[FUN] MobArena v0.96.8 - Become a mob-fighting gladiator! [1.7.x, 1.8.x]

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    MobArena - Become a mob-fighting gladiator!
    [​IMG] Latest build: v0.96.7 (1.7.x)
    [​IMG] Wiki
    [​IMG] IRC Channel
    [​IMG] Source

    BukkitDev Project Page - Find MobArena on dev.bukkit.org here: LINK.


    Old description (open)
    If you enjoy fighting monsters for glorious prizes or just the sheer thrill of battle, you and your friends can now join forces against hordes of Minecraft evils in the exciting gladiator-style survival mini-game MobArena!

    Heavily inspired by Deminetix' Fight-plugin, MobArena is a PvE-take on arena-gameplay, with a similar class-based system. Instead of fighting other players, you team up with them to beat oncoming waves of monsters, earning rewards in the process. MobArena can be played alone, or with as many friends as you like!

    • Fight oncoming waves of monsters
    • Play alone or team up with friends
    • Earn glorious prizes
    • Customizable classes, rewards and waves
    • Easy to set up
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Very few user commands
    • Supports Permissions and all major economies
    • Supports Spout
    • Supports Heroes
    Note: When you post a bug report, please provide a stacktrace/error from the server log/console window. Post this stacktrace in either a pastebin, a pastie, or a CODE-block! The same applies for config-files, permissions-files, etc! Please don't put them directly in your posts, as they become gigantic and annoying to read. If you don't follow this guideline, I might ignore your post!

    Wiki - Instructions, commands, FAQ, etc.
    I have set up a Wiki for MobArena. It contains a bunch of information and guides on how to set up and customize arenas, an overview of all the commands, how to set up Permissions, as well as frequently asked questions.

    New: MobArena now has its own IRC channel (#mobarena @ EsperNet). Click here for a web-based IRC client. Feel free to stop by to get help setting everything up if you really don't understand the Wiki and the instructional video, or to have a chat about MobArena (or anything else, for that matter) :)

    Relevant links:
    Getting started with MobArena, by Flamers
    Flamers made this really easy-to-follow, simple video of how to get started with MobArena. It covers installing the plugin, defining an arena region and setting up basic leaderboards, as well as a few pointers for arena design.
    Old instructional video (open)
    Instructional video for setting up MobArena:

    Note: This video was made for v0.67, but all the in-game instructions still work the same for the latest versions. The config-file has changed, so make sure to read the Wiki on how to set it up.
    More Videos (open)
    Review of MobArena by plugin reviewer jamescosten (v0.84):

    Note: My nickname "garbagemule" is pronounced "garbage mule", as in "trash donkey" ;)

    Hilarious showcase of MobArena by Daniel James and Daniel Cherry (v0.92.3):

    Delios showing off his beautiful arena setup:

    slowmonkey1227 in his interesting "island" arena: YouTube
    French video by avalondrey (v0.87.3): YouTube
    German video by blutherz and his friends (v0.91.2): YouTube

    To avoid wasting not only your own time, but mine as well, I expect everyone to do some extensive troubleshooting before posting bug reports. What does this mean?

    Try MobArena on a fresh server.
    MobArena works perfectly fine when I release it. Sure, there are a few bugs, but it works. If it doesn't work for you, something is most likely wrong on your end. Set up a local test-server, and verify that MobArena works before claiming that it doesn't. When you have verified that MobArena does indeed work, you can start adding other plugins and settings until something conflicts.

    Disable other plugins.
    The first thing you need to do is disable all other plugins. If you can't reproduce the bug with other plugins disabled, you know that you have a conflicting plugin. Now perform a binary search on the other plugins, or if you don't know how to do that, just add a couple of plugins back to the plugins-folder, try to reproduce the bug, and if you can't, the conflicting plugin must be in the remaining set of plugins.

    Write down reproduction steps.
    Figure out the exact steps to reproduce/trigger the bug. I need precise steps, and as much information as possible, because there are often many things that could be going on. An example of reproduction steps could be:
    1. Type /ma join
    2. Punch the Archer class sign
    3. Wait for someone else to join
    4. Punch the iron block
    5. Type /ma leave before the other player picks a class

    Check the console window/server.log
    Make sure you check the server.log file for any MobArena errors or exceptions. If you find any, copy the ENTIRE exception (including all the lines that say "at com.garbagemule.MobArena...") and paste it (with the other information) in a CODE-tag here in the thread.

