[FUN] Physix v0.5.4 Beta - Bring world's gravity to your server! [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    Physix v0.5.4
    now on BukkitDev
    This thread no longer updated. Please check out on BukkitDev for latest informations.​


    Physix provide a simple gravity system that affect to whole server. By place and break a block it will check for any block around them and take a gravity to it, make it fall to the ground. You can build a house (with roof :D) by see a instruction on how to place a float block or you can watch a demonstrate video (coming later...)
    - A simple gravity for all blocks

    How to install
    Just put the .jar file in Plugins folder and run the server...

    How to use
    Check out in BukkitDev link for information on Physix rules

    v0.3.1 [#1.0.1-R1]
    [F] Fixed showing text when use bucket

    v0.3 [#1.0.1-R1]
    [A] Tree Cut - Cut whole tree by breaking log (drop only log)
    [A] Physix now can be configured
    Rewrite whole physix calculation system (more stable and easy to edit :D)

    v0.2 [#1.0.1-R1]
    Supported for 1.0.1-R1
    [F] Physix applied block are actual block now (contain block data)

    v0.1 [#1561]
    Initial release
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    This looks interesting. My only concern is lag :p
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    Physix v0.2 now release...
    This version fixed some bugs with block data
    - Supported for 1.0.1-R1
    - Physix applied block are actual block now (contain block data)
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    I am sooo trying this.
    Should be the tag.
    Also maybe consider putting a little bit of copy + paste from bukkitdev to here.
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    Finished :D
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    Approved :D
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    Thanks :D
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    Fun, i'll try this out!
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    Physix v0.3 now release...
    This version added 1 new feature and 1 improvement :D
    Tree Cut - Cut whole tree by breaking log
    New physix calculation system

    Physix v0.3.1 now release...
    This version fixed a message show when use bucket :p (Apply physic to water?)
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    Where can I find the download link for v0.3? It's not on BukkitDev yet...
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    They're just approved 10 hours ago :\
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    Wasn't on BukkitDev when I was on it... But now it is. Just about to test it :)
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    Physix v0.4 now release...
    This version contains 3 new features and a number of improvement and bugs fixed.
    - Per world/Selected area physics
    - GlueBlock
    - AutoPlant
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    Interesting work.

    I would like to see a configurable for tree foliage rendered on the ground or some of it landing as items.

    Fallen tree trunk would be cool, but perhaps too advanced?
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    As default, Plugin will enable TreeCut which will cut whole tree without any part of it falling to the ground.

    You can make a tree to fall to the ground by disable TreeCut in config file and it will fall to the ground instead of disappear. But if you disable and make it fall, may be some leaves or upper part of tree will be float (match to one of all physic rules). I recommended you to enable TreeCut but if you want to see a tree fall to the ground just disabled it :)

    PS. Did I understand correct?
    PS2. Sorry for bad English :(
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    Physix v0.5 now release...
    This version added ability to config a block list (Dropped Block, Ignored Block and Non-Physix Block) and fixed a null pointer exception bug

    Physix v0.5.1 now release...
    This version added supported for 1.1-R4 and Enderman physic now change to entity physic...
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    I think what he ment. was when you cut the tree it falls onto its side like in real life. that would be a neat feature. Kinda
    curious to check this out. just kinda worried that it would change alot of things. cause caves to fall in and such.
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    Normal Tree will be like this
    This is what it look like when TreeCut is disabled...
    All leaves will fall to the ground... but some trees's leaf will float in the air according to the Physix rules.

    PS. Sorry for my bad English again :(
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    This is really great, but doesn't this mean that all blocks would behave just like sand so it wouldb be impossible to buil a house with a roof?
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    No, it doesn't like a sand. If you place a block in the air without any block support, it will fall to the ground. The support must be connected to a block at least 2 blocks like this


    The stone is support, wooden plank is a block that float in the air.

    Anyway, you can use GlueBlock to attach another block into it (default is CobWeb).
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    sounds cool but I still don't like how that would work, it would kinda make it harder for me to make my floating island and sphinx.
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    Physix v0.5.2 now release...
    Add supported for 1.1-R6...
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    Looks really interesting! I'll try this when CraftBukkit has a stable build for Minecraft 1.2.3! :D
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    Physix v0.5.3 now release...
    Added supported for 1.2.4-R1.0
    Sapling now added into AutoPlant feature
    Instant physic [Beta]
    and some improvements...
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    Looks cool I'll try it out soon! Is there multi-world support?
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    im worried about what will happen when i go mining lol. will there be a cave in? rofl
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    It'll affect on the block you break only. If you not enable physic in the whole world, the cave is not fall down. And default settings is disabled all physics and also you can make a room for applying physic on them too...
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    Ok very nice plugin! Although, I have a few questions before I install this.
    First of all, from what I just read above Physix is disabled by default when it's loaded onto the server?
    Second, will TNT or Creepers affect the structures stability?
    Third, are you planing on making some blocks (wood planks) be able to not be affect by gravity as much as for say, cobblestone since it's just a bunch of rocks?

    Finally, would you be willing to do a custom request plugin for my current server? We are in need of something new and creative and we currently don't have the Java scripting skills you seem to have.
    Anyway keep it up!
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    Q: Is plugin disable physic by default?
    A: Yes

    Q: Is creeper/TNT explosion will affect structure?
    A: No (I'm not implement that in the events yet. Many blocks will go to calculation process which will make server lag)

    Q: Planning on making some blocks not affect by physic?
    A: It's already done. There're 3 type of ignoring system. DroppedBlock, IgnoredBlock, NonPhysixBlock
    DroppedBlock is block which will pop out when something drop into it.
    IgnoredBlock is block which can be replace by other block, like water, lava.
    NonPhysixBlock is block which will not be affect by physic.

    Q: Will you do some custom request plugin?
    A: See your PM...

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