Inactive [FUN/MISC] AttK v1.5.1 - Here's your arrow to the knee! [1.1-R4]

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    AttK - Arrow to the Knee
    Version: v1.5.1
    BukkitDev Page

    Your players used to make arrow to the knee jokes.
    Until they took an arrow to the knee.

    • If a player makes an arrow to the knee joke, they're killed with a barrage of arrows.
    • The event is announced in chat when it occurs.
    • Certain kill, even for players in creative and god mode.
    • Permissions support.
    • Edit the config to customize the plugin to your needs.
    • /attk reload (Reloads the config.yml)
    • AttK.arrowknee (Allows you to safely make arrow to the knee jokes)
    • Attk.reload (Allows you to use the reload command)
    Thanks to:
    Imm0rt41 for the original idea.
    Powback for the idea to have an option not to kill players.
    THDigi and warthelm for informing me of some major bugs.
    Kirbyarm, for awesomeness.

    Full Changelog
    Version 1.5.1
    • Bug fixes.
    Version 1.5
    • Updated for CB 1.1-R3
    Version 1.4.2
    • Fixed a bug with the CanVictimMove setting in the config.
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    That's actually pretty sweet!
    It should not kill the player (make a config)
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    Source please? Thanks
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    You want an option for it not to kill the player?
    But if you don't want it to kill the player what do you want it to do?
    Just shoot one arrow at them?

    I exported the source with the jar. Open it with 7Zip or Winrar.
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    Alfie Cleveland

    Please set an external link, like Dropbox or something.
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    I've finished a draft of v1.1 with a config and a kill/don't kill option, I'll release it when it's tested.

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    Alfie Cleveland

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    I wish I could but vectors are difficult to manipulate, and hitting with that kind of precision would take alot of trial and error.
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    Lol...I used to write plugins that prevent arrow to the knee jokes, but then I got a barrage of arrows in the knee

    Love to see some real unique plugins as well, and this plugin sure is :)
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    1.0.1-R1 should be replaced by latest recommended build number, but it sure looks like a lot of fun :)
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    1.0.1-R1 is the latest recommended build number.
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    It's the latest Minecraft version number, not build number. That is 1597.
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    Why don't you take a look at and tell me how many of those say 1597 as opposed to 1.0.1-R1.

    v1.1 is up, I haven't had a chance to test it much so please report any bugs you run into here.

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    I used to make arrow in the knee jokes 'till i got a cannonball to the face.
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    Version 1.1.1 released to fix the config.yml.
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    I used to hate vectors too...
    Then I went to google and googled exactly how to do Vector math :3
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    Attk v1.1.2 Released with bugfixes.
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    you put my damned name in there boi
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    Woops sorry I meant to but I kept forgetting :oops:
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    It still only shows up on under submissions?
    EDIT: Nevermind...
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    Amazing plugin. Works with the latest dev build as well. Not sure what the number is, its the one for 1.1
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    Hmm when I do this as an op, I don't get killed. Even when I remove the safe command from the op, I still don't get killed. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
    Or maybe, can you add an option to the config so you can decide whether it kills ops or not?

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    As an op, giving a negative node won't remove a permission. I'll try to make an option to kill ops in the config.
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    actually it should if using with bpermissions
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    Hm, I saw something like this in the plugin requests a while back, but instead they requested an arrow to kill the player instead of the player just dying, causing it to be more ironic (or so I'd think). I haven't fully looked through the whole JavaDocs for CB, but I don't believe there's a function to shoot an arrow at a player, is there? I know for sure there's one to come from the player, but not -at- them. Thanks!
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    That request was made by Imm0rt41, and I made this plugin as a response to his request. There is no function to shoot an arrow at a player, but there is a function to spawn arrows, and then add vectors or teleport them to an entity/player.
    Arrow arrow = getServer().getWorld().spawnArrow(Location, Vector, Float, Float)
    AttK Version 1.3 Released

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    Thanks :)

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    Does this plugin also support the proper "Arrow IN the knee" jokes as well?
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    It looks for any sentence with the words "arrow" and "knee" in it. Case doesn't matter either.

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