[FUN] Nightmare v0.2.0 - Give your players a nightmare when they go to bed [1240]

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    We now also use bukkit dev!Join us!
    Nightmare - Give your players a nightmare when they go to bed!
    Version: v0.2.0
    This is the second plugin I'm bringing to this community. This plugin basically is meant to be a fun plugin so when a player goes to bed they will have a 50% chance of blowing up and having a nightmare or getting lucky and cheating death!
    Please be aware that this will blow up the blocks and cause block damage!
    • Fun plugin to prank your players with
    • Has a 50/50 chance and messages in game!
    • choose from 3 different types of nightmares(health drain,hell,explosion)
    • Easy installation just take the Nightmare.jar file and put it in plugins folder!
    How the config file works:

        explosion: false
            amount: 3
            enable: false
        nether: true
    That is an example of the config file generated when you first run the plugin. In you will find a config file and you can edit it. Here you can choose to make people blow up when they have a nightmare,drain their health(the amount is how many hearts are drained)
    and nether is to see you are sent to the nether or not(must have nether enabled on your server).

    You can also have all 3 enabled at the same time but that makes it so you blow up,get your life drained and get sent to the nether all together at the same time!




    version 0.2.0
    • added 2 new types of nightmare(hell and health drain)
    • added a config file to choose which type of nightmare you may have
    • added a custom amount of hearts to be drained when you have health drain on!
    Version 0.1.0
    • Initial release of the plugin:D

    • Bring a config file for custom messages and chance of nightmare
    • Add ability to disable/enable player damage and block damage
    • add config file to choose if u get blown up,sent to nether,or unable to move!
    • any ideas? let me know below!

    ArtemisTheSecond(help in coding)
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    but you havent tried it yet right? how can u be sure that the action will happen when you leave the bed and u standing? onPlayerBedLeave means before you leave the bed, the "actions" in your method 'public void onPlayerBedLeave' will take place first. then if u got a nightmare, cancel the event and explode or go to nether or something else. and if u didnt get a nightmare then the event is not canceled and u wake up normal
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    alright ill try what you said and see:)
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    I am actually looking for a plugin like this. But I only want to enable it on a single world.

    Idea: Either add permission support (nightmare.something) so we can control what world it is active on and which groups that is going to have nightmares. Or, let us add individual settings for each world.

    If this happens you'll make my day, possibly week ;)
  5. Can you make me a plugin that you can register on a website and then if you've done your name and your white-list written. Sorry for my bad english i use google translate * __ *
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    ummmm i can look into this for you not really good with connecting to websites and such but ill let you know
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    1.2.3-R0.1 please?
  8. i am thinking of using this but my server is an RP ..hard core RP and we have ben playing for long....
    so here is an idea that well be cool ^^
    how abut the admin stting the point ..lats say at the nather maybe or somw whare in the world
    wen the players dreams it tp's tham to it
    whare thay find tham selfs in place the admin makes for tham and the MGS set by admin
    like in storys the hero alwes dreams abut things...it can a like a game the admin plays with players to worn tham that some thing is comming and stuff like that ^^
    or that thay can find some thig in thare dream and wakee up with the item in hand
    i use bookworm so lats say thay sleep and than find a book in the drema wake up with the book in hand ^^
    things like that
    ( sorry for my bad ENG)
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    I Have A Suggestion. Since I Have No Other Time For My Own Plugins Now I Suggest Putting In The Following.

    Launched Into The Air.
    House Goe's Up In Flame's/Blows Up
    All Items Dissapear
    Dieng Everytime You Use A Tool
  10. lol what about adding herobrine :)
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    Long time no see Lookatmego. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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