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    nSpleef - The spleef plugin:
    Version: v0.4.3 - CB 1337


    nSpleef is a spleef plugin I've been working on for a while. After weeks, I finally finished it.

    How to setup arenas: (Use a bowl to select points)

    How to create, join, leave, and delete games: (Because we all know the commands section below isn't enough!)

    • Countdown system
    • Restoring arenas
    • Multiple game & arena support
    • Multiple floor support
    • Ready system
    • Knows when people win and lose.
    • On winning, the plugin will tell everyone who won.
    • On losing, the plugin will tell everyone "username is out!"
    • When the game is over, everyone will get teleported to there old location.
    • iConomy, BOSEconomy & EssentialsEconomy support! At the end of each game, if the money argument was entered in creategame, the winner will win how much money entered in times the number of players (For EX, if 2 players are playing and both gave up 5 coins, the winner will get 10 at the end)
    • If set in the config, a player can get kicked out of a game of they don't type ready for a configurable amount of seconds.
    • Permissions/GroupManager support. If not found, nSpleef will allow OPs to use nSpleef.admin.* and everyone to use nSpleef.member.*
    • /spleef define arena - Defines arena, check video above
    • /spleef deletearena arena - Deletes arena
    • /spleef creategame game arena <money> - Creates a game. First argument is the game name you want, second argument is what arena it should be on. Third argument is how much money is required to join the game. Must have nSpleef.member.wager to create a game with the money argument.
    • /spleef deletegame game - Deletes the game. If you did not make the game you cannot delete it. If you have nSpleef.admin.deleteanygame, you can delete any game.
    • /spleef join game - Join a game.
    • /spleef leave - Leave the game you are currently in.
    • /spleef list - Lists all the arenas and games.
    • /spleef ready (or /ready) - Silent command for ready
    • /spleef forceready - Forces the game to start
    • /spleef forcejoin player arena - Makes a player join an arena
    • /spleef forceleave player - Forces a player to leave
    • /spleef help <page> or /spleef ? <page> - Help. Each page shows 9 commands.
    Permission Nodes:
    Member Nodes (open)

    Admin Nodes (open)

    • instantmine - If true, blocks will be instantly mined.
    • canplaceblocks - If true, the player can place blocks during the game.
    • persistentgames - If true, games will be saved when nSpleef gets disabled so they get loaded on enable
    • (The three below only apply if the game had the money argument entered)
    • givemoneyonleave - If true and the player uses /spleef leave and is in a game their money given back
    • givemoneyondisconnect - If true and the player disconnects while in a game, their money will be given back
    • givemoneyonkick - If true and the player gets kicked from the join kicker, their money will be given back
    • joinkickertime - If this is not 0, then if someone joins a game and doesn't type ready by however much seconds the kicker time is set to, they will get kicked.
    Servers using nSpleef:
    • (PatrickFreed's server)
    • (Sorce's server)
    • (Jonathan Bloom's server)
    • (Yep, the MC server list server runs my spleef plugin :))
    • (MeinerHosen's server)
    • (timmaeh's server)
    • (phoenixstar's server)
    • (Netto Hikari's server)
    • (Truecraft)
    • (Sti4Ns Minecraft)
    • If you would like your server listed above, PM me or post with your server IP.
    Download nSpleef (0.4.3)
    Would you like to test a development build? Download the latest build from
    Report any errors and exactly what development build you are using if you get an error.

