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    Assassins adds a different style option for PVP by allowing players to become and/or hire an "Assassin" on their servers and have them killed for a price.

    Players can create "contracts" on other players requesting that they be assassinated for a given price. Any player can then choose to become an "Assassin" by choosing a player off the "Wanted" list and then going out to kill them.

    Once you choose to take on a contract, you are given a specific amount of time to accomplish that assassination, or the contract goes back to the wanted list for someone else to try.

    If you succeed at killing the player, you get the payments from all the current contracts on that players' head at the time of the killing.


    Please note the following:
    • Assassins requires plug-in Vault for managing both permissions and economy.

    This is a list of the available commands that can be used:

    /assassin help Displays help depending on other permissions.
    /assassin kill <player> <amt> [reason] Create a cash contract against a player.
    /assassin kill <player> <count:item> [reason] Create an item contract against a player.
    /assassin kill <player> hand [reason] Create an item contract against a player using item in your hand.
    /assassin revenge Request revenge contracts on those who got you killed.
    /assassin cancel <player> Cancels a contract you created; if not being hunted.
    /assassin expired Collect refunds for any contracts that expired.
    /assassin wanted Displays all players that currently have contracts on them.
    /assassin view <player> Displays all the contracts on a specific player.
    /assassin hunt <player> Choose to take on the contracts and hunt the player.
    /assassin track <player> This sets your compass to a "estimated" location of the player you're hunting.
    /assassin blitz <player> Activate your blitz attack on the player.
    /assassin contracts Lists all the players you are currently hunting.
    /assassin protect <player> Protect a player from being damaged or killed (anti-grief).

    Creating Contracts

    Create a contract, and offer cash as reward:
    /assassin kill PlayerA 100 He killed my pigs

    Create a contract, and offer items as reward:
    /assassin kill PlayerA 10:Iron_Ingot He ruined my garden

    Create a contract, and offer the item in your hand as reward:
    /assassin kill PlayerA hand He flooded my house

    Item names MUST be one word replacing spaces with "_" and you must have the item(s) in your inventory.

    Revenge Contracts

    When you are killed by an Assassin, you can place revenge contracts on all the players who had put contracts on you.

    Revenge contracts are placed for free to you and contain the same cash/item payments that each player used to pay your Assassin.

    Yes, the same Assassin can hunt those contracts and get paid again !
    However, if you are killed due to a revenge contract or an auto contract, you cannot request revenge back.

    New (version 1.2)
    Auto Contracts

    Auto contracts allow the plug-in to place contracts randomly onto players when they log in. This allows you to keep the assassin wanted list flowing with people to kill without requiring others to request them.

    For more details on how to configure auto contracts, see our Configuration page.

    New (version 1.2)
    Blitz Attacks

    A Blitz attack gives you temporary benefits for a specific period of time. When the time period expires, side effects can also be applied.

    A Blitz attack can only be activated if you are currently hunting the player and are close enough to them.

    The following is what you can configure:
    • The duration for how long blitz will last.
    • The cool down period that must pass before they can use it again.
    • The number of blocks the player must be within of their prey in order to activate a blitz attack.
    The benefits, which are also configurable:
    • Turn invisible to that player
    • Increased movement speed
    • Increased jump height
    • Adjust your compass to better locate their exact location
    The side effects, which are also configurable:
    • Blindness
    • Decreased movement speed
    • Confusion

    This is a list of the available permissions:

    assassin.* Allows all commands except protect. Ability to use assassin help pages.
    assassin.kill Ability to request a player to be killed.
    assassin.revenge Ability to request a revenge contract.
    assassin.cancel Ability to cancel a request for a player to be killed.
    assassin.expired Ability to request refunds for expired contracts.
    assassin.wanted Ability to view players with contracts on their heads.
    assassin.view Ability to view all the contracts on a players head.
    assassin.hunt Ability to accept a contract and hunt a player.
    assassin.track Ability to track a player.
    assassin.blitz Ability to activate a blitz attack on a player.
    assassin.contracts Ability to view all contracts being hunted by yourself.
    assassin.protect Ability to toggle a players protection status.

    More Information


    Want to see a bit of what it looks like ? Visit our Screen Shots page.

    Source code can be found on github.

    Planned Features
    • Add sign support for creating, displaying and accepting assassin contracts.
    Change Log

    Version 1.2.2
    - Updated to support CB 1.3.2-R1.0

    Version 1.2.1
    - Make second version to support upcoming 1.3.2 Bukkik builds.
    - This is required because they changed the location of the GSON library in their jar file making it required for users of the library to make custom builds for 1.3.2 to support the new library location.

    - Made some memory performance adjustments
    - When incorrect parameters are provided to a command, the command help page is now displayed.
    - Fixed minor display issues with Help pages.
    - Fixed potential issue with missing configuration sections causing exceptions.
    - Added Event AssassinsContractCompletedEvent which is called when an Assassin kills the person they are hunting.

