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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Xariez, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Plugin Category : FUN/MISC

    Suggested name : Beam light

    A bit about me : Nothing special

    What i want : A plugin which makes so you can have blocks that "shoots" up a beam-light and the colors are changeable

    Ideas for commands : None

    Ideas for permissions : bl.create

    When i'd like it by : As soon as possible

    Similar plugin requests : None

    Devs who might be interested in this : zathrus
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    sry Xariez, I'm ceasing plugin development, you don't need to tag me anymore
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    You wont be able to change the color ( I dont think ) and you would have to create a lightsource and stuff. I wouldnt know how. Sorry
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    Okay Zathrus, i understand, a little sad though

    nicholasntp, The color change isnt the most important thing however..

    When it stood in the "What can a plugin do?" That a plugin can create new blocks, why can't we make a block thats abit transparent but on the same time a red shine in it?
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    Plugins CAN NOT make new items or blocks, Spout is the only thing that creates an exception with that but it still has limits. It would be possible to create a red tinted block but it would not produce light (at least I do not know how it would).
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    Oh i am sorry, didnt see that word, however, that "red tinted block", could someone create that, and then u could stack it on each other so it would look like a beam of some sort?
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    So, anyone making it? xD
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    Oh come on... Waited weeks now.. atleast a reply ?
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    Oh well,im giving this up, type that name if someone actually will check this ever..
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    I might give this a go, don't expect anything though, I got annoyed with making plugins when I accidentally deleted a whole project and had to scavenge what I could from what I had been sharing through skype... also I did a bit of research, colours I don't think are possible, but I'm sure the light beams can be created.
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    Couldnt you retexture beacons?
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    The OP is probably dead. Seeing as this was posted a year ago.
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    A bit harsh there.
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    hey why you say that create a block is imposible, the server can send a texture pack at the client so yo ucan create new textures
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    You could somehow place a light beam inside lava/water to do the colours. This would be one way to do it (I think it can be done) but that would be the only colours you can get as far as I can think of.
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    That doesnt change the color of the beam. From my understanding the beam is clientside, so you cannot edit the way it acts with a plugin.
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    nhadobas No, but it will light up the water, giving the effect of change, this is a compromise, not the plugin itself, as I do n it believe it to be possible otherwise.
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    He doesn't want lit water, he wanted different colored beams.
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    Got any better ideas? That's the best compromise possible unless you have a better idea, then I am all ears.
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    Modded client.
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    May limit players.

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