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    Kevin Forte

    NightClub: Unce Unce Unce
    ~Version: 1.2.1~
    Download: [JAR]

    Need some beats? Need a flashy dance floor? Need some strobing torches? Want them to all be tempo-synchronized? Look no further.

    • Establish clubs for players to teleport to.
    • Place strobing torches, color-changing wool, and club-beat generating note blocks.
    • Configure the tempo at which the floor flashes, the torches pulse, and the beat drops (Yeah, I said that).
    • True-Strobe mode. (Ignores the tempo you have set for torches and flashes them wildly)
    • Select the Note Block instrument for both the Down and Up beats.
    • Turn Strobing on/off from in game.
    • Give other characters milk buckets to make them easier to sleep with. (Just kidding)
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    I have no idea why I didn't start with a how to. I'm pretty sure I placed instructions within the plugin, but I apologize for assuming this was really simple to use.

    To get things to strobe, first type /strobe to turn on 'Strobe Placement Mode'. Make sure you have the proper permissions to use the command.

    Once in Strobe Placement Mode, you can place (normal, soon to be redstone as well) torches, wool blocks, and note blocks. Torches placed while in strobe mode will blink on and off, wool blocks will change color, and note blocks will produce an 'un-tiss-un-tiss-un-tiss' style beat.

    At any location, you can use the '/club set [club name]' command, and it will create a club with that name. To teleport to that club at any time, type '/club [club name]'.

    I think it's sort of self explanatory from there, let me know if you need any more help.

    Video thanks to @jaydenbadboii !

    • /club ~ Lists commands.
    • /club list ~ Lists clubs.
    • /club set [club name] ~ Sets a club at your location.
    • /club delete [club name] ~ Deletes a specific club.
    • /club [club name] ~ Teleports you to a club.
    • /strobe ~ Toggles Strobe Placement Mode.
    • /strobe toggle ~ Switches strobe on/off altogether.
    • NightClub.go ~ Allows use of the '/club [club name]' command.
    • ~ Allows use of the '/club set [club name]', '/club delete [club name]', '/strobe', and '/strobe toggle' commands.
    Recognized Note-Block Instruments:
    • Bass Guitar
    • Snare Drum
    • Bass Drum
    • Piano
    • Sticks
    • Clicks
    • True-Strobe Mode (Self-Explanatory)
    • Instrument Selection.
    • Optional Permissions usage.
    • Specific Color Selection for Strobe Blocks.
    • I don't know, make suggestions!
    • NPE Fixes.
    • Minor typo in version on disable.
    • All data is now saved in the config.yml
    • 'Start Server With Strobe On' option added in config.
    • '/strobe toggle' command added.
    • Recognized 'Infinite Torches' bug fixed.
    • Bug that allowed people to delete Beat Blocks even with Strobe Mode off fixed.
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    • True-Strobe Mode added to the config.
    • Selectable instruments added to the config.

    • Original Plugin Release.
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    Kevin Forte

    So you're saying that breaking the Noteblock in Strobe Mode didn't remove it from the strobing blocks database?
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    Exactly! You put that into words much easier. I've noticed that with the torches as well when I tried to get rid of them they just duplicated themselves and reappeared
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    Kevin Forte

    Hmm, the big question: Did you break the NoteBlock using WorldEdit, or did you type /strobe and manually destroy the block?
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    Hm I dunno why but strobe note blocks arent working, just downloaded 1.1. I'll tell you if I find the solution.

    EDIT: its weird, sometimes strobe notes work, sometimes it doesn't.
    EDIT2: It seems as tho noteblocks in mid- air don't work, they must be touching the ground. Maybe you can change that?
    EDIT3: hm somethings wrong...ill post a pic. The note block with the green note above it plays, but the one next to it doesnt. Also any note blocks that are in mid-air don't work either.


    Also do you think you can create a command /club enable and /club disable which will turn on and off all strobe blocks?

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    Kevin Forte

    That picture is just a black box..?

    I can do that.

