Inactive [FUN] PetCreeper v0.32 (Outdated) - Allows players to tame creepers and other mobs as pets [953]

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    PetCreeper - Allows players to tame creepers and other mobs​
    Version: v0.32 (OUTDATED)​

    This plugin allows players to give mobs an item. The mob will then become tame and follow the player around, and will not attack anything. Players can toggle his follow behavior by right-clicking him, but if they right click him while holding a saddle, they can ride him. If a player is ever unfortunate to accidentally (or purposefully) attack him, he will become angry and attack. When a player leaves the server, the pet will leave, and when he rejoins so will his pet. When the command "/pet" is entered, he will teleport to to his master.

    To view/change the taming item for the various mobs, edit PetCreeper/config.yml and read the instructions there. The file "pets.txt" contains the list of players who own pets, and is only updated when the server is stopped.

    • All mobs (almost) now tamable with items specified in config.yml
    • Pets can be teleported with the command "/pet"
    • Tamed pets will not attack unless attacked by their masters (this is configurable)
    • Pets are saved even after the server is halted
    Version 0.32
    • Fixed message spam for real this time
    Version 0.31
    • Added /petfree command, which will release your pet.
    • Fixed the message spam when attacking mobs with AttackTame set to true.
    Version 0.3
    • Permissions support enabled! "petcreeper.tame.<creature>" to enable taming and "petcreeper.ride.<creature>" to enable riding. To enable the "pet" command, add "". Creature names should be capitalized, and zombie pigmen are "PigZombie".
    • Configuration option allows players to punch creatures to tame them while holding their bait.
    • Pigs can now be saddled permanently
    Version 0.2
    • Expanded to include taming of all mobs instead of just creepers. The only two untamable (excluding wolves) are Skeletons and Ghasts, because their ranged attacks can't be toggled (yet).
    • Health now saved in pets.txt; Sheep also have their shaven and color status saved.
    • Pet creepers no longer hiss and circle when approaching.
    • Added more configuration options.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
    Up and Coming Features in v0.4:
    • iConomy support?
    • Tamable slimes? (This bug seems impossible to fix)
    • Pets that defend their masters! (Wolf-like)
    • Multiple pets!
    • Adjustable taming difficulty!
    • Multi-world support
    Other planned features (using Spout):
    • Controllable pets while riding
    • Named pets
    • Various graphical effects, including pets appearing different
    Known Bugs:
    • Sheep almost always disappear when a player joins the server, for unknown reasons. Surprisingly has nothing to do with the color/shave data.
    • Sometimes, if a player teleports his pet from very far away, it will disappear. To fix, simply log out and back in.
    • Slimes are still unintentionally untamable (thanks to @Shooty for finding the bug)
    Here's a nice demo video by @Warby579demonstrating v0.32 of the plugin:
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    It works and is a very fun plugin.
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    cant wait for small slimes :p it shall be epic.
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    You need to add a download for non members... And great plugin. You should expand this to a all around mob taming plugin. Fullwalls is no more. :'(
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    Your missing a build number in the title (Craftbukkit Build Number) - It should work with 860.

    You need to add a download mirror that's not an attachment(This is because non-members cannot download attachments.
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    Needs permissions support. I need this for my servers new race? That would be much apprieciated. Loving the plugin btw.
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    @mathewv Like shadrxninga said:
    Missing CB version tag (like [860])
    Missing external (preferably wget compatible) download
    Other than that, great plugin and post formatting (best I've seen in a while)
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    I fixed some of the problems with the post, thanks for the feedback. In the next release I'll add more configuration options and more mobs.
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    Thank you, but you can tame his video!
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    Brilliant plugin, working perfectly. One of the best plugins I've seen for a while. :D

    Possibly you could add some iConomy compatiability? For example, paying for taming a creeper.
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    A new version is out, v0.2! Almost all mobs are tamable now, and more configuration options have been added. Have fun!
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    Slimes should work, but I'm not sure if you're reporting a bug or asking a question.
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    A bug i think... for me slimes don't works
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    How would you make a pet be unkillable. My pet pig is a target by my players.
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    Good idea. In the next release I'll add a configuration option which disables PvP (Player vs Pet, that is).
    Also I'll look into that slime problem that @Shooty mentioned.

    Edit: Yes, slimes are untamable. I've added it to the bug list.
  17. Requesting Permissions support :)
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    Way ahead of you :p. I've already made it so that the "/pet" command requires permission, as well as the ability to tame each mob (e.g. Bob can tame pigs and chickens, but not zombies). If you have any other ideas of how to use permissions please share them so I can add them in the next release too.
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    Any chance of releasing the source on github?
    I second iConomy support too. Also can you put the permissions in the OP?
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    You should get a new plugin name now that you can tame more than creepers....;)
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    How can i tame?:mad:
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    All mobs (almost) now tamable with flint or custom item

    Read carefully :)
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    ik but I right click the mob with a pacific item and it dose nothing. and I press "q" to see if i can feed it and nothing happens :( did I do something wrong?
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    DO any errors appear?
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    nope... I think I just did something wrong.. I'l cheek.
    ok in the petcreeper file. it says pets in text document... nothing in it...
    second. config. yml. inside of it, it says:

    #Item IDs for bait for various monsters.
    #You can't tame Skeletons and Ghasts, because they'll still shoot you.
    #If you want to disable taming a certain mob, delete it or set the code
    #to 0.

    Chicken: 295
    Cow: 296
    Creeper: 318
    #Gold block
    Giant: 41
    #Porkchop (Cannibals!)
    Pig: 319
    #Cooked Porkchop (O_O)
    PigZombie: 319
    Sheep: 338
    Slime: 341
    Spider: 287
    Squid: 349
    Zombie: 288

    #Other options
    Provokable: true
    Ridable: true
    #Distance from player that the pet will stop following
    #and wander around a bit. Set it too low, and usually-hostile mob will hurt
    IdleDistance: 5
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    i think you have to give it those items and not flint like pig is pork chop so i guess feed a pork chop Idk lol
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    It would be cool if it were possible to stear the pets when you ride them :D
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    Looks Like A Fun Plugin But I Cant Download It...
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    I'm having a problem with the plugin, when I start up my server, I get an error that reads:

    Error occurred while enabling Petcreeper v0.2 <is it up to date?> PLAYER_PORTAL
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: PLAYER_PORTAL

    Can anyone help me?
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    What version of bukkit are you using?

    What is your problem downloading?

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