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    Reagent - Give your players magic... at a price!
    Version: v0.4

    A reagent is a "substance or compound that is added to a system in order to bring about a chemical reaction or is added to see if a reaction occurs."

    Reagent is a plugin for CraftBukkit servers that adds the ability for players to cast magic spells. What makes Reagent unique is that when a player casts a spell a configurable amount of materials are consumed. Of course, if the server administrator wishes they could make all spells free but I think that defeats the purpose.

    I wanted to create a magic system that had capability to restrict the usage of the spells as to not totally destroy the "Minecraftness" of the game. IMHO, making spells expensive to use makes them more interesting, makes them used less and keeps the immersion of Minecraft by using mined materials as a sort of "cost" to cast the spells.

    When using Reagent, players need to pay more attention to when they should cast a spell since the cost of casting could be quite substantial depending on how the server is configured.

    This is my first plugin and I made it because I thought it was a cool idea. I'm putting it here in the hopes someone else will enjoy it as well!

    • Cast 16 different magic spells.
    • Magic spell costs are configurable via config file. Any combination of materials is possible.
    • Spells can be cast via an item or by command line.
    Download v0.4
    Source Code
    More Information

    To use the plugin just use the /reagent <spell> command. For example, /reagent teleport would initialize the teleport spell if you have enough materials to do so. The materials will then be removed from your inventory and a message will be displayed telling you so.

    Once the spell is initialized, RIGHT clicking (depending on the spell) on a block will cast the spell.

    Known Problems:
    For some reason if you are empty handed Bukkit will not call the proper method to cast the spell beyond a certain distance. In order to cast spells over a larger distance than a few blocks, you must have something in your hand.

    By default, in order to cast teleport, a player must have 8 redstone in their inventory...

    Current Spells:
    fire, bolt, storm, timebomb, teleport, teleportspawn, heal, arrowstorm, stonewall, firewall, skeleton, zombie, timetravel, megabolt, scan, tree

    Version 0.4
    • It is now possible to cast spells using an item. (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed bug where sometimes the materials would not be consumed if you had multiple small stacks of the same material.
    • Removed the air spell. (Never worked)
    • Added 4 new spells.
    View Older Versions (open)

    Version 0.2
    • Spells now have a configurable cool down timer.
    • If not using permissions all players now must pay for spells. (Ops included)
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release
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    This looks awesome!
    Will you add permission nodes to the spells? Maybe you could also have it so you can limit the range on how far you can use each spell so players aren't killing each other from miles away.
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    The spells already have permission nodes. Just do '-reagent.spells.<spellname>' to remove the ability to cast a spell. The system might need to be tweaked a little bit though.

    As for the distance thing, that is a good idea! I'll consider it. :)
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    You may want to add something about the nodes in your description. Alright thank you very much!
    I just thought a pretty cool spell....what if you had a spell which would rain lightning all around that player but not hurting the caster himself.
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    Definitely doable :) Thats why I wanted to post this here. To get ideas for more and more spells. I'm not sure when I can get around to it. But keep the ideas coming.
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    This is great. Just one little thing I would like is a option to cast the spells withou using commands at all. A plugin of that kind, with many spells, and so many of them very good for fight should have a faster way of casting them.

    What do you think? Maybe add a system similar to the wand plugin of nathawolf. - A wand looks for the iten on a given inventory slot, the spell it casts is related with that iten. oR maybe something similar to the archers plugins, u hit a block with a wand, every spell is represented by a block. When you hit it, the wand is assigned to a single spell, then you only have to shake it, to cast the assigned spell.
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    Looks very nice. Requesting the option to configure a cool down for each spell as well as requiring reagents.
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    -Mana (Highly wanted)
    -Item to cast spells such as stick.
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    Cooldowns and Startups should be included if possible.

    A shorter command name like /spell or /cast would be nice. Something everyone knows how to easily type.
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    Clancy Dawson

    Can you add on the possibility to use spells on other people, specifically these ones: Heal, Air, Teleport to spawn, teleport. And with teleport to spawn and teleport the recipient has the choice to accept or not.
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    I hope this is going to be a spell plugin that doesn't make my players OP-like gods...

    Could you please specify in more detail what the effects of each spell is and how large these effects are? (in a spoiler so your first post doesnt get to large).
    I'd like to request a configurable item needed for casting spells (default stick or string?)

    All spell plugins I've found so far or way to overpowered/cost to little to use, this one could FINALLY allow me to create a mage class.

    edit: also what mr. Dawson said, making mages be able to tp others or heal them would be nice, if you implement a /accept /deny system I'd like that to be optional... would be a nice weapon to tp someone back to spawn.
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    am wondering why the spells require no reagents, i have looked at the config and can't find anything but what the reagent's cost, i have tryed with a player with op and non op and its free ethier way, how do i make it so it costs?
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    I'd like to report that precip does not seem to work for me, what is it supposed to do anyways?
    I also have some sugestions. A spell like water would be great or maybe sand. Dropping sand blocks on enemies to suffocate, it would be helpful to have them disintegrate also. I also agree with one of the above posts with mana. I have a plugin like sprinting that involve stamina, the more you sprint, the more stamina is used. You recover stamina slowly.
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    G1R Productions

    any way to make without commands? Perhaps having to hold the regent in hand and then right click?
  15. this^ except choose the item and mouseclick for each spell. like firewall for right clicking with stick and stonewall for left click
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    Sorry, I'm new to plug-ins. How do I edit the config file?
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    He has only responded two of these :O :p

    And foreals All this plugin needs is to wipe out most commands and make it item based. You really can't use thisplugin in a fight because some people cant type that fast so they have to stand there for a minute trying to get a spell... I HIGHLY suggest you make it item activated with a stick for a wand.