    I develop MobArena for the fun of it and the positive feedback is all it takes to make me happy, but a few people have asked for a link, so if you're one of them, here's a link: Donate - You can donate as much as you want, even down to a few cents! If I get enough donations, I will spend the money on an extra Minecraft account to aid me in developing/testing/debugging MobArena :)


    • Updated for CB 1337.
    • The repair-delay node is now unused! The reason for this is that it is now possible (with the release of 1317) to cancel block damage in explosions, and still retain the animation and sound! This also means that arenas should be fully pistons-compatible (for arenas that don't use soft-restore or force-restore)! I'm hoping to see some screenshots and videos of shifting arenas! :)
    • You can now right-click signs in the lobby! I finally found a super easy solution to the improperly updating inventory issue with right-clicking class signs. The result is that players can now left- or right-click as they please. This should solve all issues related to players not being able to choose classes, due to spawn region and WorldGuard/Factions/whatever conflicts.
    • It is no longer possible to warp out of the lobby.
    • New per-arena setting: final-wave - Allows for setting a final wave, meaning on that wave, the arena will end, regardless of how many players are alive.
    Version (open)

    • v0.94.3.11 - Updated Register, built against CB 1240.
    • v0.94.3.8 - Added basic leaderboards.
    • v0.94.3.6 - Fixed MagicSpells support - MobArena no longer supports MagicSpells pre-v1.1!
    • v0.94.3.5 - Fixed a bunch of bugs introduced with CB 1185, as well as a couple of minor MobArena bugs.
    • Updated for CraftBukkit #1185
    • Updated economy support (now supports iConomy 6).
    • Added the three new mob types, Enderman/Endermen, CaveSpider/CaveSpiders, Silverfish. They can be used just like the other mob types in the waves.
    • Endermen cannot pick up arena blocks (this is why).
    • Endermen cannot place blocks in arena regions.
    • The per-class permission syntax has been fixed and changed slightly. The Wiki has been updated (clicky).
    • Fixed MagicSpells issues.
    Version 0.94.2 (open)

    • Redstone circuits now work properly in arenas.
    • Lightning now properly strikes on spawnpoints on special waves.
    • Fixed an issue where players somehow warping/cheating out of the arena world get kicked from the server when discovered.
    • Added MagicSpells support. Use the magicspells.yml file to ban certain spells from the arena either for the whole session, or only during boss waves.
    • Fixed the Heroes death conflict. MobArena and Heroes should now play nice together. Further Heroes support is planned for upcoming releases.
    • [COLOR=#1000000]MobArena will no longer support the discontinued Permissions 2.x and 3.x permission systems.[/COLOR] Recommended permissions systems include PermissionsBukkit (defacto standard) or PermissionsEX.
    Version 0.94.1 (open)

    • Added two new boss abilities: 'shuffle-positions' and 'flood'. Try them out!
    • Players disconnecting/crashing during an arena session no longer get corrupted data files due to economy rewards.
    • Weapon durability is now correctly set to "unlimited".
    • Item sub-types (cocoa beans, bonemeal, colored wool, etc.) now work again.
    • Players can no longer join the arena without first picking a class.
    • MobArena now works with spawn-monsters=false again.
    Version 0.94 (open)

