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    Obviously there's no way for me to detect hits if you disable all pvp damage on the server, how am I supposed to fix that? when the game is over they DO get teleported to where they were before, and no, the texture goes to the default texture pack with paintballs instead of snowballs, custom projectiles aren't supported in Spout so the snowball must be used, and it looks much better with the texture pack. You can change the URL in the description to whatever you like, but it will continue to do that.
    I can add config options for that in 0.7
    Obviously it's been considered, but that would result in some heavy spawn camping and I don't want to implement a spawning system, it's fine how it is. I can definitely add some sort of killstreak system, but it won't be in the next version (most likely).
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    Can you add something like team deathmatch in Call of Duty.
    That the team who had first 50 kills wins?
    sorry for my bad English but i like your plugin
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    Nice, but i dont get teleported back to my location :l
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    I'll add it eventually.
    Look for errors in the console.
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    I dont get errors only thing is says , Game over! And then the score .... Maybe its because i have essentials which uses /back.... Might be a possibility.
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    Try using /pb return
    If that doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you.
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    Can I remind you that /pb return is isnt in the list of commands? Just one question? Why not. Im going to try out tomorrow but tnx if it works?
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    I hate it that if I died I can't respawn again
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    I can help you test this plugin out, first things i ran into are..
    The new test build 0.07 doesn't work for me none of the /pb start /pb start (map) respond and have no errors in the console
    With 0.06 After the game is over players are just thrown at their team colors spawn points and not ported back to where they /pb start from the only way for them to get out is by manually warping also

    i came across not receiving flint at the beginning of each round but i rebooted and we are always received flint ill tell you if i come across it again and see what causes it
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    Great plugin, absolutely loving it! Have a suggestion tho, you should add a feature that blocks all commands except those essential to the functioning of the plugin while in a paint ball game. IE block /gamemode and /fly so users cannot use them in game. And i also support the idea of rewards for the winning team as well as killstreaks.

    Also, i was thinking you should refine the join system abit. Like have and announcement made when someone is interested in starting a game of paint ball and then have users type /pb join to join that specific session.

    EDIT: I agree with this as well.
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    Very Nice plugin Very Well done The only problem is i dont know how to delete a map like i created a map called Plane But i dont know how to delete the map Because i want to make a new one!
    Could u try help me out ?
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    /pb map remove <map>
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    Thank You so much!

    There is a bug Using spectate When u die and u spectate someone The person u are spectating cant shoot snowballs or if somebody is spectating u it wont let you shoot snowballs from the flint So probaly many of ye are having this promblem just take spectate of and its fixed!

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    Huh. I didn't code spectate (obviously), and was unaware of this. I guess I'll have to add something to intercept it, but that shall wait until I get home from NYC.
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    Great plugin works great, but when you stop the game in makes you spawn back to the base that you joined at. is there a way to fix this?
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    Everything works great, except although Spout is installed yada yada, the textures and sounds are still not loading. Any ideas why?

    Edit: I had changed AuthenticateSpoutcraft back to True, because for some reason it was set to false. This seems to have fixed the problem.
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    Shit! I made some changes to the code to make it move a little faster and as it turns out I accidentally teleported to spawn before I saved the location. Fixed as of 0.7, I made a ton of changes and I have to go back through to make sure I didn't forget about anything, or add something that I don't remember. It'll be out later today.
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    "Welcome to SpoutCraft! Use this client as you normally would and log in. Enter your server and have some fun with all the new features Spout (the plugin) and SpoutCraft (the client) will bring."

    Ok , first you said that, I can log into there to actually have all of the spout things active..? but then what about the other players would they only have a flint snowball coming out of it? or no? Or do they need it as well?

    Well mine was on true but it never did appear strange :\

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    SpoutCraft is a client, so you having a client won't magically make others have the client as well...
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    Ah ok then thanks. Just wanted to know.
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    Very nice plugin ;)
    Keep Going!
  22. Heey, i just wanted to report a bug in the plugin,
    When i type /pb vote it says "You voted to start the game", but when i type /pb join after i did /pb vote, it says /paintball <stuff>.
    I hope you'r gonna fix this.
    Greatings of dofa :D.
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    What? Can you post the error if there was any?
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    Hey captainawesome7 really love the mod and wanted to give you suggestions that (I would think) make the plugin that much better. Here was what I was thinking, for servers that don't want the other people to get the paintball gun mod (like mine) and just want the "gun" to be something that isn't a piece of flint (e.g. a bow). Or a way in the config file to change the texture (unless there is a way and I just don't know how). Also for CTF that when you get right next to the flag it picks it up automatically just like when you get near your flag it drops the enemy flag, instead of having to break the block which takes a little to much time to break it and could possibly get you hit. Also for ctf maybe you could have the player that picks the flag up not able to shoot and have to rely on his team mates to protect him from not getting hit. Another thing is that again if you don't want people to have the paintball gun mod (and not even sure if it does this with the paintball gun mod) is to force a certain type of armor on the player to distinguish who is on what team. You could do what one plugin I tried (some type of war plugin) to were it equips a red/blue wool block to the players head to signify what team he/she is on. Hopefully you consider these because I think that it would make this plugin even better.
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    1. The gun is a gun, rtfm. Use SpoutCraft.
    2. For CTF you break the block because most CTF games take a little bit of time to grab the flag (think CoD there is a progress bar that moves pretty quickly). Not going to change that.
    3. I've never played a CTF game where the flag holder can't shoot, and that really doesn't make any sense.
    4. As I said before, if you used SpoutCraft you would see that the teams have different skins. Blocks on the head is reserved to signify who has the flag (lol)

    You didn't turn on the opt system. /pb useopt, then try /pb join

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    When i create the map and set spawns and everything and im ready to play it says that it's an unusable map and i save it and everything.
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    Did you set the flags?
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    Hi everyone,
    First off, apologies if these questions have already been answered in the forum. I have searched but have not found anything. Also, I should point out that I do not play Minecraft. I am helping my son administer a server that he and his friends play on...so please be gentle. ;)

    I have installed all of the plugins listed, and everything appears to be working fine. I can create maps and users appear to be able to join/opt in for games, however I am running into a few minor issues that are affecting the gameplay. I hope these are mainly do to my ignorance and not bugs. Can you help with the following:

    1. When a game is started using the /pb ctf or /pb tdm are players supposed to be teleported to the areas that I have set as RED and BLUE on the map? I have a world that has around 12 maps and I was hoping to have the players automatically teleported to the arena.
    2. How to players determine which team they want to join? We can't seem to determine who is on the red team and who is on the blue team. This question is somewhat linked to #1.
    3. Is there a way to set the ammo to unlimited? I tried using /pb ammo -1 and received a message that the ammo was set to -1, but it didn't set it to unlimited.
    4. As an administrator is there a command to determine if a game is being played, and if so which map it's being played on? I am using /pb end now just as a failsafe to ensure that all games have stopped.
    Thanks for the help. This is a great plugin and will be very popular on his server if we're able to get past these minor issues.
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    I'll give that a try. I never had a maprotation.yml file created either so that could be the problem.

    Thanks, that did the trick. The only minor issue that I am still having is that the ammo does not appear to be honored from the value set in the config.yml, but it works when I set it using the commands so my son and friends can live with it. :)

    Thanks for the help.

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