Inactive [FUN/MISC] Herobrine v4.4 - Bring back the legend. [1.3.2-R2]

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    The older version in 1.8 was better! cant u try to make it like that in 1.2? ;D love herobrine
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    just want a straight answer, bc the previous what other pple said confused me n got lost, so how you get the skin for Herobrine? if its a spout plugin, then which plugin? <link plz?
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    Sorry I'm a total noob, what the heck is spout. I need to terrify my players!
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    For future reference, if you don't know what something is, google it.
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    so what does this actually do
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    Could you please make a version where it shows his skin without spout? I don't care if his name appears.
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    Same here there isn't really much reason not to have the skin
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    Captain Seasick

    So... is this even compatible AT ALL with MC 1.2?
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    Like OMG IDK! It's like IDK 5 versions old!?! It must not be!

    //Sarcasm and rants aside, it is, it's fully compatible.
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    Nice plugin!
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    The inferno guy

    Im yousing the plugin on my server and i get an error.(if you can call it that)

    It tells me that the plugin is not properly shutting down its async tasks when it is being reloaded.

    11:45:50 [SEVERE] Nag author: 'steaks4uce' of 'Herobrine' about the following: T
    his plugin is not properly shutting down its async tasks when it is being reload
    ed. This may cause conflicts with the newly loaded version of the plugin
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    Citizens has Herobrine skin support without Spout, are you complaining make skin compatibility through Citizens? Can be nice, many people hates Spout and (i think) is a plugin born to death.
  14. SurceBeats your idea is great, i had this too in my minds :D
    i hope steaks4uce can make it happen[flintnsteel]

    and pls update to 1.2.4
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    Texture? HeroBrine D:
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    Why i see zombie skin???
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    Grant Fox

    I had the same problem, you need to type /hb attack tombguy5 or what ever player and action u want it to do
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    Captain Seasick

    On my server, HB's suddenly turned EXTREMELY aggressive! He goes after me and my friends on an almost daily basis (in-game daily, even). Dunno if this is a bug or a feature... but yeah. Thought I'd mention it.
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    Did you fix the skin for Herobrine? I want this plugin so bad, but don't want Herobrine to be a zombie. Please HELP!!!
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    Is it just like the singleplayer one? Or is it different?
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    when i let herobrine spawn its just a zombie not real herobrine
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    I have all dependencies installed and still am not seeing the skin.
    SpoutPlugin: Latest RB 1093
    CB: Latest RB 1.2.5R1
    SpoutCraft: Latest from launcher
    Behavior is awesome, but I hear zombie sounds (didn't happen with an older version of the plugin) and see the zombie skin even with spout.
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    this plugin can use in spout1.2.3-R0.2?? with spout plugin
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    There are bugs,
    1: He takes over the server
    2: he make people acuse people for doing stuff( got banned at friends server for that )
    3: Crashes it
    4: Hacks your Minecraft Account
    and loads more so to summon up, very bad plugin due to the bugs.
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    This is an excellent plugin. Everyone on my server is familiar with the legend of Herobrine, and there are stories a plenty of his antics and terror.

    One issue (that fortunately no one on my server has seen yet): if any player types /help, they can see that the Herobrine mod is installed because it comes up in the help directory. Can you either eliminate this from the directory so that only OPs can see it, or perhaps you can give it a codename so that it isn't apparent what the plugin is.

    Thanks for making this great mod!
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    I must say, this is one of the best, if not the best, plugins I've ever installed. What I don't get is why he changedmy mode to creative and started attacking me and my buddy randomly. He said: "I have returned!" and "I will prevail!". Did you put that in or are my players playing tricks on me?
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    how does the altar look llike i cant spawn him
  28. lol the signs have NO words on them at all. :p Can someone fix this? or is it just me?
  29. Where do Herobrine spawn?
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    ok, i know its hard, but can you please, PLEASE at least make Herobrine a steve npc. even if you dont give him the skin during SMP or a name above his head, please AT LEAST make him a steve npc. i know its entirely possible, and its so much better because its not truly that scary to just see a zombie prancing around
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    Using DisguiseCraft or MobDisguise you can make it possible for him to have the right skin AND nametag. Without spout. Is that possible

    Can you have a version that DOES have the right skin, using the nametag, just for those who don' t want spout but do want the skin rather than a sortof silly zombie? BTW if you can give him the zombie skin, can't you give him a herobrine skin? sorry if i'm being annoying, but I don't know much about programmming... and i dont like the zombie skin

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