    • Completely revamped the waves system! Undeniably the biggest feature in MobArena since multiple arenas in v0.92, the new customizable waves are guaranteed to bring much more awesomeness to your MobArenas. The waves system brings two new wave types, swarm waves and boss waves. The latter is a very elaborate feature, and the whole waves system has been given its own page on the Wiki. Note: MobArena will ignore all old wave settings, but use sane defaults.
    • Revamped the logging system. Instead of logging: true, you can now use logging: yml/xml. The logging system will now keep track of the last session only, but also maintain a collection of 'totals' for each arena. The idea behind these easy-to-parse files is making the stats available on server web pages.
    • Added SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit support. Note that specifying mobarena.arenas.* and mobarena.classes.* probably won't work, but these nodes are given to everyone by default.
    • Added Spout support. Currently, the only Spouty thing MobArena does is print (some) announcements as notifications/achievements. This should limit the amount of "chat spam" that MobArena produces. Other Spout-features are planned, but don't expect something crazy. Note that MobArena does NOT require Spout!
    • Monsters will no longer target pet wolves. This is a major nerf to pet classes, but they were very overpowered as it was.
    • Fixed item amounts greater than 64 sometimes bugging out. You should now be able to put arrow:1024 for your Archer classes :)
    • Fixed players losing their stored items and/or earned rewards upon disconnecting from the arena.
    • Fixed blocks not restoring when burned by fire.
    • Fixed an issue with entry fees. They should no longer cause any problems.
    • Fixed slimes. That's right! Slimes that spawn as a result of bigger slimes splitting upon death are now considered arena monsters. This also means that Slimes no longer drop slime balls; as intended.
    • Revamped the repairing algorithm. It is now MUCH more sophisticated, and is capable of repairing not only signs and containers, but also torches, doors and beds. Redstone -should- repair properly as well, but it is still slightly buggy.
    • Added support for restorable containers. Registered chests, dispensers, and furnaces will have their contents stored upon arena start, and restored at arena end. This is useful for providing the arena players with chests with e.g. upgrades or food.
    • Added new commands (for the feature above) - /ma addcontainer <name>, /ma delcontainer <name>, /ma containers. These commands work much like the the spawnpoint commands. To add a container, simply look at the container and type /ma addcontainer <name>.
    Changelog (continued)
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    no not that i see
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    @guruflex In the Server Log?

    Also do you have any plugin that you can create regions with?
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    1) Is/should there be a minimum thickness to the arena outer walls?
    Just now I was blown through the arena wall by a supercharged creeper, it was only 1 block thick. I got a "Player moved wrongly" warning from this.

    2) Does the arena protection sometimes fail?
    When I finally re-entered there were tons of mobs including the supercharged/regular creepers. When they all blew up it caused bits of the protected floor to be destroyed and remain empty unless an op goes into edit-mode and fixes it- what might have caused that? I did die somewhere amongst the explosions if that triggers anything protection-related. Most of the floor regenerated. Perhaps multiple back-to-back explosions hitting the same space at once?

    3) Automatic join/leave?
    /join the arena as you walk into the lobby, /leave as you leave the arena/lobby/spectator area. Would love to see automatic inventory storage upon joining and restore upon leaving (perhaps a message like "Your inventory is full! You could not receive all rewards!" if the player is carrying too much).

    4) Is there a chance to allow per-class (or group of classes) or per-arena rewards? per arena settings?
    For me the main deal with the plugin is just having fun. As it is now, I will always outlive my wife in the Arena, regardless of class choice among the default classes. Alternatively, if she chose a more hearty build like "Tank" and I choose something ridiculous we came up with a la "Barbarian" (Iron sword, maybe a leather hat and a crap-ton of raw pork?), we should live about the same amount of time. This much we do with the plugin right now, but to entice the other server mates to play together I would like to reward them fairly based on the difficulty they choose (difficult class or arena). It would also encourage them to not get into a rut and choose the same "easier" classes every time.

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    @kaynide one thick should be ok but use 2 to be safe :)

    What are your restore settings? forced or soft?

    The lobby is meant to be separate AFAIK...

    The other option is rebalance the classes, I can't say yes or no as I don't know :)
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    I'm only using the standard "/ma protect (Arena)" set to On. I'd say 99% works like a charm except the wacky stuff like what I said above. Does force-restore or soft-restore do anything particularly different?

    Have the lobby "open" at the moment and there's no problems- right now if you walk in you can't interact with the sign or enter the arena fighting area, but you can obviously give other players items which is no good. Perhaps another block (gold?) that is visible to both the lobby and the "outside world" side that can be punched to call the /join and /leave commands?