    Source Code

    • Fix for teleport issue
    • Fix for plugins getting disabled because of nSpleef
    • Grace period
    • Fix for the game has not started message if instantmine is off
    • /spleef will now show the version number and author :p
    • /spleef ? and /spleef help
    • Fix with duplicate countdowns with forceready
    • All nodes not written will be written to the config without the config having to get deleted
    • /spleef forceleave player
    • /spleef forcejoin player
    • When nSpleef announces the winner, the purple text after their name will still show as purple instead of white
    • Replaced MineConomy support with Essentials Economy
    • Support for decimals for money
    • Finished recoding things for better performance :p
    Changelog (open)
    Version 0.4.1
    • Damage is now cancelled in a better way, no more annoying noises or dying if you fall at a distance enough to kill you
    • MineConomy support
    • List command shows cost
    • iConomy 5 support (NOTE: You CANNOT use iConomy 4 with this build!)
    • Fixed join kicker thread error message
    • Fixed /ready not working
    • Fixed moving too quickly message
    • Arenas load up after all worlds load up, which will fix problems with MultiVerse
    • Games do not get deleted when the last person uses /spleef leave
    • Recoded almost everything for better performance
    Version 0.4
    • Wagering! iConomy & BOSEconomy support
    • Force ready (/spleef forceready)
    • Silent ready (/spleef ready or /ready)
    • Join kicker. Configurable amount of seconds of when to kick people after they join if they don't type ready.
    • Fixes a bug where you could place blocks even if canplaceblocks was true while being out.
    • If no permissions system is installed, nSpleef will allow all OPs to use nSpleef.admin.* and all members to use nSpleef.member.*
    • deletearena command!
    • Attempt to stop mobs from spawning in arenas. Not tested, should work though.
    Version 0.3.1
    • Support for RB 602
    Version 0.3

    • Finally uses onCommand
    • nSpleef actually gets disabled if Permissions/GroupManager isn't found
    • Teleports you to where you where before doing /spleef join after a game
    • Persistent games! (A config option)
    • More specific Permissions nodes
    • On server reload or disable, nSpleef will restore arenas that where hosting a game and teleport players back to there location before /spleef join if they were in a game.
    Version 0.2

    • Fixed unknown command for OP
    • Fixed breaking blocks when the game hasn't started
    • Fix for when players disconnect
    Version 0.1.5

    • Fixed mining blocks out of a spleef zone
    • Fixed Permissions not taking in affect for the first point
    • Fixed a bug where players would not teleport out
    • Shows message when both blocks are on the same level
    Version 0.1.2

    • Fixed ready bug (Typing ready during a countdown would start another countdown xD)
    Version 0.1.1

    • Fixed arenas bug
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Release
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    no iconomy6 support? *sadface*
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    Can't wait for this plugin to come back. My spleef arena is just waiting to be used again. Oh, by the way, I can't access your development build page; gives me a 404 error.
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    I made a little Recode of "nSpleef". It works wiht CB #1240. I hope its bug free.
    Oh, and it has iConomy 6(Register 1.5)
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    Is this plugin inactive? :(
    If not:
    My suggestion:
    Everytime a player is falling down the plugin checks if all participants are in the arena, if not -> player leave the game.

    and maybe a extra, but its not so important:
    the plugin checks if in the arena are ONLY participants, so spectators MUST be outside of the arena.

    oh and its working without any errors and bugs with CB 1337
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    Hi nic,

    Plugin looks really good and I've got a working Spleef arena but was just looking at my server logs and get this error when reloading bukkit:

    21:49:08 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLUGIN_ENABLE to nSpleef java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/nijiko/coelho/iConomy/iConomy at com.nijikokun.register.payment.methods.iCo4.isCompatible( at com.nijikokun.register.payment.Methods.createMethod( at com.nijikokun.register.payment.Methods.setMethod( at com.niccholaspage.nSpleef.listeners.nSpleefServerListener.onPluginEnable( at$47.execute( at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent( at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent( at at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin( at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin( at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins( at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e( at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a( at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init( at at

    According to this error is because you are not hooking into iConomy correctly (not using the API).

    Unsure if you are still maintaining this plugin but thought I would mention.

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    Can you say when the recode is done?..maybe :)

    You Plugin is awesome and we love it ;)

    Great Job man
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    Hope for an update.
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    I'm not giving any ETA.
    Saying this will not make it go faster.
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    Sorry I am Kinda a noob.. how do you select regions? I have tryed Clicking and right clicking.. I used a
    Bowl and the terrain is snow if that matters.. Plz Help. I am server admin btw so permissions is not a prob
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    I suppose you mean me with "the other guy". Seriously, I have to defend niccholaspage here, he didn't come to my thread and "yell" at me, he simply didn't understand how my plugin was different from his and offered me to help with the recode of nSpleef. Then I tried to explain it to him and declined the offer and that's the whole story.

