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    Call of Duty MC- Lets go commando in Minecraft!​
    Version: 4.0
    This plugin is just like a Call of Duty for Minecraft, with Teams,Weapons,Grenades,Smoke bombs, Levels + more! As of now this is only under Beta. Enjoy!
    If you would like to part participate in CallofDutyMC you can create a Pull Request:
    • Call of Duty Game
    • Guns and Weapons
    • 9 Fun Call of Duty MC Levels for Fighting Mobs!
    • Airstrike Command
    • Scores & Teams
    • Nukes
    • Grenades
    • Smoke Grenades
    • Way more!
    [diamond]How to Play[diamond]:

    Simply Hold a Stick in your hand and type /Start and /Cod for the Feature Menu!

    Thanks to @WhiZper for the video!

    Commands (open)

    /Airstrike - Must have stick in hand
    /Auto - Automatic guns
    /Smoke - Smoke Grenades *Snow Ball
    /Grenade - Frag *Egg
    /Team <Creepers/Zombies>
    /Body Count - Shows your Score of Body Count"
    /Start - Turns it on and off"
    /Level <1-10>
    /Remove Team
    /Buy <A/B/C>
    /Total Exp
    Remember this is only beta!

    Permission Node:
    Permission Nodes (open)

    • cod.air - Allows user to use /Airstrike
    • - Enables Automatic Mode for Everyone
    • cod.smoke - Enables Smoke Grenades
    • cod.grenade - Enables Frag grenades
    • - Allows user to pick team
    • cod.level - Player SP Levels
    • - Allows the user to view the command list
    • cod.start - Enable and Disable COD
    • cod.nuke - Nuke
    • - Buy Weapon Classes
    • - Total Exp

    <><>Download Here<><>

    Version 4.0
    • Compatible with new build of craftbukkit 1.2.5
    Version 3.5
    • Added buying classes with Exp
    • Nuke Command
    • Fixed All bugs/ID's on BukkitDev
    • New commands and nodes
    • Relates above(/Total Exp , /Nuke)
    • Code Cleanup
    • Updated to 1.1-R4
    • Commits from Github (Report Bugs at our Ticket Control )
    Version 3.0.1
    • Remove Team Command
    • Update to new RB-1.1
    • Commits
    Version 2.0:
    Version 0.1.5:
    • Added More Weapon Features
    • Added New Command
    • Fixed Small Bug
    Version 0.1

    • Release
    Whos working on this? (open)

    Creator- @emericask8ur | Contributor - @Butkicker12 | Contributor - Waterflames
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    Yup! Thanks!
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    Ahh ;) Np mate :p
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    Wanna update levelcraft you sexy beast
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    perfect!!!thx ! waiting for next version 1597?
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    Will put it in the thread when I get home! Thanks!
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    Np ;) is it good enough? Can make a new one if you want me to add more to it? :)
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    Well I can't view it yet since I'm at work :p
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    Ahh ;) Okay :)
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    can you make it so that cakes are claymores that could be so awesome and if you can change the physics of the arrows
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    can you add a vid or pic?
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    Added a video Thanks to @WhiZper
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    Looks like an awezome plugin! :) But I allready got a "war" plugin thats good just looking 4 guns...
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    Good plugin! Good Luck! :)
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    Hello! This plugin is very fun :), but I won't set up it on my basic server, because there are no permissions support. It will be bad, my players will use grenades to destroy my world, for example. Can I turn it off for my players and turn on for Admins?
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    Will be adding soon sure
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    You should make it so that the arrows dropped cannot be picked up. It would be annoying to have to clear our PVP fields of arrows.
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    I know this has been said before but, Spout? You could use it's new Item API (Still in the works :p) to make your weapons, and use it's GUI abilities for things like Game Load out Menus and a Team tab or something :D
    Edit: Oh, and I'm not sure about this, but concusion grenade placing a bunch of spiderwebs? I think they'd be cool :)
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    That would all be implemented by spout! This is just for your "Normal" Server. I think @tips48 has made a plugin that involves guns and weapons etc :)
  21. Yep, thats me :p Check it out in the WIP section (Btw, It does concussion grenades and the GUI ;))
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    DL link not working
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    Very Creative! Putting CoD in Minecraft! AWESOME IDEA!
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    can you make a rocket launcher that shoot ghast balls that couldt be awesome
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    Great Plugin, maybe add chickens that fly across the sky and do bombing runs or something.
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    If anyone wants to help and assist with this plugin; I will create a REPO on Git so people can push Commits/Pull request to add features in this plugin.
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    Can you add something like a sniper ? xD is that even possible ? or something like a cannon or a flame thrower ^^
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    If another plugin like this was made with Spout then yes
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    hmmh then i have a few more ideas ^^: add more spread to the minigun, cause the minigun is too accurate for a minigun :D and what goes for a sniper ... just add something like a one hit kill if the sniper hits with... don't know full loaded bow ? and something like a flame thrower and a cannon is possible :D you can just the blaze or ghats fireballs for that^^ (like your plugin) a and i have a question : how to use the automatic gun ?
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    Right Click with Stick

    I have now made a repo on git for this project. Please note: I made this plugin a while back when my programming skills werent as good. I have added a few commits to get it started. Just create a pull request and start!\

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    how do i create a pull request ? xD

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