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    Plugin category: Fun Rpg

    Suggested name: Mounts

    A bit about me: I am a server owner looking to try something that has been done in minecraft... But on a hole new level. I know almost nothing about coding .

    What I want: (this might be Really compacted to enplane so please bare with me) I'm looking for a way to use a saddle on all mob to where you can control them like your walking -but faster like mine cart speed (can make it changeable if you wanted to post it to the forums) - now here is where it gets compacted .. i will also need it so it can hook in to ICon and you can sell permit like things for each mount( again can make it conferrable)(also can sell them off signs) So you will have to buy the permit in order to ride a different one. exp. 1 permit set at [Price] for Pig one for cow and so on (Cow, pig, Mooshroom, Sheep[one for each color is passable], EnderDragon, and Blaze [With flying for the last 2 overriding the no fly on a server or i can just turn it off]). Also when a player take damage it will dismount them and store there mount data so they can do a command to call there mount (even if they have more than one). And a player can click on there mount to dismount and you can set up regions where players cant use there mounts [2 differnt ones for flying and land]( it can just say for flying you can not fly here and push them back like 1 or 2 blocks and they cant go higher than block height any where and for land it will dis mount them)

    Shorten Info

    [c] = Configurable (n) = not needed but would be handy
    1. Buyable Permits for each and every mob [c]
    2. Commands to mount said mobs
    3. Dismount when atacked
    4. Disallow places they can use there mounts
    5. Away to control your Mount as if you where walking or flying
    6. Enderdragons and Blaze can make users fly
    7. Useing a flying mount will not trip the no flying kick (n)
    8. Cant take flying mounts above the 120 block height [c]
    9. Hook in to IConomy so the permits can be sold [c]
    10. Away to sell the permits from signs
    11. Speed of a mincart on ground and the speed of number 2 speed potion will sprinting and flying[c]
    12. Each Sheep color is a different mount [ if possible]

    Ideas for commands: /mount (list all mount info from commands to each mount price and where you can find them[ configurable so admins can list the locations]) /mount [mounts name] ( like /mount pig) /mount list [List the mounts you have]

    Ideas for permissions: a way to make it so i can pick which groups can use which mounts i use bpermissions btw

    Willing to pay up to: i am willing to pay... But right at the moment i dont have any money to spare.. i have to pay for the server and my bills But if it works and is good ill try my best to send some your way for your time :D

    When I'd like it by: As soon as you can would be nice

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @codename_B @mung3r @Rahazan

    Sorry if i missed any thing plz let me know and ill fix it

    any ideas? i know the controlling of the mob is going to be hard.... i know that you can do it on SSP so you would think its doable on Smp too :D

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    MobRider. might want to take a look at that
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    well ya it would be like Mobrider But with more control.
  5. I might be able to help out. PM me
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    This looks realy interesting ill be looking foward to this plugin

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