[FUN/MISC] Tribu v0.6.4 - The ZombieSurvival continuation [1.6.4]

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    Tribu - A zombie survival game !

    Currently looking for translators please contact me by PM if your language is not already translated or not fully translated.

    What is it ?
    Tribu is a zombie survival game in which you can set zombie spawns. Zombies will appear wave by wave once the game is started. You have to kill them! Each kill will get you money and points, and with the money you can buy items to kill more zombies. The game will stop when everyone is dead.

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    I have idea for this plugin
    This is Zombie Survival Plugin ! so Humans Always win! because Zombie is Stupid!
    I think zombies can break blocks! ( Like Zombie Attack plugin ) or They can Open the door!
    Then Game will very interesting !
    ( this is just My think ... Not Persuade ! )
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    You're right NOTNOT... in fact I always play with ZombieAttack ! And because this plugin is inactive, I will (maybe) continue it later. About open the door, I think it should be part of ZombieAttack

    EDIT : Not inactive anymore, infected has continued it.

    Thank you for the video TaintedFilmz ! But there is 3 little problems

    The /zombiemode command will disappear in the future version, replaced by /tribu

    /ispawn syntax is "/ispawn" for setting arguments "set ispawn" are useless (but it works).

    It's useless to save and reload the level, in fact, you can just start the level, it will be saved automatically, and as you're editing it, it's already loaded.

    The /tribu command will merge /level and /zombiemode and /vote (/level and /vote can be ambiguous or in conflict with another plugin and /zombiemode is too long to type)
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    When the future update comes out i can make an updated video of the commands, and thanks for the tips!
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    Here is the new version :)
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    Bonsoir. Je suposse que tu es francais.
    Je ne trouve pas le fichier de configuration... Il est ou?

    De plus mes membres n'arrivent plus à construire dans mes autres mondes depuis que j'ai mis la version 0.3...
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    Amazing plugin. Me and some friends set it up with like 10 other plugins and made an amazing zombie survival mode with this at it's core.

    I would love to see some customizable waves though, or maybe difficulty settings? Normal, hard, and Insane?
    Takes a while to get up to where you start getting overwhelmed(were in a building designed for it) and I would like to be able to set the waves to increase by 10 each round instead of 5 and make them always die in 1 hit.

    That way we have 400 zombies that are all 1 hit kills rather than 400 zombies that are like 7 hit kills or whatever it would be by that time.

    Anyway. Awesome plugin, keep up the work, back to killing zombies. =P
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    - English (because it's an english board)
    The configuration file is not created by default, you must create it (config.yml in the plugin's directory)
    You members can no longer edit the world because the default settings is now "isDedicatedForThisPlugin:true", you should put it off.
    - French
    Le fichier de configuration n'est pas crée par défaut, il faut le créer. (config.yml dans le répertoire du plugin)
    Tes membres ne peuvent plus éditer le monde parce que le réglage par défaut est maintenant "isDedicatedForThisPlugin:true", il faut que tu le mettes à off.

    @Wolfgang The numbers of zombie by wave and their lifes is customizable in the config file. It's a polynomial function with the waveNumber as input variable.
    In the v0.3 the config is thus:
    number of zombies by wave = waveNumber * (0.5*waveNumber+1)+1
    = waveNumber²*0.5+waveNumber*1.0+1.0
    health = waveNumber * 0.5 +4

    Which is in the config file :
    The number of zombies by wave has been modified in the 0.3, previously it was : [5.0,0.0]

    I must admit that I've not tested a lot the configs, but it should works well.

    I've updated my first post, the config file was not valid, here is the default settings :

    if you set "isDedicatedForThisPlugin" to false you HAVE TO do /tribu enter to join the game (before /tribu start)

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    Can you add multiworld support ?
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    nice plugin but its disabling mobspawner plugin
    I can't use any plugin that is spawning mobs by command.
    is this normall?
    there is nothing wrong with server log
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    Could you add a videos on showing how to do this stuff and a demo :rolleyes:
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    Chez moi le fichier de configuration ne marche pas.
    Tu pourrais me donner le fichier avec la dédicace sur off?
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    I've got another big problem everytime I play the zombiesurvival my server gets this WARNING! Did the system time change or is the,server overloaded.
    I looked at time it was alright and we just were with 2 people..
    how to fix this
  14. can i create world with this plugin running example:

    normal world : no mobs coz its only for building
    mobster world: this plugin running , every 15 minutes spawns mobs <-- possible? if so, pls tell me how
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    Thank you for the quick reply. There is no config file for me or I would have opened that up as soon as I got the plugin and looked at what was changeable in it. I will download the latest version, because I guess you updated to a version with a config like right after I downloaded it yesterday.

    Also, what is the difference between the dedicated and non-dedicated you mentioned above? Gonna try it out and hope it doesn't break anything. =P

    EDIT: Nevermind, I see where you said to create my own config. Kinda skimmed over the first post last time just getting the commands. =/
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    It's planned (look at the Future plans)

    TaintedFilmz wanna make it . Thanks to him.

    English :
    As said in the first post, you should create it. Then, just copy and paste the default Config that I've give here and change the "isDedicatedForThisPlugin" setting.
    Comme dit dans le premier message, tu dois le créer. Ensuite, tu as juste à copier/coller la config par défaut que j'ai donné ici et modifié le réglage "isDedicatedForThisPlugin".
    The plugin may be set with "isDedicatedForThisPlugin" to true, check it (by default it's true, so if there is no config file, this set to true).

    It seems to be a performance problem, what's the configuration of your server ?

    It's planned

    Is it alright now ?
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    Where to check the configuration of server (I'm not that good with server :D)
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    Ill work on the new video today xD
  19. question again.
    Can i make it /tribu start and leave it ON? it keeps spawning mobs unlimited or just few per few mins?
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    C'est ce que j'ai fait... Mais ca ne marche pas! Le plugin ignore le fichier de configuration!
    Désolé d'être si pénible, mais je ne comprend pas pourquoi ça ne marche pas
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    Nope. I made the config and started editing it but nothing was changing. After a bit more testing with no results, I changed all of the 1's in the entire config to 30 and reloaded and nothing changed.

    At least something should have changed or broke, but the waves continued normally. So the config doesn't actually DO anything.

    It was a yml document placed in the Tribu folder in the plugins folder, alongside the levels folder. It was called config.yml.
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    Where is your craftbukkit.jar (or whatever you've named it) then, "plugins" and "tribu", create the file "config.yml"
    It's nice :) If you have any doubt, ask me !
    The game will stop if none players are online, it will spawn as zombie as you specified in the config file
    Are you sure to have reload the configuration file by doing /reload ? Haven't you any error ? If you are sure of that, send me your log file.
    Es-tu bien sûr d'avoir rechargé le fichier de configuration en faisant /reload ? N'as tu aucune erreur ? Si tu es sûr de ça, envois moi ton fichier log.

    Okay, I haven't tested a lot this part of code, I will take a look and I reply you back in 5 mins.

    Sorry all, it seems that configuration doesn't work ! I will post a new version in some minutes.
    Edit : However, isDedicatedForThisPlugin works (the only one I've tested before release, no luck !)

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    isDedicatedForThisPlugin ne marche pas...

    Voici donc ma config:

    # Tribu file config v1
    - server:
        # Is the server dedicated for this plugin ?
        isDedicatedForThisPlugin: false
    - wave:
        # Does the plugin have to set the time at wave start ?
        - setTime:true
        # What time to set up ?
        - setTimeTo:37000
        # The delay before a wave start (in seconds)
        - startDelay:10
        - zombies:
         # The number of zombies by wave.
         # It's determinated by a polynom
         # The right side is the more elevated degree
         # [0.5,1.0,1.0] = X^2*0.5+X^1*1.0+X^0*1.0 = X(X*0.5+1)+1
         # [1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0] = X^4 + X^3 + X^2 + X^1 + X^0
         # X is the wave number
          - numberByWave:[0.5,1.0,1.0]
          # Same thing but for the health of zombies
          - health:[0.5,4.0]
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    when I make a config (because I haven't got any) the plugin wont work :(
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    updated video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmKC1Yf_bhU
    any suggestions or anything just let me know,
    and sorry forgot to add stuff with the signs and the score in :(
    ( the score and signs work great by the way )

    And me and a friend are going to do some gameplay on a level when were finished!
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    You're right ... The config is recognized (unlike others) but set it to false doesn't work.

    Thank you :)
    I've added it to the first post

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    Yay :D
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    Okay ! Got it !
    Stupid YAML -_- it was just a space...
    Sorry but I've redone all the config file and I've found a new bug, I solve it and I add few more configs then I release a new version.

    It's okay, the version v0.3.2 should works well.
    It create the config file, with default values, if it doesn't exist

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    Thanks man, gonna download and test it now. =D

    EDIT: Gonna test it later when nobody is on the server lol. I changed 3 numbers from 1 to 10 and started a wave and the server froze up. Checked the server computer and it was spamming hundreds of errors and the map can't start up anymore.

    So yea lol, the config works for sure. Gonna change it correctly later on localhost lol.
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    Awesome, I may just implement this into my own bukkit server, and use it for special zombie invasion events.
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    ServerExclusive ne marche toujours pas! Les joueurs qui ne sont pas en jeu ne peuvent pas poser ni casser et /tribu enter et /tribu leave ne font rien...

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