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    Yeah its a little dark, But I can still make it out on my computer. If you can't see it, Its a picture of two strobe note blocks, one plays repeatedly while the one diagonally next to it is silent. Also any strobe noteblocks in mid-air do not play.
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    Kevin Forte

    I've noticed that happening when the note blocks are really close together for some reason. As for them being in mid-air and not playing, no idea. I'll look into it.
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    Thanks, I really love this plugin.
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    Kevin Forte

    Thanks, glad you like it. :p
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    I typed /strobe to turn off placing of the nightclub blocks and hit to destroy it. Then just placed it back with /strobe still off and it went back to doing the note thing it does :p
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    Kevin Forte

    I probably forgot to cancel the event of it breaking if it is registered as a 'Beat Block' :p I'll check it out for you as soon as I can.
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    I think Zaonhort's problem is he's turning off the edit mode before he breaks the block. It works fine for me. BTW the guys and gals on my server love this plugin. Cheers!
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    Kevin Forte

    Good to know, and good to know. :p
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    Spazz Guy

    All the commands work but when I place a torch note block or wool block it says You Have Placed a Strobe Block/torch etc...and nothing happens its just a normal lock :( maybe you could make a tutorial :p lol im not that stupid but I Think it may be my server
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    When will the Note Selection come? I realy want it :D
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    Nice plugin love it but is it only up/down cant we have like alot of beats running :>
  18. Epic plugin detected.


    When /strobe is OFF, destroying a Wool strobe resets it, but destroying a Note block is allowed, yet it still thinks it's there, so placing a note block again, even with /strobe off, turns it into a Beat block.
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    Kevin Forte

    Why thank you xP
  20. I edited my post if you missed it, tiny bug, I think :p


    Btw, I have no idea what True Strobe means, google didn't help me much :<
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    Kevin Forte

    Got it. Thanks xP
    Oh and I added a description for True Strobe :p It basically just makes torches flash Really fast, regardless of your set tempo.

    v1.1.1 Released, quickly fixed the bug that allowed Beat Blocks to be freely destroyed without their locations being removed from the database.

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    Nice plugin! Would it be possible to make on/off blinking redstone torches?
  23. Thanks :)

    New request:

    My players would love configurable patterns, with how the plugin is setup, I guess for now in the config file. Basically, any pattern to the wool blocks that's less random, like a wave or expanding circle. Could be difficult to code perhaps, but would make the floor so much more awesome!

    MAJOR bug in this.

    Not sure how it happened. But I created a disco with some torches. After that, destroyed the torches.

    It has now created some sort of unlimited torch fountain, basically a spot on the map, and it's just auto-spawning torch items, which causes immense lag if you leave it running for a while Oo


    We found it now, the torch seemed gone, was not visible, had to create the torch in the same location it was spawning endless torches from, and then destroy it with /strobe on.

    So perhaps same issue as with noteblocks...I guess the endless spawning is coming from the fact it's trying to enable a torch in a spot where there is no support for a torch, endlessly trying to turn on the torch by creating one...

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    Kevin Forte

    That would be sweet, don't know how I would do it though xD

    I do know about that bug, it's because the block the torch was attached to was deleted. I've just been too lazy to fix it. For now, just don't place a strobe torch and then delete the block it's against without deleting it first.
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    Hey Kevin Forte,
    I saw in your to-do list that you wanted to be able to have note selection. I came up with an idea for that. Look up the plugin called roads. What it does is it requires three blocks to set up a speed highway, aerial plate, etc. What it does is it requires a certain block on bottom, a certain block in middle, and any block on top. So what you could do, is make it so that you can place any block as you floor. Then, place a note block under that. And the block under the note block allows you to select which note you wish it to use. Do you understand what I mean? If you don't, then look up the roads plugin, look at the diagrams of how everything is made, and then maybe that can assist me in my explanation. I hope this helped. ^_^
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    Kevin Forte

    I know what you mean, but I'm not sure exactly how setting notes works :p That is a good idea though! I was thinking just adding a config option.
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    Nice mod haha. I can try make you a video tomorrow.

    My suggestion:
    -Pre loaded tracks that are automatically made
    -A command to create a nightclub with hidden soundroom (Note block room)
    -Redstone torches as well as normal torches?
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    Update for 953 PLZ!
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    Kevin Forte

    1. Don't know how,
    2. Don't know how,
    3. Easy xP

    I'm sure it still works on 953 xP

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    how do you change instrument? Like how do you use guitar? sorry I am new
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    Kevin Forte

    Guitar isn't available, but you go into the config.yml inside the /plugins/NightClub folder

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