Inactive [FUN] Rounds - Avoid the moving blocks to be the last man standing [1.3.2-R2.0]

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    Alpha Stange
    V 0.2-a - Tested on Tested on CB build 1.3.2-R2.0

    Download ||| Bukkit Dev ||| Video (outdated)​
    • This plugin is in alpha, it is a bit buggy so use at your own risk.
    • I plan to have over 50 rounds before moving into beta, so it will have a long alpha state
    • I then plan to have 50 easy rounds, 35 normal and 15 hard before moving into the release
    • Please report any bugs you find below
    • Please post any round suggestions below
    • Vault is required (with an supported economy plugin)
    • Rounds are currently 100% random In the full release they will progressively get harder
    • Currently 20 rounds
    • Currently 1 bonus rounds (every 5th round)
    • Red is instant death (teleport)
    • Shift to avoid grey
    • Pick up pink/blue/purple blocks (walk over)
    • Jump over black wool
    • '' - Player can join game
    • '' - Player can leave game
    • '' - Player can stop the game
    • '' - Player can start the game
    • '' - Player can create the arena
    • '' - Player reset the arenas floor (used if crash happens)
    • '' - Player can reload the config files
    • '' - Player can delete the current arena
    • 'rounds.checkforupdate' - Check for update on player join and get message
    • /rounds join - Join the game
    • /rounds leave - Leave the game
    • /rounds stop - Stop the game
    • /rounds start - start the game
    • /rounds yes - Place the arena
    • /rounds no - Do not place the arena
    • /rounds reset - Reset the floor
    • /rounds reload - Reload the config file
    • /rounds create - Create the arena
    • /rounds delete - Delete the arena
    How to set up
    • Place jar in plugin folder
    • Stop or restart server
    • Run server
    • Type in /rounds create
    • Find an wide flat open space
    • Make sure there is a lot of space
    • Use a stick to right click a block
    • Type in /rounds yes
    Change Log

    • 0.2-a = Bigger region, delete command, round improvements, player improvements, ordered rounds, rounds get harder, new options, fixes, more rounds and more that I cant remember, list coming soon when I get wiki ready.
    • 0.1-a = First release
    Coming next update
    • 5 More unique Medium rounds (0/5 done)
    • 2 More unique Hard rounds (0/2 done)
    • Remove all potion effects before game starts from players (0% done)
    • 4 More bonus rounds (0/4 done)
    • Ability to skip tutorial (0% done)
    • Add a help command (0% done)
    • Option to get items instead of money (0% done)
    • Option to disable join and leave permissions
    To do at a later date:
    • Add boss rounds
    • Add even more rounds
    • Wiki (0% done)
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    Add in RB
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    Suggestion: Make this automated... Dedicated server mode: Players are put at spawn on join if game is in progress. All players on server are automatically put into a game when it begins. After a game ends, there is a 60 second wait period, then it begins again. Just repeats, no need for admin.
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    yay for Minecraft minigames, approved.
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    will look into for a later date, as iv still got 2 weeks holiday im just drawing up possible rounds at the moment.

    Thanks :)
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    Can't destroy an arena, even as admin/op. Should add a command "rounds destroy". Check for on-going games, etc. before destroying arena. Also, when I try to create a new arena, on "/rounds yes", it says arena with that name already exists.
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    Ah, ok i will add an option to remove arenas. The reason why it says that is because i originaly was going to allow multiple arenas. To reset delete the folder and restart the server. Thanks.
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    I had done that- initially I just deleted Arenas.yml, then the whole folder. What I eventually did, was used WorldEdit to completely delete the arena and rebuild it... was tough to get the coordinates right and what not. I assume the arena info was being cached somehow? Only thing I didn't do was remove the plugin altogether, as after rebuilding was happy with the results.

    Also, I see you have more rounds planned. I had a player go 20+ rounds... so I assume there really is more than 7 rounds? Or is it just that there are only 7 variations and they loop? I'd like to see a curve in speed as the rounds progress, and perhaps a higher payout on the reward tiles as levels progress as well- maybe a multiplier each bonus round?

