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    For the league of legends idea i think the CTF version of this plug in could be tweaked a little to make the "towers" from league of legends. The lives count for returning the flag to your checkpoint could be used for "damage counters". Instead of taking the red flag to blue over some distance they tap the same point, that area would be both red and blue flags. Say 50 lives to destroy it will require 50 taps by the players on the "tower". It would be possible now to do it but you wont be able to have more than 1 tower. There should be more than one tower and a "Supertower" at the end for it to be more like league of legends.

    The pvp aspect of it is to stop the other player from destroying the towers and the winner is which ever team destroys the last tower of the opposing team. At the start of the session you will mainly kill monsters and attempt to kill players to get gold and upgrade items. The general idea is to take over zones which take time to do and cant be done if your getting hit by the opposing team. Dying alot will normally make you lose the game in general as you have to run back to the towers while the other team is destroying yours. Dying to a player will give them a large gold bonus which would normally be about the amount of 6-10 monsters and more if that player was on a kill streak. they use gold to buy upgrades which in minecraft could possibly be potions, food, stronger weapons. You would start with nothing but a little gold enough to buy a core item (wooden sword,axe etc) For this idea the plugin would need a separate economy for inside the pvp arena that gets reset each time you start.

    Also Just an idea i have no idea how it would be done but make the towers shoot arrow with dispensers that are locked so players cant take the ammo and they shoot when a player is near by. Infinite ammo for them would be included so you wont have to refill. and the mobs would take tower damage and attack you.. i believe its possible to do zombie spawning and pathing options for the player to set but could get messy.
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    Hello i really like this plugin but do i need pvp enabled on my server in order to be able to hit other players because i cannot hit my friends. Thanks
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    Ok i have a succsesfull arena going but how do i make it a capture the pumpkin? The command /pa [arenaname] redpumpkin doesnt work it just sends me into the game
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    Best PvPPlugin Ever...Work amasing now and Heroes is Suportet tooo How sweet....You are the best slipcor...thx for this awesome plugin
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    i have a problem, i explode tnt in my arena and when the game is done the blocks that are destroyed aren't back. plz help, because i like this plugin so much!! :(
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    Hey, when ever i try to create a new class (Healer), i always get and error, i tried to put the armor in the list first, which gave me the armor first, and then i tried it in reverse, and the items don't show up, please help!

    Edit: i found out what was wrong, but how do i put potions into a class? i keep getting water bottles
    Also, how can you configure it so players can only place blocks, and not break any?
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    As found on my dev.bukkit page -.-

    You like it? Why don't you read on my dev.bukkit pages? It's all there:

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    thx man!!!! :)

    ??? now i can't set region, i type /pa (name) region
    i click somewhere with the stick and its not doing anything

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    Did it say "region setting enabled" ?
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    Hey cool Plugin :D I´m using it. But do you know an other plugin with gives more items or so, for creating more different classes ( a mage maybe, or a healer, or smthing like that) would be great :)

    I wanted to setup a new arena, but now when i want to set spawn point or lounges or spectator or exit it says always: An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command.
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    Well go to www.pastebin.com and paste the error in your server log file. ;)

    And you don't need another plugin to have more classes/items, just ADD classes or items inside the "classitems" block in the arena config ;)
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    Ah problem solved :) i deleted it and started new and there werent any problems left. I saw the function for new classes, i meant that new items like a magestick or smthing, that there are other weapons then sword and bow.
    Another question: Does anybody now a id list of THROWING potions?
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    I am trying to add a potion..but it is not working!
    Could you tell me the form to add it?
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    Same Problem i've used your plug in its amazing but than with the new version ...
    And yes it say "setting region enableed"
    please help i wanne fight against mi little bro
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    hmm can you check the wand setting in the arena config? Does it say 280 or STICK ?
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    In the Config is 280

    and i cant set the pumpkins (CTP) but all the others spawn etc....
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    this will be the same issue. You set the pumpkin with the wand :/ how strange... Do you have some other plugin using the STICK? (MagicSpells etc?)

    Try changing via /pa [name] set wand 289 and set the regions with sulphur :)
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    Sorry but this arent work too and no i only use the magic wooden axe ^^

    or isnt work hm... i dont know
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    axe? you then have to change the wand thing to the wooden axe -.-

    so: wand: 271
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    No :D dont mean so

    I mean the axe using so:
    Laft klick 1. position
    riught klick 2.
    ANd than //set (block id) and the area will fill wis this block
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    dude - you are using an AXE but you have to use a STICK to select. My plugin is not worldguard and not worldedit ...

    If you want to use an AXE, do as I told you and say:

    **/pa [name] set wand 271**

    then it might work ... but I bet it will NOT because only one plugin can register this "wand" ... If you do not understand that, please tell someone that might do better to read what I said ;)
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    Great Plugin! But when I join the arena it locks my account and i literally cannot break or do any commands.. I know i set it up right because I used your older vision but it will not let me teleport to the actual arena when I try to join it. Please fix this bug and thanks a lot for the plugin! :)

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    that is no bug. In the selection phase I blocked every command AND clicks, so ppl cannot hit each other, break blocks and nothing (so they don't mess up the lounge ;) )

    If you want to allow commands, you have to add them to the whitelist: block inside the main config :)

    What do you mean by "it will not let me teleport to the actual arena" ? How do you try to teleport there, by command??
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    i would just like to clear something up because people arent getting it and cant figure out how to read bukkit dev pages so......
    with this plugin and the class item IDs, it goes <ID>~<dec value>:<quantity> instead of the usual <ID>:<dec value>

    so in the case of giving someone black wool with an ID of 35 and dec value of 15, it would be 35~15:64 and they will get 64 black wool. this goes the same for potions, the ID for all potions is 373, and in this example we will use a normal regeneration potion with a dec value of 8193. to give a class a potion of regeneration you need to add 373~8193:1 to their classitems. learn to read bukkit dev pages guys.

    Also, love the plugin GJ ^_^
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    thx for your feedback and trying, but I think your post will disappear between ppl asking stuff ;)
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    And my Problem please help i use the wooden axe for another mod not for the arena ok?
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    please tell someone to read and translate what I told you. I answered your questions. oO
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    i set the field all success
    and test it 2vs2 start but cant harm each other

    this plugin need to work in server.properites pvp:false?
    and i test onemore regios pvp set true but it also cant pvp

    i want use potions like poison instant damage ..... but how can i add it?

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