    *edited to clarify

    Update: I added a second layer to the arena- no effect. The player bounces back into the broken wall, which regenerates on top of the player.
    Going to mess with the force restore and/or soft restore.
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    @kaynide Have a closed lobby, that is how the plugin is designed to work :)

    Force restore should be instant and soft restore does it an the end of the arena. I think it MIGHT be because your server is lagging badly but I can't be sure :)
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    @kaynide - Your very structured post deserves a quick answer :)

    1-2) When the repair-delay is greater than 0, explosions happen, and then shortly after, the damage is rebuilt (most of the time). Sometimes, this causes players to enter the space of a soon-to-be-rebuilt block, allowing them to pass through. I recommend either Obsidian or Bedrock as a 2nd layer in the walls/floor, and then if you don't like the aesthetics from the outside, a 3rd layer of whatever material you prefer. Why the protection sometimes fails, I can't explain :(

    3) Automatic join/leave upon walking into and out of areas is a good idea, but there is no acceptable way to do it. The problem is that the only way to check it is to either periodically check if players are within regions, or to check "onPlayerMove". Both these approaches are craptacularly bloaty, and onPlayerMove events, especially, are known to really bring servers to their knees. I suggest command sign plugins or something similar, if you want to avoid the commands. Again, the suggestion is fair, but I can't justify the bloat it brings :(

    4) The settings and rewards are already per-arena. I thought about per-class rewards, but since difficulty is dictated much more upon arena design and setup than on class setup, I decided to leave them out. What you can do is make two somewhat identical arenas, where in one arena, you have access to only easy classes and semi-useless rewards, while the other arena has access to harder classes and better rewards. I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but it's the best workaround I can think of.

    Other post: The Wiki explains force-restore vs. soft-restore, but what you need to know is that force-restore serializes regions (and lags the server like crazy with huge regions) and deserializes them at arena end, and soft-restore maintains a repair-list which is handled at arena end. What you're looking for is repair-delay: 0, which cancels out explosions completely (but unfortunately also the explosion effect/animation).
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    Thanks for the information: I tried the above and it all works pretty well. The command signs make this pretty easy to use for the non-command users (ie my wife). Good stuff! However, a /leave sign gives the "Punch the sign, Don't right-click" message so you can't leave with the sign unless there's a way to disable that code-call.

    And speaking of signs, I noticed if you destroy a sign it repops, but blank. It regenerates with proper text when all members leave/finish the arena, so it's only really an issue if some idiot breaks the signs in the lobby while people are waiting to play and haven't chosen a class yet.

    With the repair-delay to 0 the arena works great minus the creepers of course. Is there a way to play sounds on events? ie "OnCreeperDeath play TNT.sfx"

    Basically would keep the illusion of the creeper blowing up without the mess.
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    i've problem ..
    players can teleport to other players inside the arnea using /tp player
    and i'm pretty sure i've teleportation on false in my config

