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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Keyle, May 4, 2011.

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  1. MyWolf
    take a wolf on a leash

    Moved to BukkitDev:
  2. I'm working on it but I have some problems with NPEs. I think I will release an update this weekend.
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    is the chest enabled by default? i have tried left clicking the wolf with a book many times and nothing happens and I am a op so I should have all permissions.
  4. No the chest isn't enabledby default. You hat to add a chest(configurable) to your wolf (leftclickt).
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    Keyle, two questions

    1. When the wolf dies, does it drop what's in it's chest?
    2. What do I have to write in the "Wolves" file in the config folder in order to manually give people wolves until the bug is fixed
  6. nope the wolf doesn't drop what is in the chest (but I will add an config option for that)
    and create a new wolf in the config looks like this (for me):
            sitting: true
            pickup: true
            inventory: 319,1,0;3,3,0;13,1,0;319,1,0;319,1,0;319,1,0;319,1,0;319,1,0;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,;,,
            name: Striker
            chest: true
                Y: 66.0
                X: -532.7464169649265
                world: normal
                Z: -865.7571121506401
                max: 6
                now: 6
                respawntime: 0
                lives: 5
    inventory follow this Synthax:
    ItemID,Amount,Demage;ItemID,Amount,Demage; and so on
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    needs some fixes for the new 818+ builds
    The PLAYER_MOVE event cannot be passed.
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    is there anyway to download v0.4? either that or is there a way to disable wolf lives
  10. yes there is a way to disable them. Set the maxLives in the config.yml to a value smaller -1
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    Hey, noticed you fixed the taming glitch, goodwork

    Unfortunately there is another major glitch, when I put things in my wolfs inventory, and restart my server, random items are gone, I did some testing, and it seems like there is always at least one item gone, but they are random.
    Please fix this fairly major bug, thank you

    Edit: just so you know, I am using "stop" to stop my server, and not just closing it
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    Why drop the GM support though? P3 isnt really stable on all plugins yet (At least some I tried) and now I'm stuck with countless NPEs MyWolf is giving cause I cannot update it to 4.2 :(
  13. I dropped GM support because it cause errors and I'm lazzy:p and also because GM is inactive. I think there are more people who use P. I agreed with you that P3 isn't really stable and this is the reson why I still use P2.7.4 that works fine for me.I think I will add GM support in 4.3 again but you could also download the code, add GM and make a PullRequest.
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    @Keyle - I may be missing something - but with 0.42 on 860 - I am unable to get any response from the commands other than the default HELP commands - thoughts?

    Also are there limits for how many wolves a player can have?
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    Yeah, the limit is 1 wolf per player. (Dunno if that's default or just in general.)
  16. have a look at the command names... I had to rename every command because I use another command handling so I removed the spaces in the commands.
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    First I would like to say that your plugin is awesome. I pity any dog I get because I know its lifespan is short. (I feel like Paris Hilton on that South Park episode with the book full of pictures of her dogs). This lets me have just one and lets me get attached to it. However, the problem I have is the server I run needs to stay as vanilla as possible, because my friends prefer it that way (nothing wrong with vanilla though). I was wondering if you could make it so that when a dog dies it spawns back to where you would spawn if you died (keeps you from having an infinite wolf in dungeons). Also, it'd be cool if the name you give your dog would be displayed over the dogs head like a players. Also the ability to not display the message when your dog dies across the server would be nice. My friends have issues with "spam."
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    Doesnt work for me (cant leash) in 860
  20. Download:

    0.4.4beta here
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    Can i make it not to respawn?
  22. So the wolf is away when he dies??
    If so set the max lives value to 1 in the config.yml
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    Does 4.4 or 4.3 support Groupmanager?
  24. Nope sry
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    Sad :(
  26. working on it :D
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    As with other plugins! If you do get it working I'll donate ya 20 bucks.
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    On max: or Lives:?
    but in Lives: there is a -1?
  29. -1 disable the lives of the wolf so the wolf will always respawn. When the value is set to 1 the wolf is away when the wolf dies once.
            lives: 1
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    I have a bug when you left click a wolf with a string it hits the wolf and is not a "my wolf"
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