4.3 perhaps? Or 0.4...
  16. sry but the older MyWolf builds don't works with #937+
    Whats wrong with BukkitContrib and the lvlsystem??
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    I just don't like them. I don't want wolves to have a levelling system on my server, I just want them to be just normal like before and I don't want people to have to install a client-side mod JUST to use this plugin.

    It was a good plugin though.
  18. I said that I will add an option to disable the leveling feature:p but not in the next version beacause I have no time today to add it and I want to release the new version in 5-8hours
    The peolpe don't have to install a clientmod to use this plugin, the features of the BukkitContrib-clientmod are fully optional
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    But does it need the BukkitContrib server mod to work? :S
  20. Yes, you will need the server plugin, but I think BukkitContrib is an awesome plugin like every plugin of @Afforess
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    sounds good to me, been having problems with the skills. when they lvl they don't acquire them.

    also any way in removing the white lines for the regular wild wolf?
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    Suggestion : it would be great to make an command to change the skin of the wolf player by player (like a cape !)
    like Player Editor with an MySQL base etc.., it would be simply awesome.
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    will any of the known issues be fixed in the next release?
  24. :confused: where did/could the white lines come from?? xD
    I don't have them.
    I really would like to have that too but I don't be able to do this atm.
    do you mean this???
    If yes then no:p

    The first one is a displaybug of minecraft/bukkit
    and the 2nd one isn't a problem when you shut down the server properly.
    But I may add an option in the config for removing all tamed wolves at server startup
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    the white bar is attached to the non tamed wolf, but might be an image defect due to im using higher quality images, which is part of the inventory. Oh well ...
  26. I think so too. The ChestMod is only for 16px TPs.
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    Looking forward to the next update :0
  28. 0.4.8 is released yesterday?!?!? there will be no update in the next three weeks because of holidays :p

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    you should add the ability to feed it to heal it.
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    For some reason I'm getting a memory leak from this, clients seem to get overloaded with data in their ram, I'm affraid I have no more details but for some reason their minecraft crashes with "Minecraft has run out of memory"
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    you can heal them just like tamed wolves before. just give them raw pork chop by having it in hand and right click them.
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