    here it's :
    # MobArena Configuration-file
    # Please go to https://github.com/garbagemule/MobArena/wiki/Installing-MobArena for more details.
        update-notification: true
        enabled: true
        allowed-commands: /list, /pl, /level, /ca, /barrage, /force, /sa, /brust, /farrow, /root, /blaze, /heat, /iceball, /lh, /healium, /ur, /xbind, /call-wolves, /bind barrage, /bind Forcepush, /bind SummonArrow, /skill One, /bind Firearrow, /bind Root, /bind ManaShield, /bind Blaze, /skill Flameshield, /bind Icebolt, /skill Layhands &1, /bind GroupHeal, /bind UnholyRitual, /bind
            items: stone_sword, bread:12, grilled_pork:64, mushroom_soup, cake:10, cookie:30
            armor: 314,315,316,317
            items: stone_sword, flint_and_steel, netherrack:2, wood_pickaxe, tnt:4, fishing_rod, apple, grilled_pork:3
            armor: 298,299,300,301
            items: iron_sword, grilled_pork:64
            armor: 310,311,312,313
            items: diamond_sword, grilled_pork:32
            armor: 306,307,308,309
            items: wood_sword, bow, grilled_pork:16, arrow:64, arrow:64
            armor: 298,299,300,301
                world: world
                enabled: true
                protect: true
                entry-fee: ''
                logging: false
                clear-wave-before-next: true
                detonate-creepers: true
                detonate-damage: true
                lightning: true
                auto-equip-armor: true
                force-restore: false
                soft-restore: false
                soft-restore-drops: false
                require-empty-inv-join: true
                require-empty-inv-spec: true
                hellhounds: true
                pvp-enabled: false
                monster-infight: true
                allow-teleporting: false
                spectate-on-death: false
                share-items-in-arena: false
                player-limit: 0
                max-join-distance: 0
                repair-delay: 5
                first-wave-delay: 5
                wave-interval: 3
                special-modulo: 4
                max-idle-time: 30
                min-players: 0
                max-players: 0
                    spiders: 10
                    creepers: 0
                    skeletons: 10
                    wolves: 10
                    zombies: 10
                    ghasts: 0
                    zombie-pigmen: 2
                    slimes: 4
                    powered-creepers: 0
                    giants: 0
                    humans: 8
                    angry-wolves: 8
                        '7': minecart, storage_minecart, powered_minecart
                        '16': diamond_sword
                        '13': iron_sword, iron_pickaxe, iron_spade
                        '3': feather, bone, stick
                        '10': iron_ingot:10, gold_ingot:8
                        '5': dirt:4, gravel:4, stone:4
                    '7': 66, 295, 50:10
                    '20': diamond
                    '16': diamond_sword, 337
                    '13': iron_sword, iron_pickaxe, iron_spade,258
                    '3': feather, bone, stick
                    '10': iron_ingot:5, gold_ingot:4
                    '5': 66, 295:4, 6:4
                    '15': 347, 345, 322
                p1: 213,43,213,121.65058,47.550003
                p2: 239,85,232,-42.2999,13.199992
                    s1: 226,63,204,-267.60327,89.7
                arena: 226,64,204,-96.599625,9.449999
                spectator: 226,88,204,-269.09973,6.2999897
                lobby: 225,57,206,-1.0496238,-1.349996
    it has been like this for a while now :/

    in the past it was working fine :eek:
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    @Cenarius That node doesn't control the /tp command that's in the allowed commands :) If they are outside then they might be able to tp in.

    Solution: don't give /tp to everyone/anyone who will abuse it
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    well, i was like that at first but i want everyone in the server to be able to use tp
    in the past when i had allow-teleport on false .. when i try to tp to players it says you cannot tp to the arena !
    it doesn't actually matter as i disabled drops and helping in killing the mobs will make no big difference than joining ...
    it might make a small difference by helping players to move to farther waves but still my server is wild there is no rules just wild play ..
    but still it would be better if the old "deny teleportation to the arena" function works again
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    Do you have a another region other than the one MobArena makes on the area? If so, what are its options/flags?

    Is there another plugin installed which is taking priority over the teleporting actions?
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    yes i do have a region on that arena
    it has mob-spawning = allow
    creeper-explosion = allow
    tnt = allow

    no, there is only essentials which is responsible for the TP command itself
    other than that .. there is nothing

    here is my plugin list :
    ATM, bShortcut, CommandSigns, CreativeGates, CustomDiff
    iculty, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsProtect, Essentia
    lsSpawn, EternalWolf, FalseBookBlock, FalseBookChat, FalseBookCore, FalseBookIC,
     Gills, hBank, HeroSpawn, iConomy, Lockette, Lottery, MagicWord, MailBox, Mineca
    rtManiaCore, MinecartManiaSignCommands, MinecartManiaStation, mobSpawner, MyHome
    , NarrowtuxLib, NoMovedTooQuicklyKick, Permissions, PermissionsSql, PorteCouliss
    ante, PowerField, PvPReward, QuickSign, RandomPort, RedstoneChips, RedstoneLight
    ing, ScrollingMenuSign, SensorLibrary, Showcase, SimpleShop, SimpleVend, SlowHea
    lth, SpawnMob, Spout, TimeRank, TKeepGrowing, TpC, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, xAuth,
     BasicCircuits, MinecartManiaAdminControls, MinecartManiaAutocart, MinecartMania
    Automations, MinecartManiaChestControl, BookWorm, Heroes, MobArena, NoCheat
    EDIT: i also have the customdifficulty plugin effecting that region which is on the arena..
    but i don't think that's the reason behind it .
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    Heya garbagemule. I've come across a small problem when building my arena.

