[FUN] Paintball v1.2 [1.5.2 R1.0]

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    1. Yes they are supposed to be teleported. Check the console/log for errors.
    2. Apparently somewhere along the edits of this post I took out the part that says Spoutcraft is required for all of the special stuff. I'll add it back in to the OP.
    3. First off, -1 doesn't mean unlimited. It means -1. Having -1 bullets is less than 1, so you can't shoot. Secondly, if you set it to something high, every time a player gets a kill their ammo will refill, so unlimited ammo isn't really needed (just spammy).
    4. I'll add one in 0.9
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    Do you have to set flags to play TDM ?
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    Yes. The maps randomly cycle in certain situations, and adding separate map lists for TDM and CTF would be a waste of time and extremely redundant. It only takes a few seconds to set two flags, and if you aren't planning on playing CTF, just don't. Also from the OP:
    Read the entire OP before you ask dumb questions.
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    Does the texture pack support terrain.png???
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    Yes, it supports all texture packs that Spout supports.
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    Is it possible to let players choose teams?
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    I can add that in the next version, but as of now it's random.
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    Does the map creating thing just create a seperate map? Or does it delete the current map? Because, I would like to have
    paintball on a seperate world and still have the regular worlds.
    Or could I just have it in an already made arena on an already made world?
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    Plugin is BEAUTIFUL! Works great, awesome job.

    One suggestion:

    Is it possible for you to make a "lobby" of sorts while players are waiting for the next game to start? I have seen servers who have this, and it looks good. If you can do this, it would be awesome! Expect a donation to you!
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    I'm already planning to add lobbies in 0.9, among other cool things.
    Honestly I have no idea what you are asking. By 'map' it means a collection of locations, used to teleport the players around while they are playing the game. It does not physically create and/or modify any existing blocks in any world.
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    Hey, i found one bug, i think it is a bug. When i write /pb end and someone had flag(whool) on head, it stays on head and helm disappears (helm disappears also after automatic game end, when someone wins.
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    Kind of confusing, but are you saying that the wool stays on the head after the game?
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    It stayed if i wroted /pb end. Helm dissapears too after that command or automatic game end.
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    What the hell is a helm?
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    Does this work on 1.2.5 R5.0?
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    so i need the spoutcraft to run this plugin? and is spoutcraft able to get on bukkit servers?
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    Great plugin. I just have one question where do i put the gun image?
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    Um.. spout is a bukkit plugin. So yeah, spoutcraft works with bukkit...
    You absolutely need SpoutPlugin to use paintball, and if you want all the fancy client things you need SpoutCraft as well.
    Put the URL in the config.

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    ok thanks
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    helm (open)

    A tiller or wheel and any associated equipment for steering a ship or boat.

    Steer (a boat or ship).

    noun. rudder - wheel - steering wheel - helmet
    verb. steer - govern - direct - pilot

    That being said, of course you don't have a helmet, why would you...
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    More Suggestions to make this plugin awesome: ;)
    A way to tell how much ammo you have
    A red wool helmet for red team, blue wool for blue team
    A countdown timer for when next round starts
    A way to grant players bonuses when then earn x amount of kills
    ;) Great plugin, just some ideas I am throwing out.

    You should add a paypal button for donations also.

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    A way to tell how much ammo you have is in the right bottom corner
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    I am talking about people who dont use SpoutCraft.
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    1. As said above, there already is. This plugin is written for people that use spoutcraft, I'm not wasting time adding things for regular minecraft people.
    2. Wool blocks on the head are used for who has the flag.
    3. There is a coutdown timer for the next round if you're using autostart. If you're not, why would there need to be? 4. I'll add some type of reward system in the future, probably with the next release.
    5. I had one, but then I got a new paypal account. I'll put it back up soon.
    As stated above, SpoutCraft is recommended. And by recommended, I mean I don't care if you choose to not use it, but don't expect features tailored specifically for you.
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    i agrre if its recommended you might need it and i just told a player to on my server to come back on useing spoutcraft(bc he did not know)
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    I've set up autorotation, autostart etc..

    But the chat across the server is being spammed with Paintball starting in 10 seconds, Not starting game not enough players.

    Is there a way i can get this to only show to Opted players or players lets say an X amount around the lobby?

    Thanks, AWESOME plugin.
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    I've added this in the next version already, it only shows it to players that are opted in. Sorry about that. 1.0 will be out in a little while, as soon as I fix it up a bit.
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    Hello, could you add a line in the configuration file to change item? Because I would like to change that and put an item of my creation (we have a modded craftbukkit). I would also like to know, how you see it the number of death that we did? I have not found any command. Sorry for my bad english, I'm french :/ But, I LOVE THIS PLUGIN !! Thank you very much !!
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    I don't really know what you mean, sorry. I can't put something in the config to change the item, because if you use spoutcraft it already is a custom item, it wouldn't really make sense. I'm adding stats with 1.0

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