    Good work though, this is a nice addition to the list of mini-games.
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    Thanks, and you are correct, currently there are 7 different rounds, each time a new round starts it is picked randomly. In the future I plan to have them get progressively harder.

    I will look into adding multipliers in the future as well.

    (Will add them when I am back home, I am still on holiday for another 12 days)

    Thanks for your input.
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    Hey guys i need someone who is very good with permissions if you can help add my skype 'MagicRecon'
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    Is this related to the plugin?
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    Don't think so
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    I think it need that player pay some money to join (and give it back when exit with "/rounds leave") because with this players can gain infinite money just doing the first level all the time.
    Also it can be good change the arena size, so when you create an arena select a small arena, mid arena or big arena, i say this because i just put this in my server and all people join the game, but the arena was too small and we push and kill ourselves XD.

    Congratulations, is a very nice plugin.
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    Thanks ^^. What arena size would be the best? Before i go creating loads of rounds as the rounds are created for a set size, some will work no matter the size but ones such as defined mazes need a set size. I will look into letting the admin pick set a size though. Will be hard but i will see what i can do.

    Do you have any round suggestions?

    ps, i am currently on holiday and won't be able to work on the plugin for 11 more days.
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    I agree with Elafos on the round fee. And perhaps some sort of config options for difficulty curve, and perhaps number of rounds... so like:

    total_rounds: 10
    first_round_difficulty: 2
    final_round_difficulty: 20
    bonus_round_every_x: 5
    And generate a difficulty curve within those, affecting speed and red wool placement... oh, and custom setting for amount of bonus rounds.
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    The size? well i think the easiest way is small (12x22) medium (24x44) big (36x66), with this you only have to add the same "puzzle" in each area of 12x22 (so medium have 4 areas and big have 9), all with the same "puzzle". Then if you want an area of 12x44 or 24x22 just place 2 areas one near other.

    Complementig what Derjyn says, it can be good that the player who start the game select the difficult. So it can play an Easy game, Normal game or Hard game.
    - Easy
    total_rounds: 6
    first_round_difficulty: 1
    final_round_difficulty: 5
    bonus_round_every_x: 0
    - Normal
    total_rounds: 16
    first_round_difficulty: 2
    final_round_difficulty: 10
    bonus_round_every_x: 5
    - Hard
    total_rounds: 31
    first_round_difficulty: 5
    final_round_difficulty: 20
    bonus_round_every_x: 3
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    I was planning to have the plugin have a higher chance of picking harder rounds the higher the round. Could you please explain what those 3 options would do.

    As for arena size, after pondering over if, the best way would be to have one set size to reduce bugs. But i might be able to have a small and large arena, what sizes would you want?

    Thanks for your input so far :) and i will be adding a starting price.
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    The size? i think the best is repeat the basic arena x2 or x3 times (only in X axis or Z axis). Or you can forget about different sizes and put max players per arena and if the first arena is full and someone want to join with "/rounds join" he go inmediately to a second arena (previously created).
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    A video would help a lot, I'm having trouble understand what this game is.
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    Above the download link, or in the post below your post.
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    omg, saw this plugin awile ago, dint know what it was and saw warnings, so i didnt get it. now i ee te vid and think this is one of the coolest minigames ever. im going to try it

    ok just tested (was by myelf :( ) but i have some recommendations. first, have it set people to survival mode and without fly. when i joined the first time, i was in creator and i could just float above the wool. most people wouldnt be in cretor but still, people with creator servers might think this cheap. second, ould you make it so that when everyone loses, the floor reset automatically? third, could you make it configurable to give rewards uch as items instead of money? that would be great. other than that, this plugin is legit! its awesome.added it to my othe 3 minigames so far, looking for more.

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    Thanks ^^, your requests have been noted ;)
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    Looks interesting, I will keep my eye out for the beta. Thank you =)
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    could create a file to edit the language in this event when

    Please'm Brazil '-' ;) File yml pls

    send an email to [email protected] send the language to yml

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    looks nice will be testing :)
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    Could you add Pictures and videos.
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    you need to make this plugin so everyone can use it not admins
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    There is a video, It is a bit outdated though.

    Add the permission? I will be adding an option to disable permissions however.
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    ohk sounds good

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