    With my first arena, both protect and soft-restore worked just fine after I tested them individually. However, with my second arena, I decided to incorporate some ice blocks into it. The problem I came across was that neither protect nor soft-restore could prevent them from melting and spewing water everywhere. Technically, they're not being broken so they aren't protected and since they weren't blown up or punched out, soft-restore doesn't bring them back either.

    A lot of people seem to like using fire as a weapon against the mobs, so this melting ice is slightly troublesome. I'll admit that it's more of a minor nitpick than anything else, since I can just avoid using ice blocks. If it's a simple solution, then I'm all for it, but if it's going to be complicated for you to fix, then I'll just deal with it. :p
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    I know this has probably been asked about a thousand times before, but. Is there anyway to allow the storage of inventories until after the game. Instead of having us join with an empty inventory?

    Is there an option for that? (Didn't see one...I'm setting up a ton of plugins in a short ammount of time so I just skimmed the .cfg)
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    @Bloodykittens there is such a thing already, it's a Per Arena setting. So if you have more than 1 arena set up, you'll need to change it for every one.
    look for:
                require-empty-inv-join: false
                require-empty-inv-spec: false
    if they're both false, inventories will be saved (or not affected in spectator)
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    Anyone tried if ma works with bukkitpermissions? didnt work for me :<
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    Thanks :)
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    I was thinking about getting this mod for my server, but i have one question. Will it work if I have mobs off?
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    @cubmandan yes :)

    Nearly 100 pages...

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    does mob arena work with MVTP multiverse? if it doesnt please could you think about adding this feature it would be pretty epic for our server!
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    @Danzzz what do you mean with MVTP multiverse? This is multiworld capable (you have to specify in the config what world the arena is in) if that's what you're asking :confused:

    edit: I think when making the arena it gets your current world for the config, so scratch that bit in ( )
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    Tyvm to both of you we sorted the problem but ty for a quick response! ;D
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    @embty - v0.94 will have -some- support for Bukkit permissions. Unfortunately, the fancy new permissions system is extremely primitive and doesn't allow for simple things like wildcards, which is of course a little ridiculous. In v0.94 you'll be able to use it with Bukkit permissions, but you'll have to assign every single node, unless you use a permissions plugin that has wildcards.
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    I tried to use this on a server with multiple worlds but it didnt work. Can you confirm if this is caused by me doing something wrong?
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    Page 100! Anyway, response time...

    @GermanCrafter - MobArena stores the players' current locations and health before allowing them to enter the arena. Upon leaving, their location and health are restored.

    @dillpickle71099 - You messed up your Permissions-file.

    @Lexidog - Calm down. You messed up the config-file, so start by cleaning it up. You have a comma after grilled_pork:60 that shouldn't be there.

    @Brutal_deluxe - You call it 'pay for play', I call it 'entry-fee', and this feature was implemented with iConomy support :)

    @guruflex - Regios has been known to cause problems regardless of things being in Regios regions or not. The problem is most likely, however, that a monster doesn't actually die, but disappears somehow. Try clear-wave-before-next: false for a while.

    @kaynide - Unfortunately, there is no way to play sounds arbitrarily like that. At least not without Spout. As for the command signs, if there's an option that allows you to punch signs to activate the commands, that will solve your problem. Signs restoring blank is a known issue that I will be addressing for v0.94 (hopefully).

    @Cenarius - The problem is most likely that MobArena cancels the teleport event, but another plugin un-cancels it. If I can find the time, I'll look at Essentials' code, but I would really recommend that you don't use Essentials at all.

    @Fludd - Thanks for the bug report. The reason is, like you said yourself, that MobArena simply doesn't register anything but block breaks (player destroys it) and explosions, so the melting isn't taken into account. I'll see if I can't look into it for v0.94 :)

    @Blabba - I can most certainly confirm that it's you doing something wrong, if you look in your config-file and the 'world'-node in it has the name of your default world instead of the world you want it to be :)

    On another topic, exploding sheep are hilarious! ;)

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    Have the been powered up yet? :p

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