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    "Add alcohol to your milk!"


    This is a very simple plugin that adds drunken effects when you drink milk. The more milk you drink, the higher the chance the effects will occur! If you drink too much, you'll start to take damage due to alcohol poisoning. The current drunken effects are:
    • Minor staggering
    • Random chance to drop the item you're holding
    • Slurring your "s" in speech (WoW style)

    Right click while holding a milk bucket!


    When you start your server, a config.yml file will be created in the MuddersMilk folder of your plugins folder. I think the configuration options are pretty self-explanatory. All of the periodic effects have a base chance plus an additional chance per drunkenness level to occur. You gain one drunk level each time you drink a bucket of milk.


    Change Log

    Version 1.7
    • Updated for Mincraft 1.3.1 (async chat)
    Version 1.6
    • Hopefully fixed a bug
    Version 1.5
    • Updated for new versions of CraftBukkit
    • Added vision-blur-duration-per-level option
    Version 1.4
    • Added configuration file
    Version 1.3
    • Fixed item duplication bug
    Version 1.2
    • Hopefully fixed the ConcurrentModificationException
    • Delayed the onset of alcohol poisoning slightly
    Version 1.1
    • You can milk cows without immediately drinking it now.
    Version 1.0
    • Release
    Requisite Youtube Link
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    Have them occasionally say -hic- in chat..
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    Neat, thanks. Running it on my server. :3
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    This must be one fun plugin to develop XD
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    My roommate helped me brainstorm this plugin. It was a fun brainstorming session. :D
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    Ah, if only java were easy...we can all dream :p
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    Maybe gain some health while drinking the milk?
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    Since the only ways of sobering is logging out, dieing, and over time, how about eating bread?
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    Anyone getting buckets not being used up when milk is drunk?

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    Instant download.
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    We've been drinking since this came out and now have drunk races and drunk ladder climb challenges.
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    Dude wut, that's awesome.
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    how about sugar as cocaine? :)
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    Couple of micro-suggestions: Detect double s's in conversation and replace both with sh so words like missing become mishing instead of the less convincing mishsing. Second, I'd like an option for the hic because I think the slurring makes the point without being too obvious about it. Other than that a fun idea done well major thumbs.
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    Working on 803, buckets are being consumed as intended.
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    its a item on wow LOL how did you brainstorm any of that :p (looks at Onyxia raid boss) wow i just brain stormed a boss :p
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    What's an item in WoW? The only idea we pulled from WoW was the speech slurring.
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    I don't know if it's possible, but can you call to the "shaking fade-like" nether vision?
    (you know the one you get when you are about to go to the nether)

    Would be awesome if this would happen to your vision if you drank too much.

    Just an idea, loving the plugin anyhow!
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    Avous exact same name and effects only you don't drop your weapon lol you do sway when moving
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    Niso, can you update your build number to 803 please :p
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    Hey, how about damage increasing by __ for each one you drink?

    I'm going to make MM a tactical weapon. You could easily die from dropping your weapon or stuttering around, but hey, if you don't, your only stronger.

    Other effects
    - Switching your item in your hand to another in the hotbar.
    - Drinking MORE MM if in inventory
    - Random auto-sneaking
    - Random configurable text that pops out of a players mouth.
    - Major staggering if you drink too much.
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    This be a great plugin ad quite hilarious. Makes my players go broke xD

    Has anyone tested this on 818?

    I am updating soon, but want to see if I need to watch 0ut for anything as I have 50+ other plugins to deal with.

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    Works perfect on 818 for me :D

    Love this plugin brings many laughs on the server.

    Weird thing is not sure if this is meant to happen but when you drink alot of milk and die from poision with HeriocDeath plugin on It says you were killed by herobrine. Lol
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    Tested... seems to work fine on 818. I'll update the title.
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    Was just about to write the same! Good ol' firefly
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    Bump for a kick ass plugin!
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    would it be possible to use the warpy effect from the nethergates to make your vision look messed up? That would be epic lol
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    Very Nice! I Like It!

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