Inactive [FUN/MISC] Herobrine v4.4 - Bring back the legend. [1.3.2-R2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by user_43347, Oct 25, 2011.

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    No, he does not.
    Do you have the Spout version? If not, get it via the "SpoutHerobrine" image in my signature.
    He didn't really code deep :p He just created a player name Herobrine, which has the nametag, which is what I want to avoid. And it seems we have different views of Herobrine. Thanks though!
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    Direct quote from the BukkitDev page...
    Are you running SpoutHerobrine, and have Spout and Spoutcraft?
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    Yes :confused:
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    Too bad :'c
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    When is the skin going to get changed? you can just replace the zombie skin with a normal human skin

    It is currently like that

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    No I cannot, until then, just install Spout, Spoutcraft, and the SpoutHerobrine plugin in my signature, replacing the current Herobrine.
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    This mod looks awesome, but I have question about either A. a bug or B. me being stupid. So I tried to use the commands that we were given (appear, tunnel, etc) and it said I don't have permission. When I try to do a command in the console, it says a player must do it. I have permission ex and am an admin with the node * so I don't really know what the problem is. Any help is appreciated.
    an admin who wants to scare people ^^
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    Sorry, I should have noted it requires you to be OP. I'll add permissions soon, thanks!
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    would that work for my whole server and THANK YOU :D :DDDDD

    btw this mod is the best mod ever also it pisses this one guy i hate off cause he only makes wool houses :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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    Thanks :D
    Your players would each need Spoutcraft to see the skin, but if you have SpoutHerobrine and Spout, it's not needed to be installed, but is needed to see the skin.
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    [​IMG]ok well instead of relying on spout why not just add the skin your self? i mean id do it my self but i have NO CLUE how to make a plugin soooo... and i dont know why but spout just keeps destroying my server (luckaly i make test servers...)
    but if you need a download for the skin ill link it and you can try to change the skin the way its soposed to look instead of a zombie + spout i think is outdated now cuz everytime i start my server it says spout is outdated disableing spout. so that wont work ill try to help you out anyway i can though (but if you can also help me make my own plugins...)
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    NICE!!!!! one problem. he scared the stuffing outta me so i had to turn messaging off. :'( anyways awesome plugin!
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    Sorry, it doesn't work that way, anyways, try updating Spout.
    Thanks! :)
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    before u said we didnt need spout now we do?

    make it so we dont need spout pleases i dont like spout

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    Herobrine? No Skin - No Spout.
    SpoutHerobrine? Skin - Yes Spout.
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    i dont like spout though can i have a old version where it showed him
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    Hey, I got the Herobrine plugin, its great but the commands don't work for me. when ever i try to do something like "/attack" i will get "Unknown Command. Type "Help" for help." The signs do work. We'll get a random sign now and then, that indicates that the plugin is working. The commands apparently don't work. Some help please? thanks
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    Cpt. Wolf

    Would it be possible to add separate config flags for the modify world entries. I like that he leaves signs and stuff, but tunneling and burying are too proving too destructive for my server.
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    Maybe because you didn't read the post and you're trying to use a random command?
    Spout is required for the skin, there is no old version that shows him without it.
    And Spout probably isn't the reason you're server is messing up. Are you reloading it?
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    I've read the post. Right now theres an issue with the spotplugin.jar
    it gives me a severe error when ever a player tries to log onto my server. I know the error is from the
    spoutplugin.jar, and that crashes my server... I also do know spout is required if you want the skin to work but i have no idea if spout helps make the commands work.
    Do I need spoutplugin.jar to make the commands work?
    I'll tell you what other plugins other than herobrine is one my server.(maybe on of my plugins is counteracting the herobrine commands)

    World Edit

    "/hb help" command does work for knowing what other commands you need and would get the list. When ever I try one i will get the "Unknown command, type "help" for help"
    (sorry if I repeated some stuff in my previous post.)
    fyi; I am a noob at craftbukkit (i know some stuff, just the simple things)
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    It's /hb (command) (player), like /hb attack steaks4uce. And Spout is not required to use the commands.
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    Ah there we go, and i have a question about the spoutplugin.jar
    Apparently whenever some one tries to get onto my server with spoutplugin.jar active, it will cause a severe error and stop my server, and i would have to restart it (obviously). The only way to make herobrine work and not crash my server is without spoutcraft.
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    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ok i got spout craft and everything but it wont work correct i dont see his skin correct is it because of my txture pack? i use dokucraft but besides that i cant see his skin right its a zombie a zombie leaving a fire trail all over the place and he explodes and shoots lightning and hurts my friends like the real herobrine but im just saying i see herobrine as a zombie on my server so if u could help..... plz and thnx u
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    i have the same problem as you :(
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    can u pls update this

    and without spout he is a zombie

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    It works fine on new builds, and yes, you need Spoutcraft for the skin, it's in the description if you took the time to read it.
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    Ok, im a complete n00b to spout... i have herobrine installed on bukkit and he is a zombie, so to make him look like herobrine i need to do what? i have spoutcraft and spout plugin downloaded.. i just dont know what to do. im sorry if this has already been covered but please help :)
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    Nice plugin.
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    How can I get it so Herobrine can't attack at spawn is there anyway?

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