    When that happens I will download cause it will be the BEST spell plugin ever :)

    Tested and this plugin is lame. You can only cast a spell if you type in the command everrry time and then you have to right click a block that you are standing next to so the spells have no range....

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    Hey thanks everyone for the comments and feedback! I'm going to do my best to work on the plugin. I wasn't expecting to get this many responses!

    I am definitely going to add casting via some sort of item but I am still not happy with the current methods of doing so. Alternatively, my vision for Reagent was to be able to add spells to Minecraft but make them a pain to use in order to avoid a magic spam fest so I am going to try and keep it along those lines.

    For the people having technical issues, for the moment I just don't have time to respond to everyone I am sorry. I will try to make the Wiki on the github page better.

    I really want to make spells that heal others and affect other players directly but I think we should wait for the next release of Bukkit before I work on that since I believe it will be including an API to make creating something like that much easier.

    I am hoping to get some time this weekend and possibly push out something better.

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    Now let's see who's the boss in this server...
    However, I don't really get the permissions. So everyone CAN cast spells unless permission
    '-reagent.spells.<spellname>' is given?
    Bookmarked btw.
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    Hey, I just tested out this plugin and I really liked the concept. However, it's still very basic which I can fully understand, considering it's still in v0.1 stage. I will give you some suggestions if you don't mind.

    - Find a way to make the skills item based, like one of the commentors suggested.
    A. I thought of assigning a certain spell to a certain item. E.G.: Fire - Netherrack, this would make the users to have to obtain Netherrack in order to use the Fire spell. You can also make a command something like /create spell so that people will first get items of choice to summon Netherrack. E.G.: Obsidian + Bucket Lava = Netherrack.
    Netherrack = Fire. If possible, I suggest make Netherrack stackable so that Netherrack becomes more of a Shortcut skill to the user instead of a random block itself.
    The same theory goes for the rest of skill. I also suggest, but you've already gotten that down, therefore it should not be too hard to implement; to allow the users to change the Ingredients of Skill summoning.
    A very important thing as well--I am not a plugin maker or coder or anything, I only host a server. All this is just suggestions if it's impossible, discard what I said-- see if it possible to create a range of skills. I have no clue how is that going to be done considering that the crosshair can only highlight so far.

    I don't know if you will take them in consideration, but if possible, check them out because I believe, with all honesty, this plugin has a lot of potential. ;):D

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    I still need to tweak the permissions so if you have any feedback on it I would be grateful. You must add the "reagent.spells.*" to the group you want to use reagent with. If you want to block specific spells you must add "-reagent.spells.<spellname>" after that.

    I am still new to Permissions so I hope this works ok...
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    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    Maybe an easier way to solve permissions is like this:
    Nobody can use any spells when no permissions are given.

    Spells with reagents: - 'reagents.user.<spellname>'
    Spells for admins (without reagents): - 'reagents.admin.<spellname>'
    Block specific spells: - 'reagents.block.<spellname>'

    Not sure if this would work though, I'm not really a pro at coding. Let's just say I can use the print("") feature...
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    it would be cool if you could add your own spell actions to the plugin via a config file
    something with a simple syntax like

    target type [self/target entity/target block]
    range type [in blocks with xyz format surrounding the target]
    action type [spawn (mob, block)/change type/change stat(on fire/ health)/ teleport]
    time type [duration until reset to pre cast state]

    with this and some general commands almost every monkey could succeed in creating awesome spells without the need to edit and compile your plugin ^^
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    ^^ this.
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    I would really like it if you worked with the LC dev's to add some kind of spell system. I would love to have a mage lvl on my server. Just like all LC skills you would need to be a certain lvl to use a spell. I was think that you could heal other players, but the heal amount depends on your lvl.
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    Sounds a lot like MagicSpells or HeroMagic ;)
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    My problem is that heromagic does not have ANY offensive spells, or even a heal. Although it is fun to play around with =D
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    You are my hero, ever since mana alias and spells combined I have been hoping for something like this... Damn well done :)
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    THANK YOU!!!! We really are enjoying this mod on my server :)! Unfortunately, we are having a little issue and I'm not sure if you or anyone reading this has found a fix for it yet:
    -Casting spells are always free. Doesn't matter if the person is op or not. The reagents never go down.
    Am I maybe just missing something that I'm supposed to modify in one of the files?
    Any help on this would be GREAT! This is by far the best magic mod we've tried(and we've tried lots!)

    On a side note, something helpful to perhaps add in a later version:
    -The ability to disable certain spell through the config file. I don't know enough about java scripting to know if this would be really hard to do or not. If its super hard don't worry about it and keep up the awesome work!!
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    Thanks for the feedback! Are you using Permissions? Have you checked out the Permissons configuration here:


    If this doesn't work let me know!

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