Inactive [FUN/RPG] MobDisguise v1.7 - Transform into any mob! (And players too!) No client mods! [1.1 RB3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Jul 29, 2011.

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  2. When you die ass a mob it say "X killed Y" any way to remove this so they don't know it was a person and not a mob
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    @desmin88 - Fun plugin - great for pranking! I don't know if anyone else has already commented/discussed this issue somewhere in the 48 pages of threads, but it would be nice if there were some way you could patch the F5 key 3rd person player view so that we could see ourselves as the mob or other player when disguised. Possible? Would be very cool, especially if the animation worked, too!
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    Much respect for this plugin :) And the fact that there's an API too! I'm hoping to specialize in Spout plugins, once I get a little better!
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    Another suggestion: would be nice if Creeper disguise made a sizzling sound, if possible. :)
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    Do you mean on death? Or when it's about to explode? The latter is probably possible with SpoutCraft, but without it, people might not be able to hear...
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    The sizzling right before they're going to explode - when they sense player proximity. The other mob sounds seem to work great without spout. So...just wondering if the creeper can sizzle by default (best prank noise).
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    Oh, well forgot about this plugin being able to do that! Maybe, but it would be hard to decide the best way to make the hissing noise start, and also how to implement that into the code.

    The hissing noise is probably a different type code used than the part that makes mobs bark/moo/cluck ambiently. So it's likely that this idea is not possible.

    However, with Spout, one should never say something is impossible. It'ssssss their motto :D
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    disguising as player does not hide you in the TAB list.
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    Please add an option to cancel all damage from disguised players
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    Regarding the hissing noise - just make it randomly like the way the other mobs make their noises. It doesn't require spout. The other mobs make their related noises without spout. It's just about the prank - it doesn't matter if the noise is random, because the player you are pranking will hear it when you're close.
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    i have a private server i run with some mates, this is the prefect mod for blaming pthers for crimes :)
    Great mod, good job
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    Yeah it's true that that would work too... I was over-complicating it.

    But the reason I said you might need spout is because I don't believe the hissing-before-explosion noise is usable in bukkitAPI. But i'll check the javadocs...
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    Mr Folichon

    The GitHub Link is dead, there is 500 error.
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    can you make it so that wolfs can be tamte?
  16. i realy love your plugin, its very lol to play tricks and dodge other player but coud you make how jeroen sad that when i disqiuse as a wolf that i got a color and look like i am tamed but i can stil run about and make what i want? and when you press f5 that you see your self in the form you are it woud help to kordinate when you make yourself in a gaint to look how you stand and that stuff woud be verry nice if i woud see my self how i look like
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    Maybe - but even if that were the case, it would still be possible to replicate the sound as white noise with the noise generators (I think).
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    It would also be nice if when you transform you gain the abilities (some) of the creatures. Personally I would like to screw with my players by actually exploding on them as a creeper, or shooting them with arrows as a skeleton. Flying as a Ghast, and climbing as a spider would be cool too, but whatever.
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    Make anderman and add MOO-Shoorms In 1.9 :) that would be lovely
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    is there an option to disable Building, Attacking, etc when changed into a mob?
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    Could you add a command so that i could turn other players into mobs? My players have requested that they can be turned into a creeper for a while for like a reward :)
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    I love this plugin :D It would be hilarious if you could make Endermen hold the block that the player is currently holding .-.
  23. I have a minor suggestion. Heroic Death support. When a disguised chicken player kills another player it reads out
    *Chicken Killed Player*
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    What about an Enderman-Block-Holding-Animation? :D
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    hha, i had so much fun while pranking my friends wuth this.
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    I have given a player ALL permissions to MobDisguise, But Still Only Ops can, Transform. Can you Help?
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    What permissions plugin are you using?
    Glad to know that! Thanks for the post!
    I'll look into it!
    @Brock Blocking Samson
    HeroicDeath would have to hook into MobDisguise, not the other way around. Sorry :(
    I'll look into it!
    Sorry, won't do that.

    On another note: Will be updating for 1249 soon.
    If anybody wants features in the next update, post them below!
    I'll be glad to review them and add them in!
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    Permission 3.1.6 (Yeti)
    um... yh
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    If you would have read the first page, it says in big red letters, I only support Bukkit style permissions i.e PEX, PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions.
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    Great plugin, as before. It would be nice if you could modify the permissions so that we could assign mobs and players independently without having to list each individual mob type. Becoming mobs is fine, but there might be reasons why impersonating other players (or the admin) is not a good idea, for example.

    mobdisguise.* - all functions
    mobdisguise.mob.* - all mobs only (or list .mob.[type] for specific permissions)
    mobdisguise.player.* - all players only (or list .player.[name] for specific permissions vs. player IDs)

    In the future, there may be other categories, so it might be advantageous. For example, maybe it is possible to impersonate NPCs...or mobdisguise.npc.*, etc. I don't know.
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    Possible to implement a cooldown? (Use /md chicken, for 60 seconds, and then need to wait 5 minutes to use it again) Would really love this! (Kind of like herosneaks cooldown)

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