[FUN/MECH] WasteProduct v0.5 - Food waste [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Bubby4j, Mar 10, 2011.

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    I would love to use this, but can't dl it from mediafire :/

    Edit: today the download link worked, no idea what changed, but thank you :3
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    I'll try to find another host.
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    This is an amazing plugin!

    We are currently using it along with Gastronomic, as my players have to eat. Now, they have to take a crap also!

    Server I.P: MindCraft.ServerCraft.co:2617

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    Just added it to my server, Seems like a really fun and good plugin to use.
    Here is my ip: (Whitelisted)
    I have an idea, Maybe after you've ate it doesn't do it straight away, It does it after about 30 seconds or 1 minute.
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    Running 740 and everything seems normal but my players can punch things with bread and poo dirt without eating the bread. In the console it say's they ate but they're just punching trees, not sure if this goes for all food.
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    Yeah I had added a debug feature, It shouldn't effect gameplay, it's saying they're eating it when they really didn't right click.
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    Idea: [RP/RPG Idea's]
    1. Delayed / Time sessions for using the "washroom"
    -> After eating ... % Goes up the more you eat?
    -> @ 30/50/80% you get a message stating that you need to use the washroom <At each interval, at 80% "You feel the need to really use the washroom" [Over <Time Cycle X>]
    -> @ 100% you use the washroom

    2. You can use a command to "go to the washroom" or you just use it 100%, respectively if your RP'ing, you'd use a "washroom"

    3. If the person hits 100% a message broadcast's "+user+ forgot how to use the washroom!"
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    LOL so basically, they get embarrassed if they forget to run the command, nice. Might be a nice idea.
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    Yeah there needs to be a delay for this. But this is hilarious. I just stumbled upon it looking for hunger mods. Will get this once there is a delay added like BioRage suggested.
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    please add golden poop after golden apple digestion
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    i'm now installing this plugin! my server ip is, so please add me to your list! i have a buttload of plugins due to forum-hopping and a good bunch of operators. i control the server console, and do all the micromanaging myself. Soleceon is Co-Op, and we accept new ops, as long as you prove yourself. i'm sorry if i am being a bit long winded, but this might as well be an ad. Heard of this plugin on "The Shaft" and am a big fan already! the server is called MalaoLand, and does not have 100% uptime, because I need to sleep.
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    This plugin is soo funny :D Especially when people spam waste everywhere xD
    I use it on my server: evilsmcserver.dyndns.org
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    just wanted to let you know that our IP is not Mindcraft.servercraft.co:2617 anymore, Now its

    Thanks! Love your plugin!
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    [brickblock] will soon be shat.
  16. +1 for a delay on the dropping :p

    Clicking on a chest or furnace while holding food, creates waste but does not consume the food.

    Dupe bug :<


    Same for Signs and probably other things...

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    Ok, I'll work on this in the next version.
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    can you do a time
    when he product waste+announcement
    example he eat somthing
    in 1 or 99... minutes he must do his business.
    and every 1-9999999... minutes
    there is a text
    your stomach....
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    Maybe cocabeans would be more ideal. Plus it could be the new way to get them ;)
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    Is it going to be updated or are you not working it on it anymore? :(
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    I have not been updating it recently for several reasons, I just have not felt that people really used it. Also, I've been busy.
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    mc.mcserverlist.net doesn't use this plugin...
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    It used to, it's outdated now so no one uses it any more.

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