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    Pokeblocks - Pokemon on Minecraft!
    Stable Version: v0.6

    Pokeblocks is a plugin geared towards giving users a Pokemon-like experience. The project is currently in early development, expect much more!

    Wish to help?
    If you wish to help, chances are you will be able to. Whether you want to help code the plugin itself, help test the newest builds, or help out with our texture pack and map - you can apply to do any of these.

    • Type /pokeball for Pokeballs!
    • Throw Pokeball (right click) at the Pokemon for a chance to catch it! HINT: The closer you are, the higher your catch chance.
    • Keep up to 5 Pokemon in your party! Type /party or /pbparty to view your party.
    • Level up your Pokemon! HINT: Try using Cookies (Rare Candies)
    • Drop the Pokeball (q) to release the last Pokemon in your party!
    • Check your bag (/pb bag) for rewards!
    • Has an optional texture pack (improves your experience by 100%!)
    Download Pokeblocks(stable)

    Version 0.7 (Test)(Coming Soon)

    • Ability to set your Pokemon's target (can only be used to have your Pokemon attack mobs and follow you)
    • All Pokemon (regardless of nature) can now attack.
    Version 0.6
    • Added a bag. To access it, type /pokeblocks bag or /pb bag.
    • Smoothed out the item drop event (it now works as intended)
    • Added code to (attempt) to make the multiplayer code more stable.
    • Added an early arena system. It is very buggy and not ready to test but I assure you it exists
    • Added a new command alias (/pb)
    • Bugfixes
    Version 0.5

    • Bugfixes
    Version 0.4

    • Added the ability to surf! After you catch a Tentacool(Squid), release it (preferrably in water) and type /surf. Type /surf to stop surfing.
    • Added a new command alias (/pbparty)
    • Added "Battle Event"(event that is triggered when walking through tall grass/dandelions). It currently has no code in it, but it does work!
    Confirmed Upcoming Features: (will be added within next release or two)

    • Ability to set your Pokemon's target (can only be used to have your Pokemon attack mobs(if the Pokemon has an attack) and follow you)
    • Arena system: when walking in Wild Grass(dandelions), there is a small % chance you will be teleported to an arena (assuming the server admin sets an arena up). You will not be able to move (nor will your Pokemon) and you will need to use text commands to defeat the enemy (/pb fight, /pb run, etc) HINT: If you sneak through the Wild Grass, the battle event will not trigger.
    To-Do List: (wishlist for upcoming releases)

    • Permissions support
    • Save party upon server restart
    • Different types of Pokeballs (Pokeball, Great Ball, etc)
    • Gym Badges
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  2. I like what you are doing but when is the party saving coming
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    Nice Work
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    If you add Spout support you can force a texturepack or just adding custom skin to mob(pokemons) :p Also more awesome features. Spout thread here
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    Guys, chronopolis has given up on this project I will be updating and trying to find someone to add the battle functionality will send links down below ^^
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    @mrweqa can we link our plugins together? maybe we can do something with pokeblocks and pokemongym linked like use your party pokemon to battle? Thanks!

    EDIT: Also, i noticed on the todo list it says "Gym Badges". I can help integrate my plugin with yours for this.
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    when does the new plugin come out
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    Yes spout would be a good idea and if you could join with @jeremytrains it would be awesome too.
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    If I could some how get the code for this plugin, I would be more than happy to integrate it with spout and link PokemonGym to it
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    @jeremytrains dude that sounds awesome I'm not that good with plugins and stuff but I will try :) I know how to update stuff but not really good with coding trololol maybe you can help me a bit and work together on this? Also if you have skype we can talk as we do it.

    No spout though. Many users hate spout and so do I. It has capability of a lot of stuff its just many people dont like having it.

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    Ok, that sounds great! Do you have the source for this plugin? I could develop an API for my plugin to use, and help you maintain this stuff. My skype username is the same as my bukkit username.

    Ok, that sounds reasonable. Once I get the code, I can start helping you update this to RB 1185 and maybe adding support for "enderman" pokemon and so forth. Basically, to do anything, I need the code so that I can edit this

    Also, if we get @chronopolis to mark this plugin as [INACTIVE], we can make a new thread for it and we can edit it (possibly bukkit dev).
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    Vous devriez transformez les mobs en pokémon, si c'est possible et qu'il se battent entre eux
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    Le pack texture fait ressembler à des monstres de Pokemon. Utilisez le pack texture!
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    Does anyone have the email or skype username of @chronopolis ? Or AT LEAST any other plugin/page/way to contact him? I need to mark this plugin as inactive, but he wont respond to an PM's or posts. Does anyone know ANY WAY to contact him? Or, could a BUKKIT EMPLOYEE mark this as inactive so that I can make a new thread with @mrweqa ? PLEASE??!?!
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    How do you then release the pokemon?
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    How do you like get the pokemon out?
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    erm, why not make an actual item for pokeball? that way the eggs can be poke eggs and hatch and shizz and we could breed pokemon?thatd be awesome, oh and you should totally ad potions

    oh andhow do i make my pokemon attack?

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    Can you add a way to rearrange your Pokemon and a pc
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    Could I possibly get the source code for that? I have been dealing with this and have not been able to wrap a way around it...
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    Chronopolis, you think you could add it so that we can have the plugin on specific worlds? Like in the config:

    - Creative
    - Pokemon

    Something like that? Please reply because we need this addition if we get the plugin.
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    for some odd reason this keeps popping up it says its an invalid plugin exception and it wont work anybody know how to fix it?
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    it dosent works for mE!!Q
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    Lol you actually went here.
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    i installed it and it doesnt work
    i if i do in my server /pokeball it say: unknown command
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    Please, Could give me the source code or update this to 1.3.1, please
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    Does any one know what u put in permisions file for pokeblocks to work?

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