[FUN] PaperChooser v1.4 - grant users a choice between different papers [1000]

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    Invisible Ink Extension

    Paper chooser extension
    Version 1.4
    By Lennart van Bremen
    Download PaperChooser.jar
    Total package (Invisible Ink, extensions and source)
    Paper chooser grants the user the option to select one of a predefined selection of papers. The Invisible Ink plugin creates a paper with readable text on it. It shows the user a list with the options from which the user can choose.
    To create a PaperChooser, use /createchooserpaper <Int> <Int> [...] where each <Int> is an index of the paper you want the user to be able to choose from. The index is given to you by the ReadablePaper class when you create a paper, or you can look them up in the​
    %server folder%/plugins/InvisibleInk/config.yml file.​

    To use the paper just right click, like you do with any InvisibleInk paper type, and after that type a '/' and the number you want to pick.
    This plugin doesn't require you to have permissions installed, it defaults to OP's only when permissions isn't detected.​
    To give a user the right to create a PaperChooser, define invisibleink.chooserpaper.​
    • v1.4 - tested for craftbukkit 1000 (no significant changes)
    • v1.3 - initial release compiled against Invisible Ink v1.3
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    Looks cool! I'll try it out

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