    Version 1.2.0
    - Added /assassin kill <player> hand.
    - Added /assassin track <player>.
    - Added /assassin blitz <player>.
    - Added optional Automated Contracts.
    - Added text to killed player telling them they were killed by an assassin.
    - Added text to killed player to tell them they can use /assassin revenge if applicable.
    - Fixed issues with /assassin revenge:
    • Added to help page.
    • Was not properly controlled by permissions.
    - Fixed some potential memory leaks caused during multiple server reloads.
    - Fixed problem with assassin not being properly cleared from a players contract list after a kill.
    - Did some cleanup on wanted, contracts and view lists.
    - Quite a few changes were made to the resources.json, it is recommended that you:
    • Make a backup of your current one
    • Delete the original
    • Restart/Reload your server and let the plug-in create a new resources.json
    • Then merge anything custom from your old version into the new file
    Version 1.1.0
    - Added new command: /assassin revenge. This allows you to automatically put contracts out for those that requested you be killed. And you get them for free !
    - Added ability to use items as payment also.
    - Added usage of Metrics for sending completely anonymous data to for usage tracking.

    Version 1.0.0
    - Initial release.
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    Sounds like a realy cool plugin ! :) but what do you get when you have killed a dude???
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    When a player uses the "kill" command, they set a price on the other person's head. This price comes out of their own bank and gets held by the system until someone kills the contracted player.

    When another player accepts that contract and kills them, they get that payment set above by the player who created the contract.

    If there is more than one contract on the player being killed, the assassin gets the payments from all those contracts !
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    but what is the money is it diamond , gold, iron etc?
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    Oh, that would be game money for now. I guess that might mean you'll need an economy system installed like iEconomy or Essentials etc; Hadn't considered that someone might not have one installed.

    I could add in items as an option also if enough interest.
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    Verified for R4.
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    Updated with new version. See change log above.
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    Deleted user

    [FUN/ROLE] should be changed to [FUN/RPG], where RPG is Role Playing Game.
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    There is two /kill commands, 1 in essentials that kills the player and now this one that is a request to kill someone how do I make it so they aren't the same command?
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    Sorry, typo in the above instructions (I fixed it)

    The command to request a kill contract is actually:

    /assassin kill

    Not /kill
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    looks nice but gotta say, sign intergration would be perfect!
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    WorldGuard,izone... etc pvp: deny flags ignore kill ? :)
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    ftfc: Good idea. Sign integration would be nice. Any thoughts on how you think it might work best ?

    Zwing: Sorry, I don't understand the question.
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    do the /assasin kill command with relative information and after you have placed a assasination,
    place a sign with first line [assassin] and second line players name and then maybe assasins plugin can fill in the
    rest of the sign. something like:

    first line: Assassin
    sec line : players name
    thrd line: # contracts on that player

    player types:
    /assassin kill PlayerA 100 "He killed my pigs"

    then places a sign like this:
    first line: [assassin]
    sec line: PlayerA

    which generates this sign:
    first line: [Assassin]
    sec line : PlayerA
    thrd line: 1 (unless there were more than 1 contract out on that player)
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    ftfc: I like that idea. I'll toss it onto the list for a future update. Thanks !
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    right now, me and my two friends are making a server, and we're toying with guilds, kingdoms, towns and faction, and one of my friends is bent toward an assassins guild, is there a way to make it so you have to join the assassins guild to take a contract? it would help us out alot, and i know if i tell him about this plugin all i'll hear is 'GET IT, OR DIE!' lol
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    Possibly. It would rely on the guild plug-in having the ability to assign people to permissions groups when being in a guild. You could then assign my permission "assassin.hunt" to that group. So when they join the guild, they'd get the permission to take contracts.

    I just looked at "Guilds" and it seems they have a section in the configuration called "permissions". Though it also says that feature is "coming soon" on the main page, so I'm not sure if it's available yet. In theory, you should be able to add my permission there and have it work the way your wanting.
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    Ok Thanks.
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    gspuffer iconomy is required?
    2.can i use spout instead of vault?
    3.i looked at iconomy and it appears abandoned. can u list compatible economy plugins?
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    Codex Arcanum

    Uh... What? Spout and Vault do entirely different things.
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    thx. im still new to the whole server owner deal.
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    ;)Verry cool plugin..but could u add my idea o next update??how about to create Assassins groups(that are fighting one eachothers to kill the marked man):D
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    thnx, ill try what you said and see if it works. thnx again for a great plugin
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    Verified against RB 1.2.5 R5. No changes needed.
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    never heard of herobounty? this is not a fresh idea..
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    This plug-in was originally created for my son, with features he specifically asked for. I didn't bother to consider there would be others like it since it was something he asked me to do. He really enjoys it on his server and suggested I share it with everyone else, so here it is.

    I'm currently working on another update now which should add some more fun features that have been suggested by others. I also have a slightly longer term plan to add in sign-support (as requested above). Maybe check back later to see if any of these upcoming features capture you're interest then.

    All feedback, positive or negative is always appreciated. Thanks :)
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    New version released. See change log above.

    Also verified on a recent 1.3.1 and appears to be working there also at this point.
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    Validated against RB 1.3.1-R1.0. No changes needed.

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