    And to all of you that press him to complete the recode (even if he said it multiple times already): It doesn't help. You have no idea what it takes to recode an entire project from scratch (which I assume he does).
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    Not sure if this is a bug, but I noticed that whenever a player loses a game, his health is restored back to full.
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    This plugin is great! It has so many features I didn't even expect until they happened and I was like "THAT'S EPIC"
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    Don Redhorse

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    If you can, could you pleeeeease add POLYGONS support for the arenas? I have a round arena, which would be AWESOME if it could be a full spleef arena! :D

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    No updates since 1000... and no access to dev builds (page linked in OP brings up 404 error). Abandoned plugin is abandoned? Shame, as it was one of the best out there. Haven't installed it recently, but was looking to return Nspleef on my server. Well, it was great while it lasted, and I can't imagine it's fun being a plugin developer so cheers to @niccholaspage for all his hardwork thus far, it really was fun for us to play! Maybe it would be possible for someone else to pick this one up now?
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    Latest RB then tag me or else this becomes inactive.
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    I updated the title and post for the latest RB.

    No one else needs to pick this up :p After your post, I now feel like I need to finish the recode. I'll get it finished up. Oh, and about the development builds, that's down since the website is down, which isn't run by me, so I have nothing to do with that.

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    It doesn't say when people lose, and when everyone is out of the game, it never ends
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    Awesome stuff. Glad to have been involved, even if just for some motivation :) Keep up the good work, I'll reinstall it right now and feedback any errors with #1337 and the maelstrom of plugins on my server.
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    nSpleef 0.4.3 hates iConomy 6, and the development builds are built with the recode, which isn't done yet.
    @Karuso33 made a version that supports iConomy 6 here:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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  23. wooho some days ago i saw a video on youtube where players play spleef and then i found your post i will try it now

    p.d: pail told me this for you

    05:30 PM [INFO] No source for nSpleef.jar ask the Author to add it to


    p.p.d: the ground will be repaired at the end of the game? :3 <= tested just now and ¬°yes!

    Man, this is AWESOME with all capital letters! just played with 2 friends more and mother of god! we want more fun!! X'D

    i'm not sure about one thing... what is "persistentgames"? for example:

    /spleef creategame overworld stadium

    and then shutdown the server, when i restart the server "overworld" will be still playable?

    (i was having a trouble if i don't delete the games, for example when i return to the battlefield for the second round i have a glitch on my character is stuck in a dead chunk (if you want next time i see the chunk i will post a screenshot, sorry just remember that thing) but it solves itself login off and login in.. but i'm not sure if i go to a battlefield ( /spleef join overworld) and then log off and log in i will be able to start a game withoun re-join :\ (without write in console /spleef join overworld) (hum... sorry, i'm spanish and now it's 0:39, i don't know if you understood everything i told you.. xD ) )
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    i can't set the first point, only the second, how did you get it to set the first point?
  25. first point use left mouse button to set and right button to set the second one

    in my server the arenaa has 2 or more deep (is set to 2 deep, but my players falls down to a water that is 15 deep but in my test arena (3x3x3) the game ends correctly)
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    ahh, its probably not working because im trying it in creative :L
    thanks :D
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    Great plugin, but I was wondering if there's an option to let players pay a fee before entering?

    And then the winner receives all the fees as his/her prize

    Wait, nvm. I found the option, stupid from me : /

    Great plugin!

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  29. When I install this, the factions plugin stops working?
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    nSpleef is one of the best Bukkit plugins for me! ;D
  31. ty for teh awesome plugin for mah MC server!!! spleef is friggin awesoome!
    i need more people on my server tho i only have like 15... anyways, here's my server IP

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