Inactive [FUN/RPG] MobDisguise v1.7 - Transform into any mob! (And players too!) No client mods! [1.1 RB3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Jul 29, 2011.

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    When is this coming to 1.2 ?? ?
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    You follow a tutorial how to create a server.
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    please update to R1.0 :)
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    Does it work on 1.2.4???
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    PLEASE update! Update to 1.2.4, or maybe just any 1.2. PLEASE!!! I love this plugin...

    Well, You can get it for 1.2.4, but the only feature that works is the PLAYER disguise, not any mob disguising. Sorry :(

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    Please tell me, Did you do this by yourself? Or did you work with a team? If you worked with a team, who were the players' names?
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    Can you add Herobrine to the next update?
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    Great work! My friends and I love it!
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    Is it possible to explode if you're a creeper? If not, could you PLEASE add this? :D

    Edit: Just saw the FAQ. What a pitty :(
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    When are you going to update to 1.2.5?
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    Please update!
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    This plugin just crashed my server after I typed /md p username. Got read time out. Any ideas? Really want to use this plugin to troll ppl :D
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    please update this to 1.2.5 plzzzzzzzz i love this plugin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please add a invisibility to the plugin with command like /md invisible
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    Hey i was wondering if it was possible for you to include blocks to this like being able to disguise as a block and just stand there and fly and such would be really awesome if it was possible to integrate this.
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    I would like to create a character class. For example Forrest Guard. I would like to give him abillity to transform into pig, sheep or cow for 60 sec. After 60sec he automatically transform back to human. And he cannot transform into mob for 5 minutes. Is it possibly to make??
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    please update this to 1.2.5
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    You may have been asked this before, but just incase im going to ask it now.

    I think a nice feature for the plugin would be if you could use that mobs attack as you would attack with your fist and maybe if you could see yourself as that mob. I know that some of the mobs already have this sort of thing like the skeleton and the bow and arrows, but the main reason that i downloaded it was for the purpose of pranking my friends and when i turned into a ghast and didnt quite do anything, it kinda backfired.

    Just remember though, this is just a suggestion
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    Can add a way to disguise other players? And when you kill a player when disguised as a mob it still says "player was killed by playername" if its possible to change that aswell it would be awesome, thanks.
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    UPDATE! Does it work with 1.2.5 R1? Thanks!
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    So, let's assume I know absolutely NOTHING about .jar or .zip or whatever or even the plugins folder. Like do I have to install something first to get the Mobdisguise. In my mind, I'm thinking I can just press download and I can use it in Minecraft, but it's more complicated I guess...
    I'm just a normal guy who wants to scare his friends....
    P.S. - Can I look like Herobrine? Because that would be truly amazing!
    Thanks pleas respond and how do I get to the plugins folder? OK bye and thank you.
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    I downloaded this plugin and it says it's working, but when I press f5 to view myself, I look the same as I did before! I'm confused. I know that if it was working, I'd see the effects (Spout is perfectly capable of changing the way you view yourself, like it does with the invisibility cape in the SuperCapes plugin).
    Also, once this plugin starts working, what will non-spout users see me as?

    Drag and drop the jar file into your plugins folder, then restart your server. It's that easy :).
    And no, I don't think you can modify yourself to look like herobrine with this plugin.
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    For some reason I can't find anything on here that lets me download the plugin. I dont know why, the video didn't help either. I need some help, please.
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    when will this update? i only got to use it for a few weeks and absolutely loved it
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    Will this work with 1.2.5?
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    internal error when trying to disquise as a mob?
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    Is this good for 1.2.5 R4?
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    I think you should add Herobrine to the plugin because I think that would just be tons of fun:)[diamond]

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