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    skySMP - SkyBlock Survival Multiplayer Implementation:
    Version: v0.1

    Multiplayer implementation of the popular SkyBlock Survival map.
    This mod adds commands for users to generate their own Island to survive on
    in the sky. Every player can have exactly one island (and reset it if he
    feels like starting over). Try to survive with only minimal resources and
    complete the challenges.

    A server in 'pure mode' with a newly generated island as well as user creations in the background.

    The plugin can be installed on any World, however it is recommended to run it
    on a dedicated world in "pure mode". If you wish to use the plugin on a
    regular world , just copy the .jar to /plugins/ and you are good to go.

    Pure Mode
    In pure mode, no map except for a spawn area and the islands is ever generated.
    This means that players cannot go on land to 'cheat'. It also looks a lot better
    in my opinion. To use the plugin in pure mode, just follow these easy instructions:

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    1. Copy the plugin to /plugin/ like usual
    2. get cleanroomGenerator and also copy it to the bukkit plugin folder
    3. add this to the end of your bukkit.yml
            generator: CleanroomGenerator:.
    4. change level-name in server.properies to "skyIsland" and allow-flight to "true"

    (the world _must_ be named skyIsland, if it is not the plugin will not

    generate a spawn location)

    * Able to create a complete Island for every player
    * OP command to delete Islands of player
    * Automatically arranges islands in space and fill spots of deleted islands
    * On death, players are brought back to their islands or can go back any time with /tphome
    * Works with cleanroomGenerator to create a "pure" SkyBlock World
    * Use /skyhelp in game for a list of commands

    Planned Features:
    * Actually recognize completed challenges
    * Add more challenges
    * Add rewards for completed challenges

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Version 0.1.1
    * disallowed /newisland /tphome and respawn teleport in the nether and skylands.

    Version 0.1
    * Initial Release

    Credit goes to:
    Noobcrew for providing the original map, the idea and the challenges.
    Azunai of for help with the code and providing a server to debug on.
    Everyone else who helped me test the mod
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    Wow very good plugin/mod! :eek:
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    Looks fun!
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    I was just going to create this plugin, but nice that you made it already!
    does this also work without setting the worldname to skyIslands?
    I mean to have it as secondary world? that would be awesome!
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    Do you mean without having to make skyIsland the main world in That should work as well. All the plugin does is look if there is any map named skyIsland and creates a spawn on that one. I don't really know how to run a server with multiple Worlds though, so I can't verify it. But judging from the source code it should work.
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    Version 0.1.1

    • disallowed /newisland /tphome and respawn teleport in the nether and skylands.
    especially the respawn teleport was bad in the nether as it would teleport you to your island coordinates in the nether on death, making you in most cases unable to return.
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    Awesome plugin!
    I'd really like permissions, and the ability to use skysmp only on a specific world... when using more than one world.
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    permission support?
    as i dont want people to generate skyblocks everywhere and in every world.
    awesome plugin btw
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    Wonderful plugin! Approved!

    ( @Qgel I recommend posting this to BukkitDev as well. )
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    I would love this plugin if it had MultiVerse integration.

    To be specific, when I enabled it, it teleported everyone into the earth somewhere near spawn. I may have screwed it up by not capitalizing island and creating it as a skylands map, though.

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    I think it lacks:
    Remove the plug boot message > "Welcome! This server uses sky island smp server use mod ..."
    Commands only skyisland world, not in the normal or nether world.
    Op create unlimited islands
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    I can see one major problem that it has. As far as i can tell it doesn't save anything to file. So as soon as the server restarts or crashes, this mod loses all memory of what islands are whose and infact if there are any islands at all,which means if someone new comes along and makes a new island it actually wipes the first persons island!

    just tested this before posting this and confirmed that it does happen. once the server goes down this mod loses its memory of islands and its like starting fresh.
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    No clue what @andejx is talking about.. it works fine on my server.. reboots, and all. Haven't lost a thing. Thanks for this plugin! we've already got several users plugging away at this challenge.
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    ceep it working!!! Great!!!
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    I think this plugin is disabling hunger? Is anyone else seeing this issue?
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    Have any of the users tried to /newisland replace once the server has restarted? it doesnt remember which island is theres unless theres is the first one. which on my server meant when say the 4th island buggered up and wanted to wipe his island with the /newisland replace command it actually wiped the first persons rather than his.
  17. Great job. This is really cool !
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    Awesome idea!
    It were nice to see Multiple Worlds support, so that we can have one "SkyBlock" World, in this World everybody can create his own SkyBlock island and challenge himself.
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    Edit: Not sure what I did, but I cleared my server and now it works. Cool plugin!
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    very nice plugin
    is it possible to spawn more space between the islands?
    seems to be only 100 blocks per isle and you can easy build a bride to the next player and grief
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    I quite like it, but not fully. If you're interested, I can help developing it further. You can get me on jabber: [email protected]
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    we love it.
    but there are some bugs.

    -sometimes when you reset your island, your items in the inventar did not reset, so you can cheat more items
    -some islands generating in a desert biome, so no animals will spawn at this islands
    -it is the old 1.0 isle with less land
    -generating distance ist too low (only 100 blocks away per isle)

    we are hosting the both plugins (skysmp and cleanroomgen )@bukkit 1317

    some pics :)


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    Is there anyway to fix hunger being disabled everywhere/for everyone? Unfortunately it has cannot be used as a mini-game for a SMP due to that.

    On a less important note, if they use /tphome when in any other world other then the one their island is in, they likely are teleported to the coordinates, but in their current world causing them to fall to their death, sometimes repeatedly. Was there any possibilty to add a check to see if the island was in that world? Likely something us server operators could resolve, but none the less if your feeling bold.

    Thanks for your work buddy
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    Sorry you did not hear from me for so long, i was away for a bit (and quite frankly did not expect so many responses) So here comes the monster-reply:
    Hmm I will look into that, but I'm new to this as I said and never even used permissions on a server before.
    Thank you very much. I will look into this BukkitDev thing :).
    I actually started testing this plugin on a MultiVerse server. As far as i can tell, all that needs changing is checking if the World is a SkyIsland world and only allow the commands there. If I do it it will probably only support one SkyIsland World though, as having multiple would require quite a lot of changes.
    The message only displays the first time you Join the server, I'm not sure it's such a big deal to justify a configuration.
    Regarding the nether issue: I was under the impression i fixed that, are you sure you are using 0.1.1?
    Permissions: see above.
    Strange, maybe thats a bug? It's supposed to save everything to 3 files: lastIsland.bin, orphanedIslands.bin and playerIslands.bin. I have done quite some testing and never ran into an issue like that. Saving was basically the first thing I implemented.
    What do you mean by 'disabling hunger' exactly? If it does such a thing thats a bug, but I will need some more info to track that down.
    Yeah, griefing was an issue for us too, thats why I had to remove the server IP from here, sorry :(. I was thinking about only allowing people to build/destroy on their space maybe, except if permissions are granted by the owner of the island (Don't know how hard it is to implement though). Space could be made configurable (Its actually just a constant variable in the source at the moment) but changing that while there are already islands would most likely cause problems.
    Sure, any help is appreciated :)
    Inventar should always reset, will look into that. I'm not sure i can do anything about the biomes. If anyone can think of a solution let me know. How much sand should there be? I thought I had the right amount.
    I love your islands btw :)
    I'm really puzzled as to why hunger is disabled. There is no code whatsoever that tampers with hunger in any way, very strange.
    the /tphome issue should be fixed, are you using 0.1.1?

    Ok, thats quite a wall of text. Thanks everyone who posted (also those I did not quote of course). Unfortunately, I can't test anything during the week (only have my netbook with me and it doesn't do MC) so development will likely be a bit slow. Sorry about that.

    TL;DR: I will look into the issues and maybe implement some of the suggestions ;). Thanks.
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    I'll look into it. For now I want to do challenge tracking (at least those that are possible, farms etc. won't be tracked) and get world generating code into the plugin itself. Also it would be way better if you put the code on github/bitbucket/google code/whatever.
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    Well, the farm challenges could easily be changed to "get 50 melon slices" or something similar that can simply be checked. I also pushed to repository to bucketdev via git, so you should be able to get it from there (I can also assign you as an author so you can commit if you tell me your name). I hit you up on jabber btw.
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    Permissions, per world control, and only respawn to island if we died in that world.
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    We're having huge issues on my Server.

    /tphome has never worked, and at a certain point once someone creates a new server it generates over someone else's plot. This Mod is amazing please fix this...

    Running anti-creeper, cleanroom generator, and skyblock.

    Nothing else. 1337 version of Bukkit, normal Minecraft.exe's, 1.8.1 all of us...

    Has potential but these huge glaring bugs are quite annoying. If it's my fault make better instructions.
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    I've been using this plugin on my server for a while, and I've got some things I'd like to have added.

    Could you make it so it will create a sign with the owner of the island on the bedrock spawn automatically?

    And I would really like multi-world support. I want to have two skyblocks worlds on my server.

    Thanks for creating. ;)
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    So was permissions planned, or maybe a /tphome fix available for when you are running this alternatively?

    At this time - they can still create an island within the SMP world which scars it, and allows for item exploitation. This is partially avoidable by thoroughly explaining it, but the fact that upon each login, players are assaulted with incorrect instructions, causing them to scar the main world.

    Aswell, upon respawn, even in the main SMP world, they still respawn at their island's coordinates, despite being in another world. Could they possibly not just return to the world spawn and /tphome if they were in the correct islands world?

    Thanks alot for you work.

    Edit: Guess alot of this has already been said :D

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