Inactive [FUN/RPG] MobDisguise v1.7 - Transform into any mob! (And players too!) No client mods! [1.1 RB3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Jul 29, 2011.

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  2. Not sure what you are referring to, but this plugin somehow "bleeds" entities into other worlds than where the actual disguising is happening. It appears in all clients, but a client can fix it by re-logging.

    Bukkit people say it's most likely an issue in the plugin, not in Bukkit, hence.
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    Could you implement some kind of list of people that disguised themselves, as the admins cannot tell who is disguised.
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    As a chicken, if I look up i appear to be looking down.
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    Is it possible to be able to see yourself as the mob/player you're disguised as using F5? Would be a nice feature.
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    test lay down in a bed when you are in a disguise then the other players are disconected :/ other than that this is a verry cool pluggin :)
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    NO, read the forums. This is a limitation in minecraft. You can't see yourself.

    I tried this on my server, they just saw a floating steve above the bed. :confused:

    Ahh, i misinterpreted your question. So someone appears in world 2, disguised, even though they are in world 1, walking around and disguised? That's an interesting bug. :d

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    i really love this plugin and works great but i only have a problem.
    when im disguised as other player (example: Notch) and i talk, it only shows my name and not the player im disguised with.
    i went to configs and nothing. any solution?? :)
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    I have all requirements and such for this but me and my friend lag like heck when its on i had to delete it from my plugins any ideas
    Thanks in advance! :) im using v1.6 and sometimes it will make me crash to where its the loading screen but its not "Loading" i also have the right spout
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    obviously didn't try very hard. its not going to be in the mobdisguise configs. its your chat settings that are conflicting.
  11. It's not exactly like that, but close. They glitch quite badly in the worlds where the actual player is not.
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    To those who cannot chat as a player, my experience has been if you type /channel (like /global), then you will be able to talk. If you color names, then you would need to do something such as /global &f I see what you did there... to color the text white.
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    just thought of this, for all the people wanting abilities, they are all already available with other things
    spider wall climb: there are mods/hacks for this. hell, you could even use a flymod and make it look right.
    ghast fireball: essentials has /fireball
    herobrine: essentials has /lightning
    skeleton: there is something wrong with you if you don't know how to use a bow
    creeper: this takes some skill, but you could use antioch. the only problem is the target wouldn't hear the SSSsss

    remember, this plugin only tricks clients into SEEING the mob. you are not actually turned into one. in order for the plugin to grant abilities, desmin would have to completely change the way player entities function, and basically make it so players could explode etc, because this is after all, a DISGUISE.
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    Can u make it so we see ourselves as the mob? plz reply...and also u shld make a singleplayer version and if we disguise as creepers creepers dnt attack

    ik im asking too much
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    Would be even more awesome if there was a command to turn pickup on/off and realdrop on/off!
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    Finally got to test this out today, and you're right, names are case sensitive. Such evil things i can do with this >:D

    I was running two minecraft accounts on the same computer so testing was super easy, but i found some of the same bugs as other people. #1 if you change from a player to a mob, you turn back into a player after about 30s. however i also found that this only happens if you are changing from player to mob. if you change from yourself to mob, or from mob to mob, the disguise holds

    #2 someone mentioned that looking up as a chicken makes the disguise look down, and vice versa. based on how the ghast disguise moves, i'm pretty sure the disguises behave just like the real mobs. so guess what peeps, that means all chickens are like that! paulsoaresjr would have a spychicken remark about that xD

    #3 i found kind of the same issue as Joy, when i used vanishnopickup, a random player i had previously turned into would generate as an npc about 5m behind me. it faded after a few seconds, but i thought it was worth noting.
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    Yeah I would like that too.
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    I have not noticed #1
    #2 is correct, its chickens are like that in mc.
    #3, incompatibility with vanishnopickup. Cant really fix it.
    No for all three
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    Help me please when I want to change in someone else it marks "/md [disguise,undisguise,types] but its working when I'm changing in a mob :( I tried /md p Notch or /md p Herobrine but it don't work ><
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    Update 1.61
    Fixes API bugs.
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    u forgot about monsters
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    :mad:serisly why cant people tell how to use these mods my md dosent work
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    hey desmin this mod is awesome, but i have question can you add wand option for it.

    Why?! Because some of us are administrating serwers about HP series and this mod can be used as transmutation
    If u can add it i will be very glad. :)
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    FTW Bets plugin man good work Loving it can u also make it that we can see wat we are?
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    could you please add electriccreeper to the list?

    Nice plugin though:p
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    can you add PEX support? Thanks!
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    PEX should be supported as PEX is now using SuperPerms.
    Use CB 1060
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    I use 1060! This plugin is incompatible with the other?
    AutoMessage, DeatherMessagePlugin, EasyRules, Essentials, Flatlands, iChat, iConomy, InventorySave, Lockette, mxRingplateform, Narrowtuxlib, NoCheat, NoIce, OpenInv, Permissions, Showcase, Spout, Trampolin, WelcomeMe, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

  31. PEX only bridges SuperPerms, it does not directly use it. Making the API connect to PEX would be ideal as SuperPerms + bridges kinda suck...but I am going offtopic.

    Any chance for a fix for the multworld entity bleeding